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I'm Back From Outer Space!




Alright, so I disappeared for a couple weeks and I wanted to apologize. I had some family troubles that needed to be dealt with then I didn't really feel like getting back on. But after watching the newest pony episode I realized just how much I missed my fellow bronies and I scurried back in here. I probably won't post as often as I did and I'm afraid I won't be RPing at all (again, reeeally sorry for anyone's RP I joined) as I'm trying to focus on some things in my life.

I do have some really cool news though. Remember my earlier blog post about how I couldn't get the Canterlot toys? Target had them on clearance so I went and scooped them up. Paid for them with my own money. They're really sweet figs too. They have a great weight and a nice size. The colors are a bit wonky, particularly on Twilight who seems too purple or something. And of course pink Celestia. If I knew anything about modding figures I'd fix her paint job. Applejack's probably my favorite figure and yes, I keep Sonic on her. I'm going to try to find her a hat. Somehow.


Anywho, I apologize again to everyone here for not showing up and stuffs. I'll be lurking in the chatroom more often though and posting in the main threads to make up for it. Until next time fellow bronies.



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