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  4. They still haven't noticed her. Good. Ironically, for being an 'umbrum' , Sombra wasn't good against those skulking in the shadows. Of course 'He wasn't a fool' Shuren thought as she squinted her eyes. As much as she hated the wasted potential he represented, and his loathsome...apathy for most of things.....when it came down to purely intellectual exercises, he was very quick stallion. Her stealthy approach right now wasn't a best method of dealing with him right now - it was a only approach Hou could take at the moment, in her exhasuted state. For his limited toolbox and her repeatedly degrading him during their last encounter in Whitetail Woods, Sombra was one of few creatures alive that wasn't an alicorn, capable of lasting more then two minutes against her. At full strength. Right now? Right now he would roll over her in direct confrontation. No.... Hou had to rely on her wits, and his ignorance of things outside of Equestria to outdo the fallen king.... Which was problematic too, since Tongue Twister - being apparently very knowledgable mare - was a perfect partner for the warlock to alleviate that weakness, being a walking exposition piece for him. She could also at least distract sorceress if things get more physical the Shuren wanted. Right now Hou's only hope was that the pegasus (That was apparently altered somehow. She had to investigate who toyed with her experiment later) will be kept bust by the shadow beasts - and if not, that her degree of knowledge hadn't covered Neighpon and Long Guo obscure (from Equestria's point of view) mystic arts.... When Sombra was walking towards the stage, she was already on the top rail, clad in illusions of her own. A slight nudge of telekinesis and...one of massive stage reflectors was sent falling from the rail, straight onto Sombra's head. Of course, alert, he dodged it easily....straight into the spot she expected he would. For Hou has already thrown a pearl white kunai. It's colour - a result of being dipped in the sap of white, moonwillow tree - a perfect tool for dealing with various shadow yaoguai....capable of pinning and hurting them them even their immaterial form, and forcibly making them corporeal...And well...Sombra's skill-set was close enough to logically work against him too! Each dagger held power for but one cut, but each of these cuts would destabilize his control over his shifting power. Five cuts would probably enough to shut down his shadow-form completely for a dew minutes.... And this was long enough for Hou to pummel the fallen king and snap his neck! 'For a 'Seeker of Knowledge' you certainly are ignorant of your weaknesses, Sombra!' the white mare thought. That what happened when you drew knowledge from only one place - it became rigid and stale.
  5. Tiger hummed as he watched the area from the roof, half listening to the ceremony and half listening to Nil’s conversation with Fluttershy. He was pretty sure he knew the answer to the riddle, but he was going to let Flutters figure it out for herself. When it sounded like the ceremony was concluding, he got up, hopping down from the roof and parkouring his way to the ground. “Sounds like the ceremony is over, Nil, so I’m heading in. Gotta give my congratulations to the newlyweds!” He waved to the Sphinx, heading inside just as the bouquet was launched. He blinked a bit as he saw Berry dive for it, though he was too far to really make a try for it himself. Instead, he walked over, giving Blueblood a wave as he stopped to wait for Berry to come back out of the throng. Also, waiting just in case he needed to break something up.
  6. Smolder was rather surprised. “Seriously? Queen Novo is –old-?”, she gasped. She assumed the good queen was as close as the Hippogriffs got to Princess Celestia. The pony's former ruler was full of magic. If she lost her magic, she probably would turn into a pile of dust. The hooved creatures was all rather cute, but when they got old, they got old. Example see Granny Smith. Or that incredibly sweet mare at the ice cream parlor who gave her TWO cherries on her milkshake. She was very old. Wrinkles on wrinkles. The dragoness was also informed that the queen managed to look even more beautiful when she was annoyed. She had the look of an cruel, cold governess that will be happy to teach you more, only if you do something that would satisfy for her ravenous hunger....Oh geez. Smolder REALLY needed to check the ENTIRE category of the books she picked up at the book Shoppe in Canterlot they sometimes go to. It was 'Horror' but it was also Romance as well. Or did Alicorns need magic to live for so long? Was it just something that was just part of being an Alicorn? "Yeah, I'm getting a little on the sleepy side...Might read another chapter of my book...Something good is gonna happen.", she purred. The Cruel Governess was now teaching two new students. There was the aloof and mysterious bad-boy named Draven with the dark past and fire in his eyes, and there was the beautiful but deadly mare named Bellatrix. Who would become the Cruel Governess' new apprentice? And would they discover the true identity of the mysterious, 'Mysterious One?' That was a good question, and it showed how the once mighty dragoness was starting to turn into a square. Seek out the Purple Prissy Pony's advice? Ugh. She could hear her brother say those words. "Yeah, you should ask Starlight. She's kind of cool. I'm sure she'd want to know if we were building a giant sink-hole near her school." Smolder tried not to laugh when bird-boy mentioned Grandpa Gruff! Sweet Baby Genius, he was old! And ugly! Poor guy was probably sleeping in the ugly tree, when someone took out an ugly axe and cut down the tree, causing the old buzzard to hit every ugly stick along the way. Speaking of Blue Boy. He had a joke. One she did not get. "Ugh.", she groaned. "Sorry Gallus, I usually find you hilarious pretty much all of the time, but I'm just too pooped to chuckle. Maybe tomorrow." She also realized they needed to swim back up. Hopefully Silver had a short-cut.
