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  2. With little surprise, the day after Norton's letter hit the papers, another letter penned by a different claw took its place to answer it. To the Citizens of Equestria, Having spent a great number of my years walking this world within the fair and peaceful boarders of Equestria, I have learned and embraced a great deal of values and lessons that my kin back in the Dragonlands have only recently started to be introduced to via the works of the School of Friendship founded by Princess Sparkle herself. The reason I am taking the time to write this letter is to discuss the Element that I find has a special place in my heart; Honesty. Yesterday, while own my way to Canterlot in order to meet with Princess Sparkle herself, I read a rather captivating letter from one Norton Breakbeak. I am sure that many of those who read it found it highly entertaining, listening to the latest chapter in the grand, heroic tale of a griffon seeking to reclaim his families long abandoned birthright from the clutches of a greedy dragon before restoring it to glory. Someponies might have even ended up reading it to their foals as a bedtime story to help them fall asleep and not just because subjects such as trade deals tends to bore them towards seeking entertainment from their dreams. Alas, that was all that letter was. Nothing more then a fairy tale. Norton Breakbeak is not some scion of the Griffonstone throne who has at last come home to reclaim his birthright. He is a former marine captain from Aquellia who was discharged due to mental instability. His trade deal with Tenochtitlan was not a victory of friendship and diplomacy; It was a trade deal brought via a shipment of gems that had been purchased by Equestria and was on route when Breakbeak's loyal band of lackeys and bandits hijacked it. The fate of those brave griffons who were transporting that shipment is currently unknown since no evidence of them has yet to be found. Alongside his gift of stolen valuable gems, Breakbeak sealed his agreement with Tenochtitlan with a blood pact to serve their interests going forward. I write this letter because I believe that Equestria needs to hear the truth of this so called 'Emperor' and his actions. While some can say that Honesty can be harsh and unkind, I know for a fact that one of the founding principles of Equestria is that a hard truth is better then an easy lie. I also saw it as a chance to publicly apologize as the founder and CEO of Prosperity Mining for the lateness of our shipment. Another shipment of gems is currently being prepared and will be sent as soon as it is safe to do so at no extra charge. When you purchased that shipment from me, I made a promise to deliver what was asked for and I will not let a bandit king force me to break my word. May you and your kin prosper, Ridge, CEO of Prosperity Mining.
  3. It's unlikely things are going to get bigger then Griffonstone but... well, you never know. History turns on small things. After all, WW1 started because of an independence dispute.
  4. So, a new storyline, not event-related, has emerged on the boards, and I decided to set up a thread to collate and coordinate it! The tl;dr is that one Ridge Dragon has scouted Griffonstone, and found it contained a fairly abundant vein of profitably minable minerals, and like any dragon, seeks to use it to increase his hoard. In this, he has come into conflict with Norton Breakbeak, a questionably sane 'Emperor' of Griffonstone that seeks to restore the ruined city using said wealth. While Ridge's ends are not the noblest, it's not unfair to say that Norton's methods aren't much better, essentially putting a wax royal seal on what you could call banditry. The thread where it really emerged can be found here. (Now Concluded) I'll be updating this post with thread topics as they emerge, and we can coordinate further developments here or on Discord. Looking forward to how everypony reacts, gets involved, and seeks to escalate/de-escalate the situation! Threads: Traveling Expenses are *sigh* Included - Ridge is hiring! Help to secure his mine, and 'remove obstacles to operations.' An Open Letter to Open-Minded Equestrians - Norton Breakbeak explains his actions to the Equestrian General public through the Press; more meant for one-post reactions than ongoing narrative.
