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Why you so liar, Inkbrand?





"Mind telling me why the buck I'm even doing this? I know the public can't get enough of me, but I've got more important things to do than sit around answering stupid questions. Eating, tattooing, mares. That stuff."


Because I'm your writer and I'm making you do so. Your free will is a lie.


"Free will my flank, I'll free will my hoof right up your - "


When will you become female and steal Merlots hearts!?


Why you so hostile, Inkbrand?


*twitch* "I don't know, why are you so - "




When in life were you the most angry, sad, happy, scared, and embarrassed?


"Buck, that's a lot of ground to cover. Oi, writer, pick one."


When in life were you the most…scared?


"What, that one? Sorry to disappoint you babe, but I don't do scared. Well, except for that one time when I snuck into Bright Light's apartment. For some reason, she didn't seem to think her brother being home for a visit was an important thing to tell me. Buck I nearly wet myself when he came barging into her room swinging around a sledgehammer. Bucking unicorn magic.


Managed to escape with only a bruised shoulder, I'm glad to say. Don't know what he would have broken if he'd gotten his hooves on me. And afterwards…well." *snickers* Let's just say I became a master at finding small and easily hidden spots, just big enough for two ponies. Come find me in Manehatten if you want a personal tour, eh babe?"


A great story, but entirely irrelevant, given the actual question. Inkbrand has probably felt the most fear and terror at the hands of Tirek - not of Tirek himself, but of what he did. Those first feelings of helplessness and physical vulnerability, where he couldn't even rely on something so basic as his physical body, was really the most fearful moment of Inkbrand's life. This was also the cause of his dislike - maybe even subconscious fear? - of unicorn magic, particularly because of Tirek's magic that directly manipulated the world in the way only unicorns can.


"The buck? Am I the one answering this blog or you? Tirek was a hulking bulk of Tauratrus spawn and nothing more. I mean the guy shriveled into nothing from rainbows. Rainbows, man!"


Well if you can't answer truthfully, I'll just have to answer everything for you. After all, I see and know everything about you.


"Now that's just plain creepy, you stalking son of a - "


Hope you enjoyed this first 'Ask Inkbrand' blog!' You can post new questions in this comments section of this blog, or again, you're always welcome to PM me questions if you don't feel comfortable sharing them in public.


"Oh-ho? Some pretty mare out there have a question for 'ol Inkbrand they're too embarrassed to share with the class? Come on sweetheart, you can just whisper it in my - "


If your question isn't answer in the next blog after you post it, don't fret - I'm not going to answer every question, but sometimes I'll go back and answer old ones.


"Buck, this is my blog, stop interrupting! - "


Have a great day!



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