  7. "Of course." Indeed she did not, as Rose was all too eager to position herself to the right of the egg, fighting her own nerves to maintain a calm facade, although the occasional glance towards Albedo kind of ruined it. She wondered what kind of changeling she'd grow up to be. Would she embrace ponydom, or reject her old ways? How would she treat her sisters, and her pony sister? Her thoughts snagged on that detail- for some reason, she frequently forgot about it disregarded that fact: there were four of them, but the pony of them just didn't seem to... Register with her. Oh well, then wasn't the time to deliberate on such things.
  8. Twilight snapped a look over to Aloe, one of faux concern for what seemed like a boring town. "Well you know, I could always fix that for you. Really give the mayor a good test run of her crisis management skills," Twilight offered, keeping her tone even enough that it may seem one half an offer, though her eyes that sparkled with mischief likely gave too much away. It was likely nice having the town return to its pre-Twilight Sparkle days. Boring, quaint, sweet, and not being threatened with destruction. She figured she could let them rest. After all, they had a newborn to raise soon! Both were excited. Parenthood looked like such a mystery, such a wonderful and terrifying prospect, as distant from what she could imagine yet every time she felt as if she could feel the whole planet's love expressed through each unique collection of parents and children. And Albedo was so close to being born! What an exciting time. It certainly made the wards easier to understand. "They are fine, Rose. They won't interfere with the ceremony and no protection is too much for a creature so close to being born, right?" She said as she inspected the egg closer. Not for long- just enough to glean the important biological details before she hovered backwards, some distance away. Enough for her to start. "If you want to begin, take positions next to Albedo," she stated formally, though truth be told she didn't think she needed to tell them to get close to their bundle of joy.
  9. Windigos were a truly fascinating subject and as Captain of her Guard, Twilight knew that it was for the best that Fire Walker get a firm grasp of them. "For Windigos to manifest outside of their natural grounds, you do need a large amount of disharmony. There isn't an exact number per se. It has far more to do with underlying societal attitudes. Changes in the level of disharmony present in a populace tends to take place mostly below the surface and in the subconscious. Only a small number of ponies will actively express this. Ten or twenty ponies openly stating their mistrust is usually representative of a much larger group, by a factor of at least ten to one if not much, much more. Then you need the magic of harmony itself to be weakened in an area, or be nonexistent," she finished her speech before levitating a pot of tea and pouring some more in. "If you see one, by the way, do not try to engage. Unlike Sirens who are physical creatures and can be fought physically, Windigos can only be harmed by the spreading and display of Harmony and Harmonic magics. So don't get too brave out there!" She said, playfully jabbing her Captain with a spoon. When she put it down, it was in thought. What role would fit him best? He was partially right about Cloudsdale, though there were a lot of important roles outside of direct weather control she could conjure up that he may be suited for. "Hmm. Weather control itself may be something that Cloudsdale has a hold on for the pegasi, but other species still play a role. Weather Coordinators can be any species. Though that is often pegasi, that has more to do with their ability to get hooves on. Plenty of space available for intelligent and organized individuals, even without wings. Specialists are often called in to ensure proper conditions are in place for work to continue. Your expertise in winter weather would certainly be useful to any number of cities. Emergent Weather Responders are an important piece of a region's weather control and defense team. If you can do the job, nocreature would deny you a role on such an important team," she took a sip of tea. "No, you wouldn't be able to control weather very effectively and even if you could it would be hard to get past laws on the matter, but there are many roles under the big top of weather that creatures outside of pegasi can become involved in. I would apply to Cloudsdale and if they don't get back to you quickly, feel free to have them contact me. I am sure I can put a good word in for you," she finished with a wink.
  10. "That's nonsense. The changelings here are friendly. I should introduce you to Ocellus, or any of the other changelings at the school." She interrupted her train of thought once again. "So you're not here for the school? Did you know about the school that's here?"