  5. Rumors of what was happening in Griffonstone had been filtering through the Equestrian Press for several weeks now. Ever since a 'Griffon Interest' story of the wild claim of 'Emperor' Norton Breakbeak to the ancient throne of the Griffonstone Empire, there had been a small niche, almost cult following of his antics. The last big story had been of his ride from Breakbeak City to Griffonstone himself, a strange ceremony intended to represent the homecoming of the ruined city's legitimate ruler. Most of Equestria watched with interest, but little understanding. Ponies whose monarch had never been lost weren't really sure what any such return would look like, nor if they would be able to tell the difference between a long-lost heir, and a bandit impostor. Most didn't think anything significant would come of it, so it may have come as some surprise when, in the editorial pages of the Canterlot Chronicle, Fillydelphia Gazette, Baltimare Globe & Mail, Filly Free Press, and other sundry papers, there appeared, given pride of place, this remarkable composition: To the Princess and Citizens of Equestria, In the interest of avoiding confusion and the unfortunate results of misunderstanding, my counselors and I have deemed it wise to give a full and public account of Our recent actions, and the reasoning behind them. To be brief: In the support of Our long-term policy of indigenous industrial and economic development, the land and capital assets of the Prosperity Mining Company were Nationalized under the Griffonstone National Mines, and placed under direct crown administration. That such actions were drastic in nature We acknowledge, but for the sake of Our people, it was necessary. The prior arrangement under which the Prosperity Mining Company was incorporated would be familiar to any student of Griffon History; the Company was primarily extractive, taking advantage of being based in a foreign country to avoid all taxation from Aquellia and Equestria. The profits, however, though generated in an area where they would not be taxed, would then be sequestered within foreign accounts to primarily enrich the owners of the venture. In short the PMC was a Colonial venture. The founder of said Mining Company had much in the way of rhetoric for himself, in pleading that his venture would be the foundation of greater prosperity for Griffonstone. However, the long history of ventures along this model, primarily in Unyasi, put the lie to such claims. Bribes to the locals to tolerate the digging of their earth and the exportation of their wealth does not Economic Investment make. At best, all zebra tribes who were targeted by such ventures were left no better off than before, at worst, they were immiserated by this unfortunate episode of Griffon History. A History which Griffonstone has no desire to repeat, either as exploiter or exploited. Our actions in this case have been misrepresented as an Unprincipled Exception to the Doctrine of Free Enterprise. However, the ancient laws of Griffonstone contain no commitments to any such doctrine, and Our current situation is completely inappropriate for it to be enacted. An economic elite with no ties of loyalty to the state are a universally recognized threat to that state’s sovereignty, and therefore a threat to said state’s ability to protect and serve its subjects. Therefore, no state is obliged by law or principle to tolerate such an elite. However, as no alternative loyal economic elite is to be found in Griffonstone, the responsibility for coordinating and developing economic activity reverts to the State and Crown of Griffonstone. Such a state of affairs is not without precedent, as schools of socialist thought have a long history within the Academy. We have chosen as our policy a form of Monarchic Socialism, wherein the crown formally own all fixed capital and directs major investments, managed by those to whom We find worthy to delegate such ventures. Trade deals have been finalized already with the neighboring cities of Tenochtitlan and Falkensfjord, by which the mineral and knowledge resources of Griffonstone may be leveraged into investment capital. Further plans involve the repair of irrigation infrastructure to revitalize local agriculture, as well as furnish the hospitality industry to accommodate an anticipated rise in tourism. The Crown is committed to using the profits from its ventures to reinvest in Griffonstone, and hereby formally repudiates any charge of embezzlement. As a sign of Good Faith, We are willing to submit the Treasury ledgers to an audit by a neutral party. It is the desire of the Crown that We may live in peace with our friends, just as it is the Duty of the Crown that it stands steadfast against its foes. In expressing the wishes that the readers of this letter would count themselves as the former, We hereby send you Our Best Regards: Norton Breakbeak I, Emperor of Griffonstone It seemed that things were really starting to happen in the ancient Griffon Capital, but what would the Equestrian public make of it all?
  6. Ridge sighed softly as he leaned back, his eyes closed as he waited in his little private booth of the hotel bar/eating area that he was staying at. The trip from Griffonstone hadn't been all that long and already he had set up an appointment with the current pony princess to meet with her within the next couple of days. After all as critical as he viewed his current situation, showing a degree of curtsy would certainly make a good impression and help him strive to get the result that he was after. It also allowed him the chance to do a bit of head hunting for his company and goals. The Heart's Warming Incident had proven that while the mining itself could easily be left to the locals, security was going to require him reaching out for employees who had the correct skill set while completely lacking the possibility of being compromised by loyalties towards the so called 'Emperor'... or failing that, friends and family who supported him. He would not have another one of his caravans go missing to that deluded catbird again! So he had put out an ad in a couple of Equestrian papers in Canterlot and settlements within reasonable traveling distance, offering employment at Prosperity Mining alongside the coverage of travel costs. The idea of spending more of his horde to relocate creatures had stung him deeply, but he needed people he could count on to be loyal to him who weren't stupid enough to just go 'Oh okay' when some random griffons walked up and said they would take this shift. Those ads were not the only advertisement he had put out either. Having had a much more... familiar connection with the seedier parts of Equestria then most, Ridge had quietly put the word out on the Underworld's version of a community advertisement board. He had money. He had a problem. He was willing to part with the former in order to acquire the services of someone willing to take care of the latter in a subtle manner. The nets were cast out. The dragon just had to wait and see what he dragged in.
