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  2. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice listened as she mentioned that most of the naval records should be fine. The only ones that would be sensitive information would be the ones that have the current patrol paths. Ice immediately shook her head. "Na, we shouldn't need anything that recent. The only thing that would draw attention to anything recent would be a downed ship out anything that can't really be explained through non magical means. But if that were the case I image something like that would have one, been brought up a long time ago, and secondly security would be even tighter. Just like more with a possible threat against my homeland I have security drastically increased on the borders and in the air," she said before Shiroi mentioned that artifacts were on the table as well though none of them could be taken home and some of the instruments they used would have to be blacked out. "I believe just making sure that your artifacts are in fact accounted for is good enough. Unless you have one that can track the use of age magic or ones that can manipulate minds like the Rememberance Stone. The less we have to handle them the less the chances of anything happening to them," she said as Shiroi then commented and commended her methods. To be compared to the Shogun in how he recruited have her a sense of pride. She talked about how Myth was a prodigy and that the loyalty she's gained from those that are the hardest to get it from is a stroke of brilliance in itself. "Indeed. By making a pony feel welcome and giving them enough space to be themselves, they become more willing to work with you and will be there when you need them the most. Plus that helps us in the long run because we're trying to advance magical medicine ourselves. We're curly trying to tackle working prosthetics for unicorns and Pegasi. That way one mistake doesn't turn into a death sentence," she commented. She then listened as Nira spoke. While she seemed happy for the most part it appeared that there was a layer of dissatisfaction in her position. She wasn't going to press it right now, but she did make a note of it. She nodded in agreement with Shiroi's comments on the matter though. "Don't be afraid to do things that might benefit your fellow ponies. I did not ask permission myself when I first created STAR. In fact I did so in secret for the original intention was to intervene with desecration so that Equestria could use plausible deniability in case we had to do something off the radar. Luna was the only pony outside of the organization to know about it, be until she retired. When Twilight found out, she endorsed the idea," she added in response. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Nira remained quiet for the most part while Shiroi and Commander Storm were talking. While she might have been part of the Imperial Legion, The Imperial Navy was a different set of rules. She actually had very little knowledge of the branch itself despite being on a vessel a few things for transport purposes. Escorting cargo or wounded that she couldn't properly care for where they were at. This was usually because the nature of the injury involved a broken bone of sorts. As it was though, artifacts and routes were definitely not something that she knew about very much. When the topic switch back to her and her unhappiness, something that she wasn't too surprised that Shiroi picked up on, she sighed. "I understand initiative, but the very thing I want to do goes directly against the shogunate. So I can't say that I would really be benefiting it. I want to open a clinic to treat everypony, not just the ones that the shogunate feel worthy of being treated," she started. Unfortunately the flood gates were open now. "But apparently that's frowned upon because while the shogunate is supposed to be the governing body, actually serving the ponies we govern seems to be frowned upon. I could contact a disease and jeapordize the entire shogunate. The stars forbid that I would get stuck working with another pony or creature and the Shogun get sick or hurt. That's what I mean when I say I feel my talents are being wasted. Focusing everything on one single pony, regardless of how important they might be... Just feels wrong," she commented. "I don't want to sound ungrateful... I just... Maybe I should just stop talking before I did a bigger hole," she said before hoofing at the ground.
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  4. It was over an hour and a half before Cloudy made it back to the hotel. She was flustered, and had turned around multiple times to grab things she had forgotten, but she hoped she hadn't kept him waiting for too long... When she arrived back in the lobby, she tried to compose herself. This was a nice place after all. But ohhhh.... She couldn't see her new friend (she'd forgotten his name again!) anywhere! Had he given up and left without her? She trotted over to a seat and sat down. Maybe she'd wait a bit. He might take a while to get unpacked like she did. And besides, they hadn't exactly set a time to meet up. He just said they should get lunch together. That sounded fun. Lunch with friends was always a treat! Come to think of it, she couldn't think of a single pony she called a friend with whom she hadn't had a meal... Must be her thing! She'd had multiple lunches with Thunderwing, and he'd payed every time! Such a good friend! There was the lunch with Wind Dancer in Los Pegasus, and now this one! She must have eaten over a hundred lunches just with friends! The thought made her smile. She found some entertainment in a trinket on a decorative table while she waited.
