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The rebirth of something old...




*Red Lambet has found himself in a old, dusty shack that seemed to of been abandoned for quiet some time. Upon inspection, he found recording tapes. There were only a few of them. Upon playing the tapes, Red found out that these were something of like interviews. Interested, he began dusting off the place and found the camcorder. Smiling, Red started it up and sat down.*

Red Lambet: "I hope this still works. Hello? Heh, I guess there's only one way to find out. So, um... yeah. I guess I'll take this place over? Looks as if the last owner completely abandoned it, but I like what he was doing here. I suppose I'll go ahead and take it over! It will be the same as what he was doing, I'll ask some questions and whoever I'm interviewing will answer them however they like! No judgement, no script, no complications! Just you and your words! I love the idea! I hope it goes well; I wouldn't want it to die again. Wonder why he left, it seemed to of been going so well too."

*He then turned the recorder off and took the tape out, heading out of the shack and up towards the radio station to get the message out*

So, it's official! I'll be starting the Canterlot Interviews once more. For those that don't know nor remember them; it was a thing I did weekly when I first came onto this site where I would pick a pony or two, send them some questions if they wanted to do it, and then at the end of the week, make a blog to where it's as if I was directly asking them the question and they were answering within the confine space of the shack. It was fun, but I lost interest for some reason.

So here I'm starting it back up, but this time, it will be ran a little differently. Instead of sending the questions via PMs, I'll see about making a chat room so that the questions and answers will come up real-time. I figure more interactions will be done that way. I'll also make a spam stable forum to where you can sign up to be the next pony to be interviewed!

One last thing, this will all be done and organized by Red Lambet.

Red Lambet: *pops up with a mic headset on* "Woo-whoo!"

Well, until next time.




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