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Free Art Software Programs




I just ordered a graphics tablet (Huion 680TF), and I've been getting my hands on free art programs. I'm not really willing to spend any money as of yet, just because I'm still an amateur and I like to test the waters before I commit. These are the programs I have downloaded so far:

Microsoft Paint (yes-that one)

GIMP 2 (because gimp)

Inkscape (this was one of the first programs I heard of)

SketchUp (as well as LayOut, Style Builder)

Serif (just found this one by pure searching)

I'm interested in downloading just about any that I can find-are there any notable ones I should be made aware of to download? I have a Microsoft computer.



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Check out Paint Tool SAI and FireAlpaca.

I always forget if SAI is free or not, but if it's not it probably has a trial program you can use just to see what it's like.

FireAlpaca is like a watered down version of SAI, and it's what I mainly use to do my drawings. I love it because of its Pen Correction feature (a feature shared with SAI) which smoothes the path of the brush as you're drawing. So if you have shaky hands that result in wobbly and uneven lines on your drawings, the Pen Correction tool is a really nice way to help correct that.

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Japanese? Hmmm. The licensing stuff that pops up whenever you open the program is in Japanese, but everything else is in English for me. I downloaded it straight from the website and it runs in English for me.

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