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  2. Norton nodded, considering the question of infrastructure. "I think at first we'll have to work with ditches rather than piping. Some advantage of that is I'm sure the locals will be able to help, as I'm not sure any of them are trained plumbers, but it hardly takes skilled labor to dig a ditch. Common work binds us together, particularly labor for the benefit of all present and future subjects!" The flock of griffons descended upon the ruined site, Norton surveying the landscape with an expression of stoic philosophizing, while Clawson frankly looked a little bored. Though, the younger one's eyes lit up at the sight of the coin. "'at's gotta be worth summit, eh Yer Majesty?" "Indeed..." The Emperor murmured, taking up the coin. He was actually not trained at all in historical numismatics, but the coin itself didn't require the use of such skills. "Well, I can tell you exactly what it's worth. Half an Aquellian thaler, about 20 bits in the current exchange rate. Not from the Imperial days at all; more likely dropped by some tourist or perhaps an unscrupulous archaeologist. Well, I'll consider it a donation to the Imperial treasury." He pocketed the coin. "It doesn't tell us much, and if some Daring-Do type passed through here already, I wouldn't count on us finding any other identifying artifacts. Fate so rarely gives us the easy path, even on matters so ancillary."
  3. Dox spotted the two puddles forming and guessed what was coming next as he lifted off the ground slightly. Through illusions though, Blizzard would see the ice catching him even though in reality he was safely above the threat. He touched back down after the ice dissipated, stopping the illusion as he got back into place. “Indeed.” He responded simply, walking back over to the unicorn. “That seems to be an impressive wall you’ve made there, very well done.”
  4. Apple Bloom sighed as the drinkmare of the hour denied her request. Not that she had really asked for something hard, just the hardest she could get from her. And not that she hadn’t had some hard stuff before. She was a young mare on a family farm who knew how to get into the cider cellar. She had certainly not made a habit of it but once or twice she had snuck in and not been worse for the wear. The other Cutie Mark Crusaders too, for that matter. Of course none of it was awfully strong- they made that stuff to sell during cider season, didn’t store it- but that didn’t change the fact that she wasn’t some fair-weather filly. Still, she had a job to do. And today that job was to test out apple-greenberry punch. “Don’t mind if Ah do,” she said as she took the offered drink and gulped it all down in one violent motion. Say what you want about Berry Punch- it'd probaby be that she was the best at what she did! She ruminated on it a moment. “Hmm...it ain’t bad at all! Pretty good, really. But tha apple ain’t right. Ah think this tastes like a Gala an’ that ain’t a bad choice but its awful hard ta work with punch just right. Ah’d either try workin’ it in a bit late in tha process, so tha sugars and flavor of tha Gala don’t start ta die off too quick. Still, it has real promise,” she said as she hooved the cup over. “Can Ah have another one?” She asked as a real shapely unicorn made her way. Apple Bloom had never seen her before, but she was certainly glad to see her now. “Howdy! Ah’m Apple Bloom. Who’re you?” She asked as another unicorn of striking looks approached. This time, it was because she might strike you if you noticed her looks. “Hey there Tempest! How’re you-” she began before word started to spread that the ceremony was to begin. “Oh, fer land’s sakes. Ah got ta go ta mah,” she said using her hooves as quotation marks, “‘assigned seating’. Stupid Apple family wedding rules…” she muttered as she put her drink down and galloped to her position. Once she was in her seat she calmed down as she focused on the cute ceremony. Applejack was a mare of tradition and the way she went about the wedding made that clear as day, but it was still emotional to hear what she said. Rainbow Dash was unconventional and emotion and her vows reflected that. They reflected each other in the ways that mattered and Apple Bloom’s tears of joy flowed freely as two became one, and Sweet Apple Acres gained another family member where before there was only a friend. Moonlight clapped along with everypony else when the ceremony was done and the two started to walk down the aisle together. It had been a beautiful ceremony and she got to share it with her very special friend. But her mind was a little preoccupied. As Applejack was getting hugs and congratulations from her side and RD from hers, Moonlight offered one and leaned in. “Honey, you have a cranapple stain on your flank,” she said with a kiss on the cheek before pulling away as a blushing and somewhat embarrassed Applejack continued down the line of congratulations. Hey, somepony had to tell her.
