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Theory #2 & 3




A double theory presentation!

Theory #2:

So as some of you might of read, I had posted up a theory know as 'that realization...' without knowing that it was a well talked about theory already. Thanks to Carsair providing me a link to one said forum, I had come up with a new theory in my head. First of them is how will Twilight not outlive her friends? Yet in the forum, it was stated that Twilight will not live pass her friends. Now of course a lot of ponies are joking around (or probably being serious) and saying that Twilight will die before her friends; giving up her alicorn status. I don't think that's going to happen. Instead, it seemed a lot of ponies seem to over look one little fact that comes straight from the show: Fluttershy is friends with Discord.

Now what does that little fact have to do with anything with Twilight being immortal and outliving her friends? Possibly a lot. If Twilight is immortal, then that means she can not die by age(She is still capable of dying though by heavy amounts of bodily damage). With that, it is possible that Discord would not want his only friend to die either since Fluttershy is the only one who has (almost) fully trusted him. With that, he proposes a deal to make her immortal. However, while Fluttershy refused this offer a few times, being a heavy believer on the flow of life, she finally gives in and agrees, but on one condition; Discord has to make her friends immortal as well, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack. When she mentioned Twilight Sparkle's name, Discord explained to her that she already was one, and was going to selfishly outlive her and the rest, but Fluttershy didn't believe him.

In that instant, Discord made her and her friends immortals as well, making it so that none of them died by the natural causes of aging. They were not sure about this decision that was just pushed onto them, but as time went by, they figured that it was alright, so long as they had each other.

And thus Twilight will never outlive her friends.

Theory #3:

As for the third theory, what defines a immortal Alicorn? In the same forum, it seems as if it makes it that not all Alicorns are immortal, once again stating that Twilight will not live pass her friends. Now if the case is that Discord actually does not interfered with their life spans, then does that mean Twilight is not immortal? On that note, what defines one Alicorn to be immortal and one not to be? Does one have to born as an Alicorn to be immortal like Celestia and Luna?

That third theory had more questions than theories, I know, but once again I want to hear you guys thoughts on these subjects, but just to make sure you understand the questions, I'll repost them again:

1) How will it be so that Twilight will not outlive her friends?

2) What defines an immortal Alicorn?

Until next time,

- Xan


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Disclaimer: gratuitous amounts of headcanon ahead, so this is all speculative and I'm not asking anyone to agree with all of it. Also, incoming wall o' text.

My first thought is that outlive is possibly being used in a few different senses here. What I am taking it to mean, for reasons I will discuss below, is that it means none of the mane 6 (and this probably applies to most characters as well) will outlast any of the others over the show's duration. All of them are around at the end, and presumably anything which happens or is implied to happen after the show is finished will be left unaddressed.

The reason I think this makes the most sense unless certain events happen (which themselves will be discussed further below) is that even if we assume Twilight's lifespan hasn't been lengthened, by all accounts I expect Spike still would, given that he belongs to a species which hibernates for centuries at a time. So simply assuming Twilight will pass on at about the same time as her friends doesn't really solve anything.

As an aside, I do think there are at least two broad types of alicorns, which I refer to as 'greater-' and 'lesser-' as a way to differentiate them. Basically, greater alicorns such as Celestia and Luna have domain over something (the sun and moon, respectively) while lesser alicorns such as Twilight and Cadence, though very powerful and having a particular area of proficiency do not have the same sort of sphere of influence. It's entirely possibly that the two types have different lifespans, though as mentioned above that wouldn't solve everything.

My final thought is that it's entirely possible that the whole mane six will become alicorns as the show progresses, which would solve the problem in an inverse manner (they would all have the same life span, just now it would be because all of their lifespans had been augmented). Personally, for some time now I've been operating under the assumption that Twilight was always being groomed for an eventual leadership position, and as the show went on it's seemed to me like the rest of the group had gotten more and more involved in that process. As such, it would not surprise me if the whole mane 6 were eventually ascended into alicorns (though this is by no means certain, either).

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