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Climate Change: it stinks, but can we do something about it?




(NOTE: All of this is just my opinion)

Picture this: there's a certain person who lives in Chicago, Illinois. It's afternoon in the middle of May. Normally, you would think that because it's May, that person would be up and about, frolicking in the sun blowing dandelions or something like that because it's hot, right?

WRONG. What that person is really doing is staying inside his house wearing long sleeve clothing curling next to a floor heater because it's 50 degrees and dropping.

The person that I'm referring to is me, my fellow members. And right now, as I'm typing this, I'm thinking to myself: "How the heck did we even get this way in the first place?"

Of course the answer is obvious: it's the climate change. Ever since it hit, we been forced to change the way we look at the seasons. In fact, it's made the seasons even worse. Summers are super hot, winters can sometimes be frosty nightmares, and spring for me now just feels like winter part 2 more than anything.

Now, you might be thinking, "Well obviously, we should do something about it!" Ask yourself this: can we really? Personally, I don't know if we can anymore. I mean, we've pretty much pushed it to the point where we've already melted the POLAR ICE CAPS. And believe me, those probably won't be coming back anytime soon.

What do I believe is causing all this? Well, of course it's us and our ever continuing industrialization. Yes, people are coming up with new ways to reduce pollution and stuff like that, but that doesn't mean the old ways we used to do things has disappeared. We still use things like gasoline and coal as fuel for our cars and as a source of heat and in some third and second-world countries, as the only means of cooking food. Factories still have tons of smoke coming from them, and we still have nuclear power plants dumping radioactive waste into the water.

So yeah, I really don't think there's any sort of way we can come back from this. We make our own bed, we lay in it.

I'm not really a green thumb either, but seriously, this is freaking ridiculous.


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I admit that the weather looks bad and humankind is highly responsible but just having a defeatist attitude won't change things either! WE can still try and improve how we do things and at least try and keep things from getting even worse. Sadly things getting worse is all that will happen if we only lay in the mess we made and let it fester. :(

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