  5. I feel i should mention that S.M.I.L.E. is a canonical organisation. It's the secret agency that Bon Bon discloses she was a part of in "Slice of Life," and it was later expanded upon in the book "Lyra and Bon Bon and the Mares of S.M.I.L.E." (i can send a link if you'd like to read it. it's actually pretty good)
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  7. "Yeah, the trip was pretty long overall from the wilds to here, Spearmint. Literally thousands of miles!" Either Chipper was unaware of the metaphor, or he was addicted to making wordplay jokes at every opportunity regardless of appropriateness. Given his remoteness from anything approaching normal socialization, either was equally plausible. He did blink a bit in surprise at seeing Morning Glow just flop over on top of his roommate, though. "Huh, guess she must have had a long trip, too. She's gotta be pretty tired to just fall asleep in the middle of the day, I'll bet." With Caramel taking the fainted filly to her room, Chipper put the incident out of his mind for now. "Anything made of blood or bone, I can stitch back together! With actual stitches! Which means I can fix your shirt, too." A close inspection of his robes would reveal some amateur sewing work was indeed holding them together. There were no seamstresses in the Southern Wilds, after all. Huginn and Munin were, meanwhile, happily gobbling down as much of Kettle's corn as they could fit into their greedy bellies. It wouldn't be the whole bucket, but a fairly astonishing amount was disappearing quite quickly.
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    That greatest fun I have RP'ing since...well, Black Sands.!

  9. Rose had to admit... She hadn't actually thought it out all that much. She could remember the spark: that one moment of realization, an acknowledgement of the impermanence of all things, and how it made her feel in that moment. Confused, angry, lost, and a profound sadness. She never wanted anyone to suffer the pain of loss like she had, and after finding her love, she never wanted to suffer it again herself. She had thought a cure to mortality was a solution, but would it have instead been a curse to bear on his shoulders? Sorting through her borrowed memories, her face grew pale as she realized how warped and twisted they were, how muddled her mind had become in those latter days. The single-mindedness of her goal, and how it had lost all reason and meaning after her love's death, and even before it. No... Perhaps everlasting life wasn't what she truly sought, but she would pursue it nonetheless. Because if there was one thing Jade was right about, it was that it should be earned. "... You are right." She said quietly, and she bowed her head, growing dimmer. "You're so right... I hadn't stopped to think about my stolen dreams and what they may have meant. I carried over a madmare's delusions and took them to heart, but you've helped open my eyes..." Lifting her head up, she locked eyes with Jade and smiled, although it was a wan thing. "Thank you." Straightening up, her posture became more confident, and her smile sharper. "But I will still pursue this elixir of eternity, granted with a few caveats. It will not be my primary goal now, and when I manage it, it should not be made public, but bestowed upon those worthy... Perhaps I am not the mare to judge a ponies merits so, but neither are you." "Regardless," her eyes wandered off, into the distant, gas-choked skies above the swamp with its boiling clouds and noxious atmosphere. "I am still a patron of life, and will continue to devise medicine and cures to what ails I can. Ponies may not live forever, but that does not mean they do not deserve a healthy, comfortable life up until their inexorable terminus." Finally, she looked back down at Jade, expressionless. "My offer still stands. You can work with me, and together we can uplift the population's health. Improve it. I'll soon be in a position to make change where it is due, but you... I am uncertain where you stand."
