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Hello again everyone,

I just remembered another of my crazy theories and wanted to get it down before I forgot about it again, so here it goes:

So, I'm sure you all know the legends of mythical creatures and powerful wizards. All across the world there are different tales of powerful beings and strange creatures, and a lot of them are eerily similar to each other. Well, this theory is about how all of those stories are true and how come they no longer exist today.

You see, we humans used to have magic, and the world was filled with it. We were not the only ones that could use it, but we were very adept at it. There were multiple Gods, who ultimately were responsible for granting us this magic, hence older religions that have too many Gods to remember. As we grew as a species, we did what we usually tend to do. We began to feel like we owned magic, and that we were entitled to it, and essentially it was like it is with technology today. Anyway, we began to abuse magic, and to grow more and more hateful of the other species that inhabited our planet. We were killing off the magical creatures so quickly, they started to become more and more rare, and the Gods more and more careful who got magic. But eventually, as we continued to overstep our boundaries and turn to more conventional means of living and killing, the Gods decided there was only one thing they could do: they would use their magic to create a copycat world similar to the one currently inhabited. The copycat world would grow independently of the other, and would be inaccessible from the original world.

Now, here's where things get tricky. You see, I can't be sure whether our world is the copycat, or theirs. However, I'm pretty sure that in order to create the copycat world a structure, or maybe a series of structures, had to be used as a sort of anchor to keep the worlds connected. The anchor isn't invincible though, and I believe that the anchor may be breaking down, slowly closing the gap between our world and theirs, which explains some phenomena in our world. I don't know what exactly the anchor could be, maybe Stonehenge or the like, but I do know that if the anchor is destroyed it will be catastrophic for both worlds. Since we have developed our worlds differently, structures are sure to collide with each other. It will easily be apocalyptic for both sides.

I just hope if this one turns out being right, I survive and can live out my life among my dragon brethren.

Stay crazy everybody!



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