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Stuff that happened to me Jan. thru Mar.






These had to be the worst and best months in my life.There are small bits of humor.

The Best of Janurary.

I turned 13 on the first! I am finally a teenager! And i get to call my 4 brothers and one sister losers cuase i can get teen rated things and watch TV-14 shows and stuff.I also got a B in ELA! After the other grades(which are D's), go to 77+  I can get my tablet and my cellphone!

Worst of Janurary

TLC closed? WTF? Now, i'm sad.After my birthday! What?! **stands in shock***
Got in F in science! what! NOOOOOO! my tablet! The laptop! My life!

Best of March.

yus, TLC(+), is now open again Thank you Patrick.Oh yeah 1,621 points!
My grades are going up! Yes! My tablet is here(just need to bring my grades up)! I got my cellphone, and it's a purple windows phone! Found /r/FemmeThoughts as an alternative to /r/TwoXChromosones. I now moderate /r/arity, the offical rarity subreddit! and my reddit is /u/himmypop, some freak stole my username.

Worst of March

Got permabanned from mlpforums. Got a 0/30 on test due to cheating. Got banned from /r/TwoXChromosones. Now the whole 8 people family is sick, thanks little sis.





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On 3/22/2016 at 11:00 PM, ShatteredCrown said:

Why did you get banned from mlp forums? Also the rarity invasion is making the blog hard to see.

Most attractive pony contest cheating, and i edited the DIV. 

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On 3/22/2016 at 8:58 PM, Lyipheoryia said:

Wow.  That's a lot of stuff that happened!  

and i forgot to post that my rabbit died, i loved her dearly though. That happened on Dec. 23, i'll never forget that date.

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