  10. they are brown horseshoe shapes
  11. The moment Rose mentioned 'Immortality' Hou froze. And she stood motionless all the way until 'simulacrum' mentioned how useful sorceress could be for that goal. And then... "Heh...haha...Ahahah...." unicorn mare started giggling. And as much as he wanted to contain herself, she couldn't... "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" "A....AHAHAHAH...MY...MY SIDES!" she wheezed, while one of her hooves moved up and down in mirth, splashing the swamp water. "You...You still stuck up on that idiotic, impossible dream?! BWAHAHAHA!" Hou kept laughing, as if she heard the best of jokes. "Okay...okay, I...I am fine now..Bwahaha!" teary eyed, white mare did her best to rein her amusement. "Alright..let's..haha...let's assume your plan worked and you gave everypony eternal life...hahaha..." sorceress still struggled wit few rebellios giggles. "How long you think this world would be able to sustain ever -growing generation of immortals? Ten generations? Eight? I calculated an answer for that question once, in boredom...." Shuren revealed with a smirk. "Two. Two measly generations! Oh you naive, short-sighted queen! You so stuck with abolishing death itself, that you didn't though about logistics of that plan! Even if you would prevent everypony from dying, soon you would be left with malnourished world full of living skeletons, begging to perish!" Hou pointed out. "Second...they wouldn't be grateful for it! Oh sure they would sing you prises for it at first.....but soon..soon enough it would become...normal. Expected. They would demand eternal life." she explained. "And after few centuries too soon...you would find them performing the most sickening of atrocities. Not out of malice, no. Out of sheer boredom." sorceress continued. "...And that's because most sapient minds aren't able to bear the burden of immortality Compass! For them, life is worthy living because there is an expiration date! Every second is precious! They wouldn't know what to do with themselves, if infinite time was dropped on their laps. So they shouldn't get it. No...eternal life should be something that one has to earned! Through fights, scheming and struggle! And even that should only shield them from ravages of time. To not get complacent, to keep their minds and bodies sharp, always at peak performance." unicorn mare paused, her stare suddenly becoming vacant and lifeless. "I glimpsed the world like that once Rose. World when life finally, unrecoverably defeated death. One of ever growing mass of cancerous flesh! Instead of void of space, endless ocean of rotten pus, whole planets and starts mere tumours in it! Fanged circular maws, tentacles moldy suction cups, bloodshot eyes, filled with putrid blood! It was greatest horror I could have witnessed. It was worse then most accursed depths of Tartarus!" Hou voice never raised above whisper during that description, the nightmare she witnessed apparently still vivid in her mind.. But as soon as she finished, Shuren's glare was again sharp, and cold. "Some call me monster, and I don't care about that label. But even I would not condemn universe to something....something like this!"
  12. Are the more of horseshoe prints and what color are they?
  13. RD was stoked! The mare hustled out of Wonderbolts headquarters after her shift with a bunch of new recruits, making her way directly to the Sweet Apple Acres farmhouse. The whole thing was planned! She had Mac and Abby on child care duty and a whole afternoon/evening for just her and her mare! RD had been working extra hard on her relationship with the most wonderful mare in the whole world and the surprise she had in store was just another step in that direction. She'd stopped by the castle just last night to pick up a very special vial from the Princess. Of course Twilight had warned her of the possible dangers but she knew AJ would be totally fine! RD ducked into the farmhouse, trotting straight to the bathroom to clean up. She was going to be looking and smelling great for this event! She'd warned AJ they would be doing something fun but not fancy so no need to go all out with the grooming. Just the basics, just how AJ liked it! Once she was ready she trotted out to meet AJ and get their afternoon rolling! Rainbow made her way to the front gates of the farm here She'd asked AJ to meet her...
