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My weird dreams




So last night I was having my usual strange dreams, but what got to me unparticular was this part of the dream where I was in a video game world. I had been running through a corridor and into a room where I found a sword on the wall, but the thing seemed to be made of wood, but for some reason a bit more durable. However, it proved to be completely useless against the wooden warrior that now stood in the doorway. Now my problem wasn't that I couldn't kill the dam thing, even though the sword was uselessly bounced off the warrior’s wooden body. I just couldn't seem to bring myself to kill it.

I at one point tried to stab the warrior in the eye, and something in my head told me it would work. I even saw flashes of what the killing blow would look like, but once I had taken the shot at his eye. I pulled back, because although it would have been easy. I had realized the idea of stabbing this thing through the eye made me feel horrible. It was at this point I was starting to realize I was in a dream, and even rationalized that it was just a character and it was alright to kill it. So trying a different tactic, I then managed to get on his back and got into a position to snap his neck, and I had even started the process, but before I got past the breaking point. I again stopped I screamed at myself that he was a fictional character, but I just couldn’t do it. The idea of killing him just made me feel sick. So, again I let him go, and it was at this point that I woke up.

So before you all start wondering if I'm just a super softy. I will tell you that this level of compassion is not a common thing for me. I actually have super mean days to, but I am most of the time in the middle. So I declare that today I am a super good guy, because by tomorrow I will probably be back to normal.



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The dream is probably telling you about how you may have a soft spot inside of you... It just takes a soft, wooden warrior A.K.A maybe a shy or very nice person or thing. To trigger it, though you'll try to fight it.... At one point you'll find that person or thing's weakness but grow to not dislike it and leave it be.

Just sayin!

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