  11. The floor fell into blackness, and before long, the blackness lit to a beautiful day. Freshly cut grass could be smelled, distinguished from freshly eaten grass. Birds were chirping, trees were clapping softly in the light breeze, and an occasional wooden crack could be heard from nearby associated with soft clopping applause. There was a wooden bench that other than it's dried and aged appearance, seemed unremarkable. A long hut covered the bench and cheap chain-linked fencing surrounded it with an opening on both ends to the sides. At one end of the bench, a large pile of masks were cluttered together that looked to be designed for protecting the face of a pony who intended to be thrown at with a hard-surfaced ball, perhaps. "You're the new player?" A lightly-colored orange earth pony approached Moonlight. He noticed the pink unicorn filly with her cute stature, but decided to forgo his pleasantries in order to address the fact that she looked completely lost. "You have a uniform on and everything. I'm the manager, First Base, and I think we put you on the bench for the day but we need you to pinch right now. Are you a lefty or a righty? Chipper Pones is at bat right now and I need you on deck." The mind reeled at trying to make sense when sense was not being made nor did the mind reel in a way of making sense of the senseless, senselessly struggling, struggles against that which could not be ordered. That brief collapse was wiped away by the warmth of the sun, or what was imagined to be it, and soon she found herself near some sort of game. She wore a strikingly nice little uniform, a bit tight for her taste but considering she didn't know what was happening she'd take it for granted that whatever it was she was wearing, she was wearing it well. It was then that a cutie came up to her and asked if she were the new player. "Sure," she responded for no good reason, "Manager First Base. Did you know that I don't know where Remington is?" She asked nonchalantly as she picked up the weird stick that she saw Chipper Pones play with. She mimicked him a few times before using the circle as a small stage to saunter about in front of a mish mash of faces. Some of them looked like fruits that were thrown at her. She didn't know where she was but she knew that she didn't know where Remington was. What game was this again? "This is baseball. A sport of strategy, wit, and patience. It's also known for its tradition. Well, starting today. Look, all you need to know is that there is one out, it's the bottom of the ninth inning, and we're down by one run. But the bases are loaded and we have a good chance to win this game." Chipper hit the ball softly after it was pitched to him from the mound, and the ball rolled softly to a player where he was tagged out quite easily. None of the runners advanced. First Base sighed. "Make that two outs. Alright. No problem. Just take this bat, wear this ankle guard on your front hoof, and get to the batters box. Just put the ball in play!" First Base lightly shoved Moonlight towards a pony wearing all black with a mask, and a goat wearing a mask and a large glove. The cute manager pushed her into position. Or was she in position? She didn't know. She went to where Chipper was and looked around. Why were they throwing the ball and not catching it? She held the bat with the thick part first. "Are you Remington?" She asked the pitcher as she adjusted her helmet. It had been blocking her eyes and she needed them to see Remington. But then the sun blinded her just as the pitcher started to move his legs in a weird way. The pony on the pitching mound hurled a ball across the plate and into the catcher's mitt, swishing by the oblivious batter who other than her cute batting stance, had no idea what she was doing. "STEEEEERRRIKE," the pony in black behind yelled. "Maaaah," the goat catcher belted before throwing the ball back to his pitcher. First Base from the dugout swiped his face with a hoof and then took a calming breath. "Glitter! You're holding the bat upside down! You can do this! I know you have no idea what this game is probably, but just try your best, you can do it! Facts, just say it! No, you don't need to know! Feels, display them! Everyone's the goat!" As the team of goats in the field began their between pitch chatter, the pitcher began his motion to another pitch towards Moonlight. She stepped out of the batter's box and took a deep breath. Okay, so that wasn't a good thing? Based on voice tone? No, it was a bad thing. She was doing her best but her best wasn't good enough. "Got it, cutie," she said, giving her manager a wink. He was a cutie, after all. And she was not dead. So she stepped back and reversed the bat, thinking to herself that this looked a little better. "Okay, goats aren't moats and moats are totally not floats, I'm not a float, I'm the goat, bah," she said as she stood in the batter's box and assumed the stance. The player on the mound hurled the ball towards Moonlight at the catcher once again, spinning it end over end. It appeared to dance in the air a little but before a pony could count their hooves, the ball clapped into the catcher's mitt. "STEEEEEERRRRIKE TWO," they pony in black behind Moonlight yelled. As it turned out, a zebra was on the mound, and he smiled and lightly shook his head. He held his glove up to receive the light toss of the ball from the catcher. During his swagger around the mound, he seemingly attempted to taunt Moonlight. "Now I'm around the world shredding for an ovation. And you can trash my reputation as you enjoy your long vacation." From the dugout, Manager First Base leaned in and plead with Moonlight. "Give me substance, give me something..." The zebra pitcher cocked his opening motion with his legs and then spun his body around to hurl another ball towards Moonlight as fast as he could to the catcher. Two strikes was bad. You know what? That one wasn't her fault. The ball was doing weird things. She could braid her luxurious mane in the time it took for the ball to do what it did but then she didn't have that time and she spent that time thinking about her mane and how so very wonderful it was, which didn't help her. Then that cute zebra pitcher taunted her and her coach was asking