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Cherish every moment guys.




Last week, my neighbor's house was on fire. The fire had apparently been smoldering on the old wood and fireproofing inside their ceiling. And they didnt know. It had been smoldering for days, weeks, maybe even months. And they didnt know. One night, one of their family member's noted the power suddenly went out and smelled smoke. They high-tailed it out of there. If he hadnt noticed those odd occurrences and was asleep with the rest of family, they would more than likely not be alive today. The firemen told them that so much as 5 minutes could've gone by and the house would have went up in flames. 5 minutes.

Today I saw the damage. It seemed to have been concentrated in the bathroom ceiling and the young granddaughter's ceiling in her room. It was not pretty. The wood looked as though it had been burning for ages. I just couldnt believe that they were living in the house while a small fire was smouldering the insides of the ceiling. They couldnt believe it! It was just amazing that they were able to get out just in time with their lives. Just 5 minutes more, and they could have lost their lives. The house has very old wiring that needs to be replaced, and it's very very expensive. Their house may be demolished. They're living with family for the time being, and are getting an apartment later. Although they have alot of work to do with clearing up the house and moving their things, no one was hurt and they're moving forward. Im extremely glad they're alright. They're dear friends and Im doing what I can to help them through this tough time.

What's my point? Cherish each moment guys. Cherish what you have, but more importantly cherish those around you. Your family, your friends, everyone close to you. Life can make a dramatic turn for the worse in just a second! Even when you're at your lowest point, you're still on top when you have people who love you are looking out for you. You could lose everything in a snap. Everything. But, if you're still breathing and you have someone to help pick you up and brush you off, that's what counts.



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