  14. AJ melted at the mere brush of Rarity's muzzle on her forehead. Something about the gesture was kind and also displayed just a hint of dominance. AJ didn't shy away from it, she liked a mare that could be in charge. And of course Rares could! She was a buisness mare in her own right, to the level with, if not moreso than AJ herself. She had her whole family to help with Sweet Aaple Acres. Rares ran her buisness on her own! They snuggled down onto the blanket, poured some wine and prepared to watch the sunset. As both mares fixed their eyes on the firey orb making its slow decent at Celestial bidding, AJ found her eyes drawn to the figure of the mare next to her. Everything about Rarity set AJ's world on fire. Sure she was beautiful in frame and figure but she had brains and a heart as big as tge Appaloosa plains. She'd let on her true heart for the unicorn quite a while ago now but there was so much more happening inside her that she just couldn't put into words. AJ sipped her wine, the feeling of the drink relaxing her muscles little by little. She leaned in closer as the sun turned the sky deep red and orange. "Beautiful, ain't it?"
  15. She didn't seem particularly bothered by present company, shifting in place to get comfortable. "Alchemy," the vaguely translucent pony said, quite simply. She tilted her nose up at her fellow pony, a curious glint to her eyes. "Since you seem to familiar with my derivative counterpart, you should also know what it is I seek to accomplish. Immortality can serve you just as well as it could serve your servants." She lifted a hoof to point in their vague direction without looking. "The materials I used in my world are absent here. The formula, although complete, will not work here. I must create a new means of curing this condition, and beasts like the hydra I just slew will further that goal. You can further that goal as well... " She then tilted her head to the side, squinting at the mare. "Or perhaps you've found your own solution already? It does not matter all that much, the goal is the same with or without your help."
  16. " You assume too much. It would be generous if I gave you a choice." Hou said with haughty expression. "Your desires or compliance aren't a factor, Rose Compass. I am too....fond of the world to let your potential, future, insane self rend it. It's damaged enough as it is, and I WON'T tolerate any attempts for it's restoration. Even if the reason is 'Love'. If you start behaving like rabid mutt for sake of restoring you beloved, I will do ANYTHING to foil you. Even if I have to. whistleblow Harmony Chose or...." sorceress eye twitched for a moment, before she spoke the next name with utter contempt... "...Discord to do so. So be so kind to NOT give me reason to get to such extremes. You tolerate me, and I tolerate you." unicorn mare said. 'Nautilus' giggle earned the 'simulacrum' another disapproving squinting glare. "Yes they are. They are renewable resources as well...If you take care NOT to over-gather and over-hunt. Something you should take special take care with. After all, most changeling have...bad record when it comes to reining-in their wants and desires." Shuren's voice was once again smooth, but with subtle hint of warning underneath it. The tension was interrupted by creak of suddenly burdened branch. Hou took her gaze away from the Rose and smirked. On branches, roots and trunks of swamp trees, were masked ponies of all races, at least six dozen of them overall. Wearing black, all encompassing clothing made the identification all but impossible. Hou's 'Condor's' have arrived. It was that moment , 'Nautilus' chose to perform her disappearing act on the slain fire hydra. After a stunned silence Hou spoke again. "...I see. An innate resistance. I have to improve upon design then..." and she surprisingly sounded...much less angry? pondering even? 'Condors' however, turned their masked visages at the 'simulacrum'. Half of them started to unsheathe weapons that could only be described as unholy spawns of sword and bone saw. Before they could ponce at 'Nautilus' however, sorceress extended her hoof and shook her head to stop them. This made her servants return to expectant perching on pieces of environment. They will be no butcher work here today. "So you not as wasteful as I thought. Still...." white mare calm exterior turned into smug grin once again. "...You will find that your quarry is missing few key pieces. Liver, among other things I assume? I didn't had time for closer inspection earlier." she mused, before quickly adding "And before you extend the accusing hoof - no, it was not me. i assume There is some..third party here who pulled a fast one on you. Who or what it is, I don't know and i don't care. It was at least sentient, no bite or scratch mark on the carcass. You should keep a closer look on your game in the future." Hou added with a scoff coming along with her 'advice'. When 'Nautilus' proposed to extend their discussion, Shuren tilted her head. "Is there anything else left to discuss? I don't believe there is. That said..." Hou smiled again. "...You are welcome to prove me wrong. Or, to change the topic." she added, focusing her full attention on Rose once again.