her to do something and she just wanted to find Remington. "Okay! Okay! I'll do it but, like, just tell me where Remington is for the love of Celestia! Tch!" She said in frustration, wiggling her bootie to get into her stance as her eyes slit and she stared the pitcher down. "Okay. Time to swing for the fences!" She turned quickly to the ump. "Do I want to do that?" She turned back to the pitcher, wiggling her way into the stance. "Alright. I got this. I got this." All the uniformed players in the field in front of Moonlight started swaying softly during the pitch delivery, antagonizing the batter's attempt to hit the ball. "Hey batter, batter. Hey batter, batter, batter," they all chanted. As the ball reached the plate, seemingly in slow motion, all the fielding ungulates shouted, "SWING!" And swing she did. She swung as hard as she could swing, so hard that she spun in place and did a full 360 before falling on the plate. Coughing through the dirt, she looked up to see what she had done and took off before she could realize it! Crack! The ball had been struck by the mare's wooden bat, sending vibrations through the mare's hooves before flying away from the batter. Towards the clouds it soared, seemingly not slowing down its ascend into the blue sky. Only seconds later did the ball change its mind, and the mysterious natural forces began pulling the ball back down to the playing field. A goat standing near the wall on the opposite side of the field jumped around before standing still with a gloved hoof up. The surrendered ball fell harmlessly into the goat's glove, where he secured it for the final out of the game. All the field goats bleated and began running towards the center of the field. First Base threw his hat down into the dirt. Aww, did she do a bad job? Did she make an 'out'? What was an out, and was there an in? She didn't really know. She didn't really blame herself though. Why, she felt like she did a really good job. That ball went really far! That was a good thing, right? Did she make a point anyway? She stood up and brushed herself off, admiring herself in her uniform a moment longer. "Hmm, I still look super cute!" She said to the ump before trotting to a visibly upset First Base. "I'm sorry I didn't make more points but I almost sent it over the wall for a three pointer!" First Base rubbed his temples while listening to Moonlight's cutesy response to her failure. It looked like he wanted to say something, but didn't have the overblown temper to lose control of it and kept his words to himself. However, behind Moonlight, the zebra ball hurler swaggered towards her and started bragging. "This is the song you wish you’d wrote, before you proved to the world you’re a silly joke, before you had your chance and hilariously choked." He mocked but then gave a stern face and stared into her eyes. "Before you tried to do me over." The zebra stepped back and began circling Moonlight. "Honestly, you've always known I'd prevail." He eyed her physique rudely side to side and muttered a remark on the fact that her feminine features held her back from competing. "It's biology. And you were born to fail." First Base had apparently unsuccessfully calmed himself down, and started angrily walking towards Moonlight as well. He began shouting obscenities, some which didn't make any sense, but then others that seemed to cut deep had the pony who received it understood the context. "Ditch if fist, phony! Cancel all your fans! They're passed out in the pasture sucking up lifespan! You look just like a pony, but missing all the mare! When life becomes a burden, just do something unfair!" Just as he finished his rant, he and three others started circling Moonlight Glitter. First Base, the zebra pitcher, the mean green filly from the fashion show, and Prim Hemline began chanting around her singing, "You were born to fail," over and over again. They all slowly trotted around her in unison as they sang their evil chants. What started off as a gentle serenade of awfulness soon started to cascade into seething words of venom that trickled into her from not one, nor two, even three, but finally four different voices of antagonism. Repeating their awful slogans in their awful ways, penetrating the veil between dreams and the veil between feelings. She tried once, twice, three times and more to stop them. The cute zebra colt, the overzealous cult, The Prim Prim, and that awful filly- one into another and four into one, Moonlight's uniform turning into a dress and the field a stage and the stage a void and her hands with a bat. "Stop it! S-Stop it!" She cried out as she turned herself dizzy. "Strike!" The ump called as the handsome zebra colt pushed her towards Prim. "Hey! Cut it you foal, I'm rich!" "Strike two!" The ump called as Moonlight swung her bat at Prim, which phased through as the older mare bent down. "Flap like a flag, script-ed to flip!" She screamed with an angry mental moans that sent Moonlight to the ground, her bat landing on a Valen mask and shattering it in the void. "Ball one..." the vile filly whispered with a giggle, the ump behind her giving the signal. Moonlight tried to get up but fell down, tripping on the bat and mussying up her dress. "Where's Remington?!" "BALL TWO!" The filly laugh-screamed an angry mental moan as she invaded Moonlight's personal space. "It's biology, and you were born to fail!" They all screamed in unison with the force of a thunderclap, it knocked her on her back as she gently wept. "before I proved to the world I'm a buckin' joke..." "STRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIKE THREE-" "BEFORE I HAD MY CHANCE AND BUCKIN' CHOKED!" Moonlight said in unison with the others as she started to weep uncontrollably on the field, on the stage, in the void, in her head, in her soul. The commotion was rich, but also began to fade. The ground around Moonlight began to expand, and her enemies drifted away from her. But with them, the light also faded. When she would turn around, she would find the dugout with a hallway leading into the unknown. Out of the unknown walked a pony. Once the light from the cosmos hit his face, it was obvious who he was. "Moonlight, this way," Remington said before disappearing into the dark hallway again.