  7. "Friendship is not superficial. Friendship, and all it entails, enables the purest reflection of who you are to be shown, and for you to perceive the truth in others. In its honesty, friends can see one another as they truly are, and accept all the foibles and grandeur that comes with it. It engenders a true loyalty between creatures that can stand thicker than any other constant. Through the generosity it promotes friends share with one another and you discover the warmth and love that it can create. Through kindness and compassion you will discover depths of feeling that you did nt you possessed, and in showing it, help others feel the same. The laughter you share between friends can make the darkest of days bright, and it helps create magic. They all do. The magic of friendship can never be explained but only felt, but the best I can describe it is...friendship is the most powerful magic of all," she rambled excitedly, her eyes growing larger as she discussed the greatest scientific and emotional subject of all times. Pause. Of course, she could have done better than slowly get on top of the table as she spoke and then start hovering, the flap--flips of her wings the only sound as she ended, her all-too wide smile and giddy neigh as she took flight betraying her regal position. "Oh, sorry," she said blushing before landing and once again taking her seat. She coughed and continued. "Outside of the emotional greatness that friendship provides, the school itself is important to the fostering of good relations between the many creatures of this world. Friendship, or the possibility of it, is within the nature of all creatures. The bonds formed are brought back to their homelands, enriching all cultures and bringing more and more creatures together in tight bonds of fellowship and care. It wasn't me, my friends and fellow professors, Discord, or even Celestia and Luna who saved us not long ago. It was those values we teach at the School and their spread within and without Equestria that saved us. Friendship saved us," she smiled and sighed, "and I am blessed to be its Princess."
  8. What to get the mare who wanted nothing, deserved everything, secretly sought much, and spoke too little? It was a question that Twilight tried to answer. Tempest Shadow was a strong mare who had done things both great and ignoble and was responsible for suffering as well as the very safety of Equestria. None of that was ever lost on Twilight, despite the accusations of some. Yet Twilight knew that she was one of Equestria's strongest assets and, potentially, one of its most important friends. She also knew that the heart within Tempest was bursting with possibility, with adventure. She was not a mare of simple desires and contentment. She needed a gift that enabled her to achieve what it was that her heart desired. Luckily, a Princess had the ability to get such a gift. Twilight had planted her gift in a field not far from the party. The Princess herself arrived via her chariot, which sliced through the sky silently pulled by Guardsponies, with another pair trailing behind. She came for a landing and quickly hopped off, the chariot drivers nodding before taking off once more and the two trailing Guardsponies landed next to her. They trotted with her as she approached the party at some distance. She wasn't crazy enough to interrupt the party with her chariot arriving on top of them after all!' "Hello!" Twilight said, her eyes betraying that she had been far too busy even as her guards departed. She was very happy to see Tempest and some of her other friends here, together to celebrate such a wonderful day. And look at that- her BBBFF! "Sorry I'm late. I've been crazy with work," she said, her eyes lolling around in her skull comically as she laughed. "But I am happy to be here nonetheless. How have you been, Tempest?" The Princess and Sovereign of all Equestria said as she tried to act as if she were no different to anycreature else there at the party. It was made easier by her company- Tempest's very close friend Glitter, STAR Commander and Ice Mage supreme Ice Storm, and her brother (and Prince of the Crystal Empire) to boot! She certainly kept very strong company.
