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Confused about what Aro Ace means?




*Disclaimer: I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert. This is about my personal experiences. If something here is inaccurate, please tell me.


Hello everyone! As stated in the description, this is a personal rant blog. But, since some people might not know what being aro or ace means, this post is going to be more technical and explain common terms.

Let's start with the basics: aro and ace.


Aromantic (aro for short) is a romantic orientation. If you took science, you'll probably remember that the prefix a- means without or lacking. That's right, aros don't fall in romantic love with any gender. Some may be in Qprs (which I will explain later) and do romantically coded actions, or get married for tax benefits, but the attraction isn't there.

 No, I am not an emotionless robot. I also won't change my mind one I find "The One". Yes I still care about my family and friends. No, I'm not unhappy about being single.


Asexual (ace for short) is not being sexually attracted to any gender. You may also rember this from science class,  but with a different definition. I'll tell you now, any plant or bacteria jokes aren't funny and are actually dehumanizing. Those jokes are aphobic.


Queer/Quasiplatonic relationships ( Qpr for short) a relationship that comes from a deep platonic bond. Not romantic, but not regular friendship. ( think 'bromance' but not for straight white dudes afraid of looking gay.)


Now that I've got that covered, it's time to move on to some broader concepts and definitions.


Now, one of the most important concepts is the aromantic and asexual spectrums. Repeat after me until you're chanting while you sleep: Being aromantic is a spectrum. Being asexual is a spectrum.


Here are some of the diffrent spectrum definitions, keep in mind, this is not the entire spectrum. Fell free to pm me if you want more information or there is inaccurate information. I also recommend this link for more info about asexuality, and  this form for more information about aromantics


Grayro/ Grayace: experiences romantic/ sexual attraction occasionally, almost never.


Demiromantic/ Demisexual: experiences romantic/sexual attraction after a strong bond is formed. This is not just being picky. People may choose to abstain until they know someone better, but Demis feel nothing until they get to know each other. How long this takes depends on the person.


Cupiosexual/ Cupioromantic: experences no romantic/sexual attraction, but desires a romantic/sexual relationship anyway. Is a description, not an orientation on its own.


On to another important concept: the split attraction model. The slit attraction model isn't just for aros and aces. Anyone can use it. Basically, it means that someone can have different sexual and romantic orientations. Someone could be panromantic asexual, biromantic homosexual, heterosexual aromantic. Literally anything is an option. 


This is all for now. Send me some questions of you want.





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