  12. Remington continued to read into his books, but kept getting sidetracked by the fact that a cute filly he was smitten by was sleeping in his bed. How was a studious colt supposed to concentrate? But the music, right, that was helping him meditate on other things. Like doing homework, flipping pages of the book, and screaming at the top of his lungs. Although, he wouldn't do that, he knew what would happen if he had. And that's when it hit him. What if somepony, like the mail carrier from a moment ago, were to help themselves in again? What if that roommate that he is supposed to have comes while Moonlight is passed out in his room. How does he explain it? Would they even believe him? Remington gasped quietly to himself. What if his roommate is another filly! Would they give him a filly roommate? Was that violating any rules? And if it was, then he was in trouble, because there is already a filly in his room. Remington spiraled his thoughts out of control. He could not keep from panicking over the condition of his fillyfriend, even though he knew she would be fine. The imagination of accusations and consequences of this evening was constantly on his forethought, and he was unable to shake it. He was certainly not able to think about his homework. How does a colt in his situation remember the difference between a friendship agreement and an acquaintance promise when he is distracted with half of his heart beating at twice the rate it normally would. The music continued to play though another song, and as Remington continued to stress about the situation, he began to exhaust his ability to focus. By the time the current song had ended, he was asleep, his head plastered sideways onto the desk he was sitting at. The turntable, however, continued to play through the album.
  13. Gallus felt his chest crush under the pressure of what he was being told. Smolder didn't know how old her friends would get. Dragons could live, what, a thousand years? Two? Three? He didn't really know. He also doubted Smolder knew. He doubted anycreature knew: Dragons didn't die of old age, after all. But she thought she had two or three centuries ahead of her to share with them. That was bad enough. What was worse though was when Silverstream said a hundred and fifty. On one claw, that was good. He didn't have to worry about outliving her. On the other, how could you really care about someone when they were destined to live...what, half your life? He tried to keep his composure, though it would be a little weird if he didn't say anything. "Wow, I didn't know Hippogriffs lived that long," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Griffons are lucky to hit seventy. Grandpa Gruff is the oldest griffon in Griffonstone and he is...eighty, I think?" Gallus said before tried to change the tone. "Still. That is a lot of time. A lot of time for us to share together." He hoped that put them at ease. he hoped it put him at ease. He needed to rest. he was tired. His brain wasn't wired to think about mortality at this time of the morning. It was therefore a good thing that the prospect of bed came up. Gallus responded quickly- almost too quickly. "Yeah, bed sounds like a good idea," he followed with a yawn. It was only mostly forced. "It's been real fun exploring the chaos of the night with you two, but I figure if I'm gone for too much longer there will be rumors about what snuck off to do....hey, wait a minute, maybe we can just wait here instead..." he said as he looked at Silverstream and then to Smolder, waggling his eyebrows and repeating it until he got the laugh he desperately sought.
  14. moonatlas

    Twilit Art

    heyaa Sorry that I've been dead, just finished up applying for schools and what not so that's been boring. BUT I did get a new drawing tablet which works really nicely and is a major upgrade from my old one!! I like the brushes I've been experimenting with too Anyway, have a spiffy twilight drawing I did, probably gonna do the rest of the Mane 6 as well and maybe some other characters since I got a month of freedom now. (You can also find this drawing on my DeviantArt and TikTok!)
  15. Rainbow breathed a sigh of relief when Twilight blushed. Truth be told she had thrown that out there to try and break the tension that had developed between them and she was happy that Twilight didn't jump on her, literally or figuratively. She rubbed the back of her neck and smiled, flying lazily ahead of the two pony touring committee. It started off well enough. Very few ponies in sight and those that were didn't much care to involve themselves in the business of a Princess and her...guard? Friend? Something of the sort? It was a nice, leisurely stroll through the cold air. For a while, anyway. The trail turned to gravel, though she didn't care much about that. The winds grew heavier. Not faster, heavier- air pressure went up and the air was thick with weighted cold, like the feeling of a winter storm but with no winter to release the sky's tension. it kept her on edge. A pegasus was used to releasing that tention but it felt like the sky here hadn't been tended to. Or if it had been tended to, it had not been very gentle. It was then that the voice shook her out of it, and Twilight's joke about it being a fairly tale? A smile to her face. "Good, I guess," she said with a laugh, then looked around for trouble, or where the voice came from. No dice. "Though if we are, I'm not gonna wear the damsel in distress dress. I'll go check it out," she said as she flew out over the bridge. Only to slam into some sort of wall and fall back down near Twilight. "Oww! What is that-" "Answer my questions three, or someplace else you will be!"
  16. It was hard for Applejack to honestly and truthfully register most of RD's change in emotion. She was still dealing with her own sensory issues. As an Earth Pony, she had always been connected to the Earth below her. It sung in her hooves and even when she was just walking around there was a certain life, a certain energy, that she felt connected to. You were never truly alone as an earth pony because the land was always there. Now that was gone. The dirt was dirt. She had rarely taken note of how it had felt before but now that she lost it she noticed it acutely. She kneaded the dirt below her hopefully before abandoning it, shaking her head and trying to regain her senses. Well, her new senses. She had lost the sense of being an Earth pony but she had gained the senses of a pegasus. The water vapor around her seemed so acute and noticeable in its trillions of droplets, fading into her subconscious. The way the wind seemed to flow through her as if she didn't exist. Every part of her seemed like it should be cold but wasn't. She didn't know how to describe it, but she felt new and weird. She took a deep breath. "Almost?" She asked with as much self-assuredness as she could muster. "Now Ah'm thinking you only liked me 'cause Ah couldn't chase after you!" She laughed, then brushed herself against RD, using her as a stabilizer. Then she let go and took a few steps, unfolding her wings. They felt weird. Pegasus ponies had wings that were smaller than they should have been in order to fly and hers were no different, but compared to her farm-bred and muscled body they seemed even smaller. She flapped them. They didn't do so in sync. Left and then right- right, then left. She sighed and then started flapping them in sync. First slow, then faster until her body was fighting itself to stay grounded. She was anything but confident. "Uhh, maybe? Ah'm gonna crash for sure but...well, lead the way Wonderbolt."