  9. Bon Bon started rearranging the basement to suit her sweet new tenant. It had been unexpected but Bon Bon was a mare who above all other things was good at adapting to unwelcome events, and this wasn't necessarily unwelcome to boot. Candy Corn seemed pretty swell. It would be an easy enough adjustment and being a mentor might be kind of fun. She had never given great thought to what the future of her business would be. Frankly, she never believed she would be the type to run a candy business. It had happened as a near accident. She just needed a cover and when the agency went the way of the four-eyed sloth of Shire Lanka, boom, she had a career. It helped that she was good at it ad liked it, but it was a lie to say it was planned. Like this. And her track record was sparkling so far, so why not continue the streak? She nodded along as Candy spoke. There was a little sadness to be had as her father was not a pony she could claim to really know. Well, that made the mood a little less bright. Why was she sharing it this quickly? Oh well. Some ponies share quickly. Others were shared with quickly. Bon Bon was one of the latter, and she was fine with that. As she helped move and pull and work along with her mentee, she couldn't help but smile. "Half a Corn, A third a candy, half Pop Pop- what really matters is that you're all Candy Corn, finding your own way in life. Be true to you and you have nothing to fear no matter what," she said as she finished her momentary work. It was coming along well. Perfection? Not on the docket. But making it work for Candy Corn would suffice for now. "Yeah, we can go to the store. Got you a present, perhaps," She asked as she trotted to the far well, next to the elevator that brings supplies up to the kitchen she removed a brick, then two more, revealing a small safe. The hole covered, she pressed a few runes and the safe opened. A bit bag was pulled out. She tossed it over to Candy Corn. "Here! Consider it a housewarming gift." She looked around. "Okay, maybe less a *housewarming* gift, but you catch my drift. We'll get this all prepped for you so you can learn to be Ponyville's premiere party confectioners without worrying where your flank will rest at night."
  10. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded when Sky mentioned using tempo fluctuations once he got better at riding her winds. So far this morning they had gone through a couple more of the songs and she felt pretty confident in where they were. Sure they had basically just mapped this song, but it was mostly freeform. That meant it would change anyway depending on what she was feeling during that performance. Sky as well for that matter, since he was going to be the one that was riding on the winds that she was making... She couldn't help but giggle a smaller bit when he asked about putting a parasail on his keyboards. Them she thought about it. "You know, that would be a great opening effect coming in. I don't know how safe that would be thought once everything started really picking up. I wouldn't want a chord to snap or something and it fall on an unsuspecting pony. I'm sure that thing is heavier than it looks, but it's definitely doable for a couple of effects," she said with a smile.
  11. Myth bounced along in the airship gleefully, having all but forgotten the real reason she was here, she marveled at the.... essentially oversized air balloon. She'd ridden in hot air balloons before, but there wasn't much to look at there, and it wasn't moving nearly as fast. This was a whole other ball game. Buckball, maybe? Well, in any case, this type of air travel gave her a very strange sensation. She had noticed that her her vision on hot air balloons was a bit off, but not like this. Everything's magic was trailing off of it toward the back of the airship. It's not like this wasn't something she'd seen on trains before, but something was different here. It seemed to be unstable in other ways, creating an effect that was, while really interesting, also very unsettling... to her stomach. Her eyes went wide and she rushed to the bathroom just in time to not make a mess on the floor. "Hm. That's interesting. I haven't even had carrots, today." she laughed to herself. It was getting easier to manage, but the effect that the magic moving in such an odd way had on her was still.... well, having an effect on her. She smiled as she bounced on back to the bridge of the airship. "Commander Icy! I looked out the window— so fun, windows on a hot air balloon —and I saw land! Is that Neighpon? Are we here?" she jumped up and down, then stopped and held back another mouthful of sick.
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  13. Berry bounded onto the stage to sing along with Tiger. There was only one microphone to share, but she didn't mind pressing close against the stallion, matching his movements as they belted out the chorus: "Good Morning and Good Night, We'll wake up at twilight, We don't even have to try: It's always always a good time! Whoa-oahoahoh, Whoa-oahoahoh, We dont even have to try, it's always a good time! Whoa-oahoahoh, Whoa-oahoahoh, We dont even have to try, it's always a good time!" She left the stage in a definitely buoyed mood, quenching her thirst with the sangria left in her cup. "Very nice, thank you!"
  14. Tiger sat back while the first two sang their songs, enjoying the show and clapping for both when they were done. Now that it was his turn though, he walked over with Berry, flipping through the songs until they settled on one to sing together. “Ready for a Good Time?” He chuckled, winking at Berry before starting up the song. He was enjoying himself, dancing around while they sang and losing himself in the music.
  15. The bat pony’s mind would run through a list of songs he knew. Next he had to hope that it was loaded into the machine.... Luckily it was, as he sighed before Tongue Twister took the mic. As she chuckled, he almost knew what song she had chosen before the intro was complete. Though ‘Let it Go’ had become karaoke standard, he had to admit she sang it well. He would politely clap before loading his song in. “This is a song from my foalhood,” me said with a grin, “and I think it may be appropriate for all of us considering the way that today began and the way some of us are thinking,” as he winked to Jade. The song was special to him as part of the lyrics were true. His mother had said those words to him once before. Pressing the button, the base , drum, and tambourine would start. Can’t Hurry Love.
