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I... Have Returned!




Greetings Denizens of Canterlot.com,

It is I; XanXeto. I have returned from my leave of absence.

I see that many familiar names are still coming to this site; which is good!

I also see many new ponies have come to visit and hopefully stay. To them; Welcome to Canterlot!

So, some may be questioning, "Xan, where the !@#$ have you been?"

Well, to answer best; Life has been calling for quiet some time. Things had come up, both good and bad; so I had to put RPing in general on hiatus.

Fortunately, time has become freed up again, and now I shall be coming and going as I please. I do hope in that time I get to meet new ponies and make more friends.

So what does this mean? What are you to expect from me? Why, the same things as was expected from me before; New rp ideals! New characters! Same old twisted mind. This time though... no one is safe.

I hope you all are looking forward to this new chapter to my appearance of Canterlot.com as I am.

Until I speak to you next time, every pony have fun, RP responsibly, and stay safe.

- Xan



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