  17. Rarity didn't bother hiding her predator's smile as Applejack, without needing any verbal commands, assumed her position. She also didn't waste time taking advantage of it, using the mare's back as a hoofstool so she could lay out and keep her hooves clean. Well, cleaner than being on the ground, in any case "Hmmm, yes. This'll do nicely, my dear," she said as her horn lit up and she got another treat, tossing it on the ground near Applejack's greedy muzzle. Then she got one for herself- and another glass of whine- and allowed the silence to rule the moment for some time. Once in a while she would toss another treat on the ground and allow Applejack to feed herself, as Rarity drank more and more of the wine. After a while, a familiar, sinister, and playful smile started to crease over her. "I wonder, I wonder. What is it about this that makes you so very much excited to act this way?" She said as she bent down to pet Applejack. Her horn lit up and this time she "And to think I would fall in love with such a silly little dog. Why, I could do better. After all, look at you greedily eating off the ground. What a messy mutt you've turned out to be. What better could I expect though? Tsk tsk," She spat with faux venom, shaking her head as the item she pulled out finally came in. It opened and then quickly clasped around Applejack's neck, clicking in place. A nice black collar with a nametag, tight enough to be noticed and unable to be pulled off by anything but her magic. She magically tugged it, just to make sure it was on well. "Imagine if our friends saw this. Oh, the scandal! Rainbow Dash would be relentless, all the mocking and jokes. Pinkie wouldn't know what to think but I bet she'd find it funny, at the least. Twilight would just ask so many questions- I'd answer them on your behalf, of course. Fluttershy?" She giggled. "Well, I bet she'd enjoy it. I bet I could send you to her for a while to get some proper obedience training. Oh!" She sat up excitedly, downing another glass. "I bet Twilight could change your official status to my pet. Oh, how nice would that be? The first pony to pet legal change in history! A bit accurate, don't you think? Who's a good girl?" She said as she used her hooves to push Applejack on her back and pet her stomach for a small while. When she got her fill of that she slapped the log next to her. Now and only now would she allow Applejack out from under her hooves. She got another full glass, smelling it as Applejack assumed the position. "This wine is very, very good. You outdid yourself, as you always do," she said before that sinister smile creeped back in. "Ponies only though!" The glass hovered over the fire and she poured it in, the fire roaring briefly as the alcohol was added, illuminating Rarity in all of her playfully, awfully sinister, drunken self.
  18. Yes? It was a yes? The mare wasn't sure whether to be surprised or not, but she did know that she was relieved. Nay, elated enough. Forget trying to not look too excited, she was! Yù clapped her hooves and smiled in delight. "Words can't well describe how happy that makes me Kahz. Thank you." the qilin smiled fondly at her date for the evening. Ahh, even just thinking about it made her feel down right bubbly. "To tell the truth I'd been thinking of how to bring the topic up for quite a while now. I'm glad I finally worked up the courage." Taking another long drink of grape juice the mare let out another happy little sigh. "Now the truly hard part." she'd begin with a jesting tone. "Deciding on just where we'd like to go. Given that it's my first in Las Pegasus, I'm more than happy to let the dashing gentlecolt decide where we'll dine~"
  19. Nothing like a nice warm cup of tea to brighten one's day! And she actually had the time to make it this morning! Switching from tidying up in the mornings to the evenings was a small but brilliant choice. Starlight hummed a pleased little tune as she sipped from her mug, looking proudly over the neatly tamed desk in front of her. There was something to be said for controlled chaos, she could give Discord that, but it was more relaxing at work to have things tidy! Speaking of work. A rap tap tapping had came to Starlight's door, the unicorn perking her ears up and glancing over. Sitting her mug aside, she would trot on over to the door, peeking her head out with a smile she spotted what she could only assume to be the pony who came knocking at her chamber door. "Ah, good morning! I hope you weren't waiting too terribly long. Please, come right on in." she would say with a wave to the unfamiliar pony before taking a glance towards the other unoccupied seats. "Oh I really should dust those. Sorry about that!"