  16. s://imgur.com/EelWvW1 Neighpon... If Ice Storm didn't have to see it again it would be too soon. It's not that she didn't care for it, but she just had some not so pleasant memories of her last mission here. A mission that involved them recovering an agent that found herself on the wrong side of one too many traps. A mission that also wasn't on any books anywhere. So at least legally she'd never been here before. Now, she was here to try to recover some information on a pony that was brought to her attention. A pony that could prove to be very dangerous. A pony by the name of Hou Shuren. She was brought up to her by Sombra of all ponies. Of course when he brought up a threat, or at least something that he felt like a threat, then she would listen. She saw herself as on par with the former tyrant in terms of overall power, but they never really had a reason to try to display their power to each other, nor had they really had any disagreements. Hell, part of her actually agreed with the actions that he took against Princess Amore back in the day. She'd learned not to say that out loud though. She'd already had one pony of accuse her of being a traitor to Equestria. She didn't want to give any reason to give more ponies to think that. As it was right now, she and the crew that she had gathered for this mission were all on board one of her ships and they were making way to the port in Kyoma. She had sent word ahead of them to the Shogun to meet with them and to try to do things as properly as possible this time around. She was also hoping to get permission to investigate the areas where Hou had supposedly been at within the country. Those locations might hold keys as to what she might be after. She also was concerned about running into Hou herself. After all, it would take a few days for Sombra to get to Saddle Arabia even with her ships flying. In that amount of time If Hou could have even remotely had been tipped off, she'd be gone and likely back here. In fact it wouldn't surprise her if they ran into the pony at the port. She only had a vague description of her though and if she was a powerful mage, well, she could look like anything and they wouldn't know it was her until she wanted them to know. By then it could already be a problem and aside from the Shadow of Ice, which they did not come on for this mission, the other airships didn't have as sophisticated defenses on them for trickery. As they got closer, she got a ping on one of her crystals. "Equestrian Vessel, you are not expected. State your ships name, who you are, and your reason for being here," she heard from it. She was a bit shocked that others had similar crystals such as this, but she did get this tech from Tempest in her adventures with the Storm King, she she supposed others could have done the same. "This is Commander Ice Storm on board the STR Nightengale. I am here on official Equestrian Business seeking an audience with the Shogun. He is expecting my arrival," she replied. "Give us one moment to confirm this commander," she heard from the crystal. After a few minutes went by the crystal ignited once more. "Status confirmed. Please instruct your helmsmare to use Docking Bay 4, and enjoy your visit to Neighpon Commander." "Copy, Commander Ice Storm out," she said before looking to the mare behind the wheel. "You heard her, Dock four," she said as she prepared herself for departing the ship.
  17. Last week
  18. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer saw the look that was on Candy Corns face when she ordered her meal and she couldn't help but chuckle a small bit. It was always funny to see the reactions of ponies that didn't know her see the amount of food that she actually ate. With her live-style, the dancing, the practices, the fine-tuning of routines, and sometimes the on the spot shows for a few of her fans, she burned a lot of calories. She heard her add a fettuccine alfredo to her order as well. "What?" She asked with a smile. "You didn't expect me to one of those dainty show ponies that go out and only order the smallest salad they can get. A mare's gotta eat to keep up with what I do," she said nodding in response when she heard Candy say that she must burn a lot of carbs in her shows. "Shows, practices, shoot just traversing through Las Pegasus during the summer would burn off most of that plate as warm as it can get here at times. it is a desert after all, cloud city or not," she said with a smile. "Being a pegasus does help with that, cause I can just fly higher until it's cooler. That still burns more calories though," she said as she started taking a sip of her wine. "So, why don't you tell me about Bittsbergh a bit? I don't believe I ever got to make a visit there when I was a traveling dancer," she told Candy.
