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Losing my enthusiam for MLP FiM?




I don't know, folks. I seem to have lost my sense of excitement for the franchise. I still RP here and there's a degree of fun in that, but as for the show/movies, I'm just not 'feeling it' so much anymore. Normally, when 'new' MLP songs/comics.etc are released, I'm happy and jump right on them. But lately, not so much. I don't think it's just the usual 'null' time waiting for a new season to arrive. I do realize fads and trends come and go in today's world on a regular basis such as disco, pet rocks, VHS tapes, and so forth. Fashion trends also come and go, and no fandom, no matter how strong, can last forever. The question I pose is, am I alone in feeling this sense of, for lack of a better term, apathy for MLP FiM at this time? Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on leaving Canterlot.com, this is a great community. However, I am concerned about losing my love for the franchise...



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Would you lose it entirely, though? You're not the only one feeling that way. Compared to the time I watched, let's say, the first two seasons and now I've pretty much lost lots of interest to it. I watch it for fun and that's it really. The more it went on, the more I began to just let go of it and watch from a distance instead. Today I'm more into my own things related to MLP such as my characters. I still love MLP's universe a lot, but as for the show itself I'm not as excited to see new episodes come. I pretty much just stick to my own things with my characters.

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I know exactly what you mean and why you may have concern. I felt the same way at one point.

But, I think its natural. As with any show that has no definite end, the surprises become less and less. Even tho there are still plenty of surprises, its not the same as in the beginning when it was all fresh and new. Getting to know the characters was part of the experience. We all know who rainbow dash is and what she's bound to act like. There are still interesting plot points left to discover revolving her character, but we've come to know her basic character.

I wouldn't necessarily categorize MLP as a fad. Fad(e)s do just that. Fade away. They become irrelevant and we look back at them with disinterest. Pogs. Tiger electronics. Marbles. MLP will be remembered for much more. We all have our own special memories of the show. Its not like we all got swept up in the buzz from it all like other fads which, in hindsight, make us wonder why we even got into it.

With MLP, I feel the show was groundbreaking enough and well done to the point that it goes beyond the typical fad.

So yeah, its all natural. After leaving it for a while (or once your interest is at practically dead levels), you'll probably come back months or years later and feel very nostalgic about the matter. If you care this much about your love fading away, its probably already too engrained to ever completely go away.

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I wonder if it may be partial burn out or overexposure. Continue to rp and go on to this forum while it's fun, but maybe don't visit EQD, don't look for spoilers, pmv, trailers for the equistria girls movie (didn't like the movie myself. Some scenes I liked but not the movie overall), have a day or parts of a day where the only mlp you do is post on here, post on some mlp threads, and that is it for the day. Or look for that stuff maybe one or 2 days a week and the rest you take a partial break from mlp.

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Apathetic? Check. Severe loss of interest? I haven't even watched season 4. They've got it right above though, your own creativity will become much more interesting in lieu of the show.

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I had this issue after season 4. While I was still interested, my drive to make new RP threads, fanfiction, and art wasn't there. At first I thought it was a in between season slump but I wondered if it was more. Thankfully it was a phase and I have a renewed interest. Maybe it was because of my fellow pony fan friends the reinvigorated my interest.

So don't count your interest waning just yet as it may come back.

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I'm with franshpout up there about being more interested in my OC's than I am with the show and such. I mean, I still like the show and everything, but RPs here and elsewhere have become more interesting to me. Heck, I hardly watch any tv anymore. Most of my online time is either here, on different RP sites, or on rpgs. Probably because I actually have a part in it instead of just watching everything play out.

Anyways, you're not alone.

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I am in the same boat with you there, but i've stopped watching since Twilight became a princess. I still love to Roleplay with everyone on Canterlot, but i lost the interest in watching the show. I guess it's because i'm starting to get busy and it's hard to catch up.

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