  20. ~Berry Punch~ Berry listened with interest, but with no small sense of frustration, as Jade related her story of the ocelot. She sighed, replying with a flat tone, "Let me put it another way. I am sick and bucking tired of other ponies treating the fact that I can parent one filly well as a reason to think I don't need a partner. Not just for her, for me. It's not good for us ponies to be alone." Stealing a glance over to where she spotted the only other mare that had conspicuously come alone, she sighed even louder. "Even tall, dark, and scarred over there has a special somepony!" She pointed out Tempest and Glitter, right before the ceremony began. Her heart was both full of vicarious happiness for the thruple, and obvious envy that wrote itself upon her face. It was hard for her to be bitter about it, considering her character, but still. She'd have happily accepted being fourth in a herd at this point. "Well, The Prince has been in Ponyville more often since taking that position at Twilight's school, and he comes to my place when he wants to socially drink, but I probably wouldn't have gotten an invitation if I hadn't helped to supply the shindig." She felt no shame in the admission, providing drinks was always a good way to secure an invite to any social gathering, as she had learned early at school. Once she saw Dunnie make ready to spike the bouquet, however, all pretenses were dropped. "Gangway!" She shouted out, leaping to intercept the trajectory of the flowers, or at least get right in the scrum of mares fighting for the prize!
  21. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ For the second time in as many days, Ice Storm would let Luna clear the air. She wasn't surprised that most ponies, or creatures in this case, out this far from Equestria didn't know that they retired. So it would make sense for them to believe that this was Luna's mission with herself and the others being Luna's bodyguards. There was a time not too long ago where that was the case, but this was not the case any longer. Still, Ice Storm would look to the princess of the night for guidance whenever she needed it. There was a piece of her that still trusted her judgment over Twilight's. That likely had come from personally serving as one of her guards when she was in Canterlot right after she cemented the creation of Star. She was a bit concered about Luna's initial statement before engaging with okami, however. The comment about making herself feel useful didn't set well with her. She knew the princess had been pretty much bored out of her mind since retiring. It was one of the reasons that she'd inquired about joining STAR to begin with. That said, there was a bit of a strategic sense to that as well. The fact that Luna was an Alicorn meant that she was ever so slightly stronger than she was herself. Thanks to her spheres and her training with the Princess, she knew that she could at least draw with her on several occasions but she never did win a training exercise. Hearing Myth said that the Okami didn't seem hostile, at least not to them, but that she wouldn't trust them added to that thought. It was puzzling though when she said that the aura of magic surrounding them didn't seem to match the island that they were odd. Interesing... probably someone sent to keep an eye on us then... she thought to herself. She couldn't really say that she blamed them for such an action. She herself would employ similar tactics whenever a powerful pony of importance came into Equestria. A unit of STAR would be on them and tailing them almost immediately, often times without ever approaching them. To see the Neighponese government using such tactics at least made her feel a bit better knowing that she wasn't the only pony that was using the practice. Upon hearing the rest of the conversation though, apparently this wasn't the first Okami that Luna had met, and at least one of these other wolves seemed to have met them as well. She also heard Luna introduce her, telling them about their skill level and how Luna trusted had trusted herself with her life. "Greetings, Shiranui of Polohama. It is a pleasure, although would be more so were it being that we were meeting under better circumstances. Unfortunately we came to this island to follow a lead and get some information on a sorceress that we believe is conducting a scheme that, with some of the artifacts that she's stolen, might not only threaten Equestria, but all of the known land. It's also believed that she feeds on the souls of the living in order to prolong her lifespan. However, I have no verifiable proof of that. Just heresay from a few of my operatives. That is why we are here. To find any plausible proof of what she might be planning and how she sustains her longevity," Ice Storm explained. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Hearing Myth said that the Okami weren't from the island threw Nira off for a moment. How could she possibly know that these creatures weren't native to the island that they were on? A question that was answered without her having to ask, as she commented that the magical signatures in their auras were different from the magical signatures on the island. Nira could immediately see why Shiroi took a vested interest in this one. Knowing how paranoid she is, she's probably already trying to draw up plans to change just about everything. Hopefully that wouldn't be her problem for too much longer. Even if she was permanently assigned to this brigade, she would be able to do vastly more than what she had done in the palace. Still, the fact that these two creatures weren't native to this island, and this island was remote, could only mean one thing. They were sent here by somepony specifically to meet with them. That didn't sit well with her. So far their intentions didn't seem to be hostile, but you could bet that she would be sleeping with one eye open tonight. A longma didn't survive as an imperial field medic without having good awareness and survival skills after all, and this smelled like a trap. She would have to wait until they were alone and well out of earshot of the okami in order for her to state her suspicions. Okami had naturally high perception and could hear the smallest of details so she couldn't try to say anything right now. One thing that did make her feel a bit better though, was the fact that these Okami seemed to make the same mistake that she did when she first met this group of ponies. They instantly presumed that Luna was the pony that was leading the expedition. The news of her retirement hadn't really made it's way out here yet, so she wasn't surprised by that fact, but it still made her feel better that she wasn't the only one to have done it. When she listened to Commander Storm speak on the issue again, she started to scan the island once more before turning to Myth. "Do you see any other unusual magic signatures in the area?"
