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Exciting news




Greeting denizens of Canterlot!

This entry will be short just so you know.

I have some exciting news for all... I have a new car!

About a week ago, I got my licenses, so I started looking around some places for a new car that I could afford, and finally I found one. It's very nice and everything.

I couldn't be any more happy, and even more so, I will be able to take myself around to where ever I want to, which probably includes, but not limited to, conventions!

I've always been wanting to go to a few, and not just pony-based ones, but ones like E3 and RTS. (Which I need to find out when RTS is this year.)

Well, that's about it for this blog post, I'm just super stoked about having my own car.

Till next time.

- Xan



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