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  18. Cloudy gave a sympathetic expression. "I'm super relieved to hear that. That sounds awful! I'm glad you got to live your dreams, though! If you hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten to see that spectacular performance!!" Cloudy was glad to hear she wasn't the only one who found distaste at the idea of eating fish. She perked up at the mention of pie, though. "Strawberry. Silk. Pie??? Three of the most delicious sounding words combined into one meal?? Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing!! I can't wait to try it!" She trotted gleefully, following Windy's lead to the restaurant.
  19. Rose watched the little mare as she simply enjoyed the little anomaly they found themselves in, listening intently. What she said made sense, in hindsight. She couldn't remember meeting more than maybe three sirens in the vast centuries of memories she possessed, and of them, only one stood out as a true survivor. And it was true that love- as opposed to hatred- was a much more potent and naturally occurring emotion, especially amongst ponies. What was she doing? With a deflated sigh, she cast off her guise of intimidation in favor of one she favored herself, that of the infinitely graceful seapony, yet aggressive with her leonine features. She swam over to hug Twilight's side, her fins soft yet firm. "Well, I certainly can't let them go extinct. I owe one of them for saving me once... " , Somewhat misty eyes turned away from her, then. "As for what makes a monster... " She shivered. "Where I come from... changelings aren't as widely accepted as they are here. By and far, they're largely unheard of, but those that do know of them- The Armada and The Royal Navy- hunt us down like wild animals. One of my first memories... the first... " A coldness encroaches on the two as that moisture in her eyes doubles, and she squeezes Twilight tighter, as if she may slip away if she let go for even an instant. Her next words were subdued, haunted by echoes of her past. "I was in a cage, in a strange place, with strange ponies. A colt had fished me out of the waters, and put me up as a product to be sold to the hungry masses. I remember being so scared, and alone... I... " She had to take a moment to collect herself. She had never told this story to anyone, but somehow it felt important to tell someone. Anyone.
  20. Twilight's tail swished along lazily as she allowed herself to soak in the waters. It was rare she was given leave to enjoy this amplified, purified magical water without cause and she had every intention of indulging in it. After a little bit she even allowed herself to float away from the side, closing her eyes as she felt most of her barrel sink beneath the water. "Siren feeding and Changeling feeding are very different in one very important manner, however. One can sustain, another one self-immolates. There is a reason sirens are exceptionally rare. And despite what they may think, it isn't because their fierceness means they can't share territory. I've seen firsthoof that in multiple dimensions they can work well together," she said as she collected her thoughts, "no, it is because they are an evolutionary dud. Their feeding mechanism is unfit for most environments as they can easily drive their prey apart. They starve and die, and by all accounts in a century's time they may go extinct. Well, except for the sub-branch that is evolving to find other sources of food. That is why Changelings are a superior breed, a superior feeder. They can feed in naturally occurring sources of food that are in great abundance," she said before looking over at Rose. "Plus, I don't think Changelings look like monsters. What makes a monster anyway?"
  21. The REA did cover many fields. Almost too many. She was undergoing a military restructuring soon and she was aghast at how many roles were redundant. Not in the way a military should have redundancies, but stark inefficiencies. That would also allow a greater wealth of expertise to be used in a better manner, and even lead to officers having actual lives when not on duty. Something that was also being brought up to the forefront of her thought processes was how much work the School of Magic needed to have done to it. She had focused a lot on the School of Friendship and for good reason, but other schools needed her love and attention as well. Celestia's legacy at the School of Magic was legendary of course and she needed to respect that, but that respect could not be used as a shield against proper change. "So. Frozen North. Rations. Alone. What did you use your time on?" She asked before backtracking slightly. "And just for your own edification, the records were clear on your conduct, Blizzard. I wasn't worried you would lie about it since you had nothing to lie about," she said, having already perused the reports. "They didn't mark you down as Missing in Action. The actual report was clear. It just seemed no one really paid too much attention to it since it was inconceivable to many that a stallion of such potential would choose to live up there," she said softly, though she ended with a smirk. "I know I couldn't decide to live on rations myself, but I was plenty happy to sequester myself with books and a baby dragon. I know all too well how such power can make what one chooses to do appear odd, even if it is not so. Not truly, anyway. There is indeed a correlation between the magically gifted and those who make life choices that are out of the ordinary," she turned to her Captain. "Give me your perspective. Why do you think that is?" She asked as she continued to drink.