  22. In the moment, Dunnie was overhwlemed. Standing there, freshly married, grinning madly and giggling awkwardly as she looked out to the crowd as she pressed against Star. With all the eyes on her, she was suddenly growing eager to get onto the partying and get off the stage. Then the mention of the bouquet, and more importantly: the cake. Dunnie's almond shaped eyes went wide and her ears perked up. "Cake!" She grinned wide at the thought, "And refreshments for our guests." Couldn't forget about them. She took up the bouquet in her mouth and turned about face. In one swift motion, she reared up to toss the bouquet in the air above her and began to roll back mid-air with the help of her wings.. Following swiftly behind was a hind leg, which Dunnie used to spike the bouquet potentially into an eagerly waiting crowd of mares. Afterward, the pegasus would land gently and proceed to follow behind her husband for cake slicing.
  23. "Excuse me, sir, are you alright?" Came a voice from right behind him. It was one of the staff, dressed in a smart blue vest and neat blue cap. Concerned red eyes watched him with a dizzying intensity, threatening to absorb what remained of his sanity if he neglected his duties any longe- "Um... You're not unwell, are you?" Suddenly he was a normal colt again, owlish blue eyes blinking at him as he took a cautious step towards the detective. The isle was otherwise empty, and no sign of Aurora could be seen. Shai was also oddly silent, although what shadows he could spot writhed like a den of angry snakes.
  24. The past few months have been... eventful, to say the least for Wind Dancer. She had hit the point in her term where her shows were now postponed due to maternity leave. She hated not being able to perform, but there was simply no way that she could in this state. The last performance that she had done just over a month ago was pushing it to the max. She had hurt so much and was so tired from that show that she nearly collapsed back stage. It was then then that Golden Bit decided to cancel her remaining shows until after the little one was born and she was ready to continue performing. Her slot would still be there when it got back. As it was, Windy was now entering her third trimester of her pregnancy, which meant that this was the home stretch! However, she had heard from her friends that the last trimester was also the absolute worst part of the term, and so far... they were definitely right. She'd been sick waking up just about every morning, and today wasn't any exception. Sky had already made his way to the store for her, and he should be returning soon. Otherwise, just getting out of bed was a chore as her body ached all over, especially her head. She was pretty sure that a headache like this could kill an ox. Thankfully Warmheart made sure that she had some pregnancy safe pain relievers that she could use, but they didn't seem to do much for them any more. She was really just getting used to it at this point. Just as she started entering the living room, she saw Sky land on the balcony with a basket. She heard him call out that he was back, and she had to hold back a wince as it was a bit louder than she would have liked it to be. He probably figured that he was still in bed though, and honestly, it wasn't really that loud, but her headache made it seem much louder. "Thanks Sweetie. It means a lot that you're helping me through this," she smiled as she felt her stomach gurgle. She honestly couldn't tell at this point if she was hungry, or if it was just acting up.
  25. "Um, Keepsake," her editor, Red Ink, said over the phone, "you can't be serious." "What do you mean?" Keepsake responded as she trotted into the kitchen, using her horn's magic to pull the old phone along behind her. She hummed to herself as she opened the fridge and began floating out the makings for not one, but several sandwhiches. "The Everfree Forest? By yourself?" Red Ink said irritably, seeming to sense that Keepsake was hardly paying attention to her. "I'm not going adventuring too deep, and besides, I heard there's even a pony living out there! I'll be fine!" Of this Keepsake was certain. Her move to Ponyville had been about much more than just researching for her newest book - it was her first time getting to live all alone, and she felt so independent! (Not to mention the other perks, like peace and quiet, privacy, and final say in all the decorations.) She was still riding the high of her newfound rule over this tiny domain, and nopony was going to take that away from her! "Keepsake, didn't you say you wanted to get to know Everfree from the point of view of the locals?" Keepsake stopped mid-wrap of her newest sandwhich. The magic fizzled out around it, like soda flattening."Well, yes..." She said reluctantly. She hated when Red Ink made sense. "Then wouldn't it make sense to find a guide? Somepony local who could show you?" "Well... yes." Keepsake admitted finally. She was becoming thoughtful. "Somepony who's been there before. Somepony with stories." "Exactly!" Red Ink agreed eagerly. She sounded relieved. * That evening, Keepsake fretted over the first draft of her ad. "I hope it'll be okay..." she murmured, worrying the flyer with her hoof. In bold black ink it read: "HELP WANTED! Guide through the Everfree Forest. My name is Keepsake, and I'm new here in Ponyville. I moved here to work on my newest novel inspired by tales from the Everfree Forest. I'd love to see it upclose, and get an idea of what it's like living around such strange magic! Experience in wilderness safely, and juicy stories about Everfree, preferred. Interested ponies can mail to..." Well, what more could she say? With that, she dipped her quill back into it's ink vile and scratched out her address. She aimed her horn at the flyer and, with a sparkler-like explosion, it became a stack. She carried it to her window and one by one, began to send the flyers with her magic. Keepsake watched fireflies dance between the floating pages as they sailed away, influenced to pin themselves to storefronts and notice boards across Ponyville, and smiled as she watched them. There was a softness in her chest that night, as they receeded, that told her no matter what, good things were going to happen here.
  26. Aquaria shook her head then shuddered. "My mother always tells me to stay away from changelings. They can't be trusted."
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