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Hippo Week Day 9: Zap Apple



My OC Zap Apple is 3 and a half years old now, seems like yesterday he was a newborn foal. Though it seems likely the intention within the universe of Equestria in the show was that foals were like elementary kids and the students in the school of friendship are around teenage years, I have been thinking about how I want to age Zap for the future. He may never see older ages simply because we don't typically RP that much in the future, but because of how Season 9 ended, and how I have been building on the development of Applejack and Rainbow Dash's son, it makes sense to me to go ahead and start paving the way for his stallionhood.


Most of his RPs will still be foal-based, but I wanted to give room for him to be able to have those interactions with other young mares and stallions. This means a lot of things, it means I need to building new visuals for what he looks like. I always like the idea of him having a rainbow mane, but his apple roots are also very monocoloristic. So I decided to do a bit of both. When he was born, he basically had yellow and orange colors in his mane. As he got older, some of the more colorful mane colors he gets from his pegasus mother would start to show themselves. As a young stallion, I feel like a few locks of green in his mane seems appropriate. In the end, may not ever have an indigo or purple, but maybe a blue. It's not fun to me for him to just have exactly the same kind of colors Rainbow Dash has in her hair. I wanted it to be unique, while still pertaining to the principle of a rainbow mane and tail.


Now, let's talk about cutie mark. When I created Zap, I had no idea what his cutie mark would be, but there are the obvious suggestions. It's worth noting if you don't know this, I did not name my OC. Steel and foxxy as players of the mothers named my OC in character, while I went ahead and based on the name, designed his colors. Up to this point, I haven't made any concrete decisions about his cutie mark or what his destiny will be, but I have made an executive decision now. His cutie mark, will in fact, be a zap apple. What this cutie mark means could be as simple or as nuanced as I see fit, and I do not have a cutie mark story just yet. But I value the heritage of the apple family and want to honor him being a part of that story with a cutie mark that matches the rest of his family. I could have added wings, but I figured the more simple it is, the better. Rainbow Dash is represented her side of the family with the colors of the cutie mark, and also the apple stem that is a lightning bolt shape. What the cutie mark means is not fully realized, but I'm pretty sure it'll have to do with struggling against adversity, and/or adapting to change and rituals. Zap Apple harvest time has a lot of hidden metaphors that are ripe for the picking. Whether or not we explore those ideas in role play remains to be seen, but I will probably use that kind of idea to explain how Zap Apple becomes a stallion and learns his special talent.


If you're interested in RPing with Zap Apple, or becoming part of his history, let me know and maybe we can start a new story. Happy playing! 


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