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To all the pony artists out there...




Good grief. Its surreal going through all my pony art out and realizing just really how far I came along. I used to think what I drew about 2 years ago was alright, but looking at it now? I wouldnt even wipe my nose with it! Especially with my lastest piece that kept me up for about 4 hours after my usual bedtime. Im hoping it shows on Canterlot soon. x3

Practice my friends! Practice. Im forced to draw practically something pony related for peeps at least a few times a week, so there's no shortage there which really helps me. Ive noticed that Ive gotten alot better, and the sky's the limit! I still try to push myself, try to come up with something new or go in a different direction. Just in some way try to get myself out of my comfort box. Practice all you new pony artists! Tutorials are great, but nothing beats just sitting down and drawing something one right after the other. (And really this applies to anyone in the art world. Drawing from life and doing it frequently.)

And if you've got some idea in your head that needs to be seen, draw it right then and there! Do it while the creative juices are flowing heavy and the idea is beautifully fresh. It never helps me to come up with some crazy idea, not draw it right then and there and try to come back to it later. Its a lost opportunty on something that could have been really really awesome if you ask me. In my experience, not putting down an awesome idea immediately and only coming back to it later, the end result is mediocre.

So draw draw draw! It'll take awhile until you get to a point where you can say, "whoa! I actually drew that? My god that looks so terrible!" Its an amazing thing to say really. You can clearly see that you've improved and capable of alot more. The sky's the limit!



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