  19. Bevel was flung through what felt like like a whirlwind of magical energies. She was determined to keep her eyes open and try to whip out a device from her mane and get a few readings, but as not seconds after she charged into the mirror she felt her momentum return and she was sent stumbling forward on what seemed to be solid ground.Surprisingly, she met the ground with only two legs and it felt entirely natural. Bevel stumbled forward further and held out her arms as if steadying herself, The inventor wobbling in place as she got her barings and looked over herself. Her eyes widened as she saw how she was... standing! (though she needed to lean forward a little to get a better look past the strenge swells on her chest. On only two hoov-wait, these weren't hooves. She could feel them so much more acutely than with her her hooves... She had a similar feeling in her foreleg--wait those weren't hooves either! "C'est incroyable!" She gasped in wonder as she wiggled these weird feeler things where her hooves would be, "A full body transfiguration and some sort of advanced Teleportation?! This could be revolutionar-- Oh right. Dunnie and Fire." She couldn't let the spark of inspiration sweep her off her newly acquired feet, not when she still needed to figure out where her friends were. Looking around she saw some creatures with colors very similar to Dunnie and Fire. Bevel would move to approach the pair... only to fall flat on her face as the different way of moving began to feel a bit less intuitive. She pulled herself up and brushed some dirt from her face, "Oof... Not the best way to start an adventure..." The scenery was familiar, yet different... She noticed more of these strangely shaped creatures walking around in the distance, dressed in a lot more clothing than ponies normally wore. They looked a little bit like those ape things that she saw in some of those explorer magazines, but they had so much less hair on them. Maybe that was why they had clothes on?
  20. Has it really been 3 years since I've drawn something? T_T

  21. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe couldn't help but giggle a bit when Rose added the caveat that he had well behaved around mares like them. Aloe herself didn't mind too much of a flirt. She was after all, a spa pony. Sometimes this profession lead down different avenues than most ponies would expect them to. That, however, would be for another time. Right now was not a place for those kind of thoughts. At least, not this time. Perhaps on another visit. When Compass brought up that he would be fine, and that he was gay anyway so that wouldn't really be an issue to him Aloe smirked. "I never heard a thing," she said when Compass asked for them to not repeat what she had said. Apparenlty she wasn't supposed to tell anypony that. When she asked about the minerals that were in the bath, and what herbs, mention that Rose would probably know a thing or two about those. "Well, this particular bath is actually more herbal than mineral at the moment. It does have a small amount of zinc and an even smaller amount of copper to help with shimmer but this is mostly a relaxation blend with lavender, chamomile, willow, and rose oils and fragrances. The willow and will actually help sooth any aches and pains that you might have as well, and the chamomile is the primary relaxant that is in the water," she replied.
  22. I wonder if I should write lore entry for Wūyún Isle? Knowing me it would be long and needlessly detailed.....


    PS: WEN Stormlands map?

    1. PrinceBlueblood


      I mean, I've written an entire Lore Article on one single building in Canterlot, so you have high standards of needlessness to clear, my friend.

  23. There was the tiniest twitch of a smirk at the corner of Trixie's lips, this mare well understood how these kind of cons worked, though granted this was small peanuts for a con - and really only barely counted as a con since, as TT had realized before, Trixie was less selling the treasure, and more selling the experience. Though one could argue practically everything trixie did was a con since she was a stage magician, but that was a discussion of semantics for the scholars in their ivory towers (arguably something she should be doing at her main job, but she much preferred the stage to a school, so it was more of a 'part-time' gig for her, even if it did account for most of her income...). "Indeed, The Great and Powerful Trixie Never breaks her promises!" said the showmare with a winning grin, hiding the fact that Cin had indeed hit her right in the gut with those words... while anypony else -literally even Princess Twilight herself- could lie to trixie's face and at most it would anger her, the thought of Starlight doing it did cut deep... of course being the seasoned veteran of the stage, trixie didn't so much as flinch "no, she just sometimes bends them into pretzel-shapes" teased scootaloo with a smirk Trixie laughed awkwardly "Er, still not broken, just slightly... reinvisioned!" Scoots still smirked, she enjoyed getting one over on Trixie and forcing her to break character, not that it was hard, but it was still fun to the slightly-troublesome filly "But as for the Dark Lord Nizbal, You need not fear, whatever monstrous deeds he had planned were thwarted by the Great and Powerful Trixie! While other so-called heroes may have abandoned this town, Trixie remains ever-vigilant against any who would harm its citizens" her wings unfurled dramatically as a breeze flapped her cape... no doubt orchestrated by Trixie herself, but then this was the kind of thing she excelled at. ((have a slice of cheese with that excessive ham XD ))