  22. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer shook her heard when Cloudy asked her if she's had to go back in after getting her wing stuck. "It did require some stitches but it didn't aggravate anything or cause the injury that they had just repaired to relapse. I'm not sure I would have been able to handle that news again. To finally get the chance to live my dreams only to be told that everything that has been fixed had been undone. At the he very least I knew it was no where near that bad once the adrenaline left and everything calmed down," she said as she watched Cloudy test her claim. She heard her yelp as the door took off a feather. She then said she understood why she was scared of them. "I wouldn't say scared, just wary and extra careful around them," she smile. "And I one hundred percent agree. Most of the creatures that get the fish dishes anymore are griffons anyway. I just tried it once because I wanted a bit of the authentic culture. Not something I plan on doing again. The Hurricane Salad isn't even the best thing that they have on the menu though. It's their strawberry silk pie! That thing is an explosion of delicious," she giggled as they made their way towards the restaurant, following the smells.
  23. Nautilus' smile gradually waned as the sure-hoofed sorceress rattled on detail after detail with stunning effectiveness. Everything she said was true, she was afraid of slipping, of becoming what, deep down, she knew she really was... One wrong turn and she'd be travelling down the same road, and she knew it. The very thought of this madmare even knowing about Aloe was enough to make her non-existent blood boil, but in situations like these it is best to keep a level head. Jade was a manipulator, of that she was sure. Looking her over more carefully now, she noted her 'promises', as if she held the moral high ground. She was attempting to establish herself as a 'friend' of hers, 'reassuring' her that she wouldn't let anything bad happen. To be honest, it was enough to make the poor mare more than a little paranoid... she could feed that seedling of worry already sprouting in her mind, soon to blossom into an elaborate scheme that would forever ensure the safety of her and hers... But for now, she should focus on the very real threat Jade presented. "That is all very generous of you, Miss Jade." She stared in a cordial tone, equipping a likewise smile. "However, your assistance is not required. I am more than capable of keeping her safe." "Furthermore, you seem to have me mistaken." She chuckled, "This form's purpose is simply for hunting and gathering. There are so many exotic materials with so much potential here, and seeing as I can be in multiple places at once, it would be folly of me to squander such opportunities." Regardless of Jade's attempts, the simulacrum's steady glow- which had dispersed almost completely during the surprised attack- began to return to her with much more potency than before, rapidly engulfing the fallen reptile in an explosive show of magical power. A steady thrum- almost a buzz- drowned out the white noise of the swamp before- THWAR- The hydra suddenly erupted in turquoise light, whisked away to a safely warded safehouse in Eggwater Bay. All that was left was the gently hovering form of Nautilus, who herself had become significantly less corporeal than before. Regardless, she smiled. "Ah, now that that is out of the way, we may exchange discourse without such a visceral distraction, wouldn't you agree?"
