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An achievement!




I have tempted fate. Oh yes. At the start of this month, I was still taking allergy tabs with every southern dish that I have ever made. However, my other half and I began to take risks, to test the limits of my allergy to peppers. We started small--a single sloppy joe sandwich with small pieces of bell pepper inside, then we went up to Zatarain's breaded Catfish...neither of which made me feel like I was suffocating. Then we moved to the big guns. I ate a stuffed bell pepper. Without the medicine. I'm still alive! For the first time in my life, I finally feel like I'm actually starting to pull myself out of this rut that has become my life. I was considering grabbing some crawfish at easter, but had to come home early to send the other half off to work. But it's ok. There's another big holiday coming up soon, one that'll get everyone surprised! We don't celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day here...so my birthday (in August) will be where that bombshell is dropped. I'm starting to think that I'll want some Shrimp Gumbo or Crawfish Etouffee for my birthday meal, instead of my usual spaghetti.


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