  24. Stage smiled and clapped his hooves excitedly "Se magnifique! Flaire, mon vieux! It is your opportunity, non?" he slapped Flaire on the back, but he just looked at him and gave a half smile. "I-I.... suppose...." he regarded the changeling with some confusion, mostly confusion with his own feelings. He looked down. "I'm.... sorry, I..." he looked back up at Flux "I know that you all changed.... and.... it's just...." He looked at Stage. Stage looked at him much like a father looks at his son who's having a difficult time, and spoke up "Oh, mon chou.... you must excuse Flaire. He has poor history caused him by the actions of the changelings, as led by your former queen Would you like to come speak backstage?" he gestured to the caravan-stage that was behind them. // French translations: Se Magnifique = that's magnificent mon vieux = my friend (essentially) non = no mon chou = my child (essentially) //
  25. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm smiled as Myth asked if her rank was really that high. That she didn't need special treatment or anything. She was just here because she wanted to help out with the research. "Making you a Sergent Specialist will give you the most funding for your research on the project as well as denotes you're experience with your specialization. Since you're the only pony in STAR that can actually see magic and how it works, then it makes that your position reflects that. Aside from Raven, everypony else on the Aether team will answer to you. If you detect an irregularity or anything potentially dangerous with any sort of experiment or test, you have the authority to immediately terminate it. This will save us both in supplies, and medical bills," she said with a hopeful smile... She knew that the LPMC and the Infirmary on the base were getting tired of treating aetheric burn wounds. When Myth then told her that she would work extra hard to make sure that she would earn the rank that she felt that she was given, Ice nodded to her. She told her that her hooves, horn and eyes were hers to command for the benefit of Equestria and couldn't help but giggle a bit at the wink when She called her commander. "Well that's good, because we're just about to Commander Shadowfire's labs," she said with a smile.
  26. Flux kept bouncing in place happily, humming along to a song only she seemed to hear. When Stage spoke up with his questions, she stopped humming with a "huh?" Tilting her head for a moment, she looked like she was trying to remember something before giggling to herself and dropping the disguise, revealing the reformed changeling underneath. She was still very purple, just with some gradients into pink at places. "Silly me, I keep forgetting I don't need to do that anymore! Yep, I'm a changeling! Sorry about the disguise, guess I haven't broken that habit yet." She giggled again, still smiling happily at the two.
  27. "While I appreciate you not wanting to risk my life, it would be foolish for you to try and fail to do something when there is someone that is much more likely to succeed nearby that can do it. Especially if they are volunteering. Part of leading is using the strengths of your followers to accomplish things you could not do alone." Magnus said, watching Harle and mostly ignoring the talk about Aether measurements. He nodded to Ice's words about the reasons for not going to scout right now. Those, at least, were logical. It was also good to hear there was likely an end in sight for the storm, though of course something had to happen to complicate matters. His ear twitched before the voice came, and by the time it did, Magnus was standing ready to attack if necessary. He held off momentarily though, glancing at Ice and the others in case this was some ally he had yet to meet.
  28. // I'm sorry about the delay. i had a whole thing typed up, then my stupidity made it disappear and I didn't feel like retyping it for a while // Compass watched as Rose entered the bath as gracefully as she'd seen anypony do. She stood at the side of the bath while Rose talked, listening to her response to her question. She stifled a laugh when Rose implied Stellar 'trying something' with the mares, as she imagined the stuttering mess he'd become if somepony suggested that kind of thing. "I assure you, there would be no problems there. Stellar is far too nervous around new ponies to even think about 'trying anything'." she giggled quietly "Besides. He's also gay." compass laughed, but then she made a face "Oh, uh..... can we uh.... not tell him I told you that?" she looked around sheepishly "He made me promise not to tell anypony...." Compass frowned as she began to realise just how bad at keeping secrets she was. When Rose asked her question, Compass gave a half smile "Well... I've never really done this before, so... I suppose we'll find out together, eh?" She nervously dipped a hoof in the water to test. It was hot but not more than she felt she could handle. She took a deep breath and muttered "Here goes..." before she sat on her haunches and scooted to lower her hind hooves in first, holding herself with her fore hooves as she submerged her body slowly the water temperature felt good but she was a little nervous about the depth of the water until her hind hooves touched the floor. Where she relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. she lowered her body into the water until it covered up to her neck, and sat on her haunches under the water. Maybe she'd try floating or swimming some other time, but right now she was content just sitting. "This water smells very nice. What minerals do you have in it? Perhaps herbs as well? I'm sure Rose would know a thing or two about those." she winked
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