  24. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Johdpur, Alias Lope Lighthoof Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Blue Coat: Sky blue with a white strip down his muzzle Mane/Tail: Navy blue Physique: Fairly average physique for a stallion, think the Doctor Hooves template Residence: Manehattan Occupation: Secret agent of the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria (S.M.I.L.E.) Cutie Mark: Johdpur’s cutie mark appeared as a colt when he ran in the Running of the Leaves in Ponyville, where he was born. He wasn’t a part of the main event, of course, because he was too young, but he ran in the foals bracket. He and a pegasus wound up neck and neck in the last hundred metres of the track, and he was able to push himself forward, winning by a horse length. His cutie mark (three hoof prints) appeared, affirming that his athleticism was his destiny. Unique Traits: As a trained agent, Johdpur has picked up several skills along the way. He is a gifted charlatan, which makes him good at undercover operations, as well as a good lie detector; he was trained back before the transformation of the changeling hive, and therefore was trained on how to spot them, facial expressions and gestures being one of those methods. History: Johdpur was born and raised in Ponyville, and grew up with all the accompanying traditions, including Winter Wrap-Up, the Running of the Leaves, and many more. He was always outgoing as a colt and enjoyed all sorts of outdoor games and sports. he even seemed to have a knack for them. After winning the foals’ bracket in the Running of the Leaves one year, he earned his cutie mark in just the kinds of games and sports he loved. As a young stallion, Johdpur tried out for and made the Ponyville buckball team, replacing Pinkie after she retired. He made his name as a talented player, though he never gained national popularity like his predecessor had. On a return trip from the national championships, Johdpur’s train was derailed suddenly by a passing Ursa Major. Enraged by the pain of being struck, it began to tear the cars apart. Johdpur was still recovering from the impact as the car before them was crushed beneath the great bear’s paws. He knew he had to act fast. Adrenaline propelled him through the nearest opening just before the car was ripped apart. Only two other ponies escaped the carnage. And the monster still had several cars to go. Suddenly, popping sounds were heard all around as unicorns in black vests and sunglasses suddenly appeared around the Ursa, confusing it. They brought with them earth ponies and pegasi in matching attire, who immediately began rescue efforts on the other cars while the unicorns kept the Ursa Major at bay with magical beams. Johdpur did what he could to help, and managed to rescue a couple of foals who were trapped near the front. Most of the ponies were evacuated by the time the engine exploded. At length, the Ursa Major was tranquilized, and aerial support arrived to move it out of the area. Airships also landed to supply trauma support and medical care for the wounded while they awaited another train, which took it’s time in arriving. Before boarding, each pony was shown a hoof mirror by a unicorn and was explained where their injuries had come from and why they hurt the way they did. Their story was that the train had derailed, but that paramedics had helped them. No one on board would remember the Ursa Major or the Mares in Black. Johdpur was one of the last to get on. He had sustained a fairly severe hindquarter injury which he did not notice until it was pointed out to him by the paramedics, who treated him for it immediately. He looked into the mirror, unaware, as the others had been, that his memory was about to be altered, when the unicorn stopped. She commented on Johdpur’s bravery and skill in the situation and invited him to join their secret agency. He would have to leave his Ponyville life behind. According to everyone who knew him, he would have died in the train accident. The unicorn gave him a choice between not remembering the traumatic experience as it was, or becoming an agent of the Secret Monster League of Equestria. After some deliberation, Johdpur signed on. Training was rigorous, and lasting effects of his leg injury often held him back, but it was worth it. Johdpur moved from city to city, confirming changeling sightings, capturing escaped prisoners of tartarus, and running damage control on various monster attacks. He was no longer known as Johdpur. He was officially Agent Lope Lightfoot of S.M.I.L.E. Currently, he operates out of the Manehatten Hidequarters, but he is prepared to relocate at the drop of a hat. He works closely with his Unicorn partner, Agent Delta Hoof (to be apped later) Character Personality: Lope is friendly and able to fit himself into virtually any social situation (part of what makes him such an effective agent). He is confident in himself to the point of being somewhat prideful. Character Summary: Lope Lighthoof is a proud but overall kind pony who was involved in a traumatic event as a young stallion and as a result became a member of a secret monster defense agency which is in danger of collapse due to replacement by the STAR force. He has no friends, and according to all those he used to know, is dead. He can fit into virtually any social situation and is a proficient runner, though his back leg makes this more difficult for him than it used to be.
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