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Never thought this day would come, but it has...




Been a fan of MLP FiM since Season 1.  When new episodes would premier, I was always excited to view them!


Now it is Season 8, and to be honest, the premier weekend came and went without much fanfare for me.


Long ago, Canterlot.com was the center of my life, so much so that I became an active Moderator here.


But the years have flown by, now I am a retired Moderator and have close to zero interest in the franchise.


I lost the Discovery Family channel from by TV package two years ago, and I really don't miss it.


I even tried to watch the Season 8 premier on YT, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.


I'm not interested in viewing the recent movie either.  I have no plans to rent the DVD let alone buy it.


Outside of "The Perfect Pear", I honestly cannot remember much about any of the Season 7 episodes.


No, I'm not completely leaving Canterlot.com, but at the same time, I've lost most of the enthusiasm I once had for the franchise.


I have loved my time on this MB, and over the years, I have truly enjoyed the TV show.


But y'all have to admit, the activity on Canterlot.com is not what it used to be.


Perhaps overall, the fandom is beginning to show it's age.


Anyway, just had to share my feelings.  Maybe I can rekindle my interest in Season 8 somehow, but until then, got a lot more things IRL I need to tend to.  


I'll still be around, though not as much as in the past.



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Yo, full respect for your openness and honesty.


I've been away from the fandom for some time. I watch the latest episodes here and then. Didn't enjoy Season 6, much, but I did enjoy Season 7 a lot more. The initial explosion and fever that happened when it started can't be redone, but I still like the direction things have gone, all things considered. I think the show still holds to its core values.


But yeah, trends come and go. I'd still say I'm a fan, but there's no harm in taking time to do other things in life. 

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I feel ya. I've made a point of coming and going from the franchise several times over the nearly 8 years (7.5 now, phew!) of this incarnation of MLP. I sat myself down this morning and watched the S8 premiere, and I definitely enjoyed it. I'll take a look at episodes 3-5 later, maybe tomorrow or the day after (I'm off work for a few days).


I remember the early days fondly (I stumbled upon it on February 10/11, 2011, iirc), when this thing was bright and shiny and new. The enthusiasm was boundless. New fans were joining everyday. We boarded our covered wagons and set off into the wild unknown. Do I wish I could go back and experience it like that again? Sure I do! Those were some good times, but those are past. Not that pony isn't good anymore - in fact, I think the episodes have only gotten better and better - but that it isn't new anymore. Still, the S8 premiere is hinting subtly at future changes, and I'm curious and excited to see what G5 will be when it rears its head in the next few years.

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