  5. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer listened to the couple of the ideas that he said with colored lights and reflections. Both of those would work, but would be hard to fill the lake with the light. But a light burst... that could work and that would trigger the reflection on the lake. Although when he asked about whether they were focusing a bit too much on the spectical, Wind Dancer looked to her scripts and then back up. "Well, I mean, a lot of dancing is visual appeal. Especially with the kind of dancing that I do, shaping winds and directing gusts and the like. Although I suppose we should worry about those once we have the rest of the routine planned, though I usually like knowing what the effects are going to be so that I can plan my routine around them," she spoke. "Of course, now that I think about it. Most of my shows are in connection with one of the other events of the casino... This is the first time in a long while that I was building a routine that I didn't have to take in an erupting volcano or a laser light show while I was writing the routine..." she finished.
  6. ((sorry, weekends are very busy for me... >.<)) Harle listened to what Ice was saying, though she didn't appear to be paying much attention as her eyes darted around the landscape as their leader spoke; half expecting to see some monster pop out on que. After a couple minutes though she seemed to relax. In fact she seemed to be taking this expedition rather lightly, though given her fighting skills, and her backup weapons it wasn't too surprising. She did pull her coat a bit tighter around her as the chilly wind blew in - more glad of the heavy red captain's coat now than ever, feeling the thick fabric lining blocking out the weather, she let out the tiniest of smiles and quietly whispered to herself "thanks dad" as a tear slid down her face as she thought of her late father who had given her the coat as a celebratory gift after they completed building the 'wings - the last ship he ever built, and he never even got to see it fly... The griff' glanced skyward, checking the weather with the eye only a ship captain would have, knowing that even slight changes could indicate a storm on its way, which would be even more devastating here than it would be on the ship (especially considering she rarely ever flew anywhere near the cold mountains, so the most she dealt with was usually rain and wind) hopefully the weather would hold until the finished... whatever it was they were going to do... Ice had been rather vague with everything so far. Hopefully this wasn't a wild goose chase... though even if it was, she had singlestone monitoring the communications channel - even if she technically wasn't supposed to tell anyone where she had gone, she trusted him and also knew that he could get out there and pick them up quicker than most of the larger ships, especially with the modifications he had made using the technology he had gotten from Ice and the magic he got from his contact... whoever it was... sometimes harle was very frustrated with how secretive Singlestone was, though that also worked in his favor at times like this, knowing he wouldn't reveal her location to anyone unless it was a life-or-death emergency.
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  8. Sky was glad to see that Windy wasn't *too* disappointed, but the facts had to be stated. Still, the ice and snow visualization was an intriguing idea on its own, particularly in a place like Los Pegasus, where such things were never seen naturally. Or, at least, never were scheduled by the local weather team. Hm, that might present an obstacle in getting it approved, if the strict environmental control types won out over the showbiz lovers. Admittedly, not likely, so he didn't say much on the subject, though Windy did give another reason why alternatives might be wanted. "Hm... Colored lights? Reflections?" Not being a unicorn himself, he had only a vague sense of what would be possible. "I've only worked with indoor special effects, so I couldn't say. Maybe we're focusing a bit too much on spectacle in any case, you think?"
  9. Gerrard kept a steady pace, not particularly fast, but didn't show any signs of fatigue. He didn't know exactly what to think of Norton, but he was at least more agreeable than the average person he worked for on a daily basis. "Emperor, I usually actually have to carry a ridiculous amount of piping so some pony living alone in the middle of a jungle can have water. This is an interesting change of pace, a focus on digging instead of hauling," he explains, glad that most of the weight he was hauling was actually just water. He soon spots the well noted on the map and leads the crew down to the ground level. He could already feel the heat starting to bare down on himself, the younger architect making a mental note about avoiding this area in the future if possible. He took a large drink from his canteen and surveyed the area. The well itself looked relatively old, some of the bricks already collapsed to the side. It wasn't the most reassuring sight to the untrained eye, but another sight stuck out to him, the ruins of a long abandoned city peppered the landscape, stone foundations poking out above the seemingly dry earth. "This could be a good or bad sign your majesty," he explains, taking a brief stroll through the long abandoned town. He spots a collapsed wreckage of a long abandoned home and hustles over to it. His keen eyes spot a tin can in the rubble and he pries it free of the rocky prison. With a quick shake of the metal container, a lone coin rolls out it and makes its way over to Norton before eventually falling over onto its side. "Can you identify that coin your highness. It could tell us how old this settlement was and how long this well might have been abandoned," he explains, Gerrard wondering how much of a historical buff the odd Norton actually was.
  10. “Darn, I bet I’d have liked it.” Tempest says to Berry with a shake of her head. Glancing over her back at others she shifted uneasily, she did not like having to be so… Soft. She saw the looks behind the eyes. The jugements. How she wanted to show them all she was not broken. They’d be. But she can’t. Not here. With A deep breath she looked back to the drinks. “After the ceremony I hope you are well stocked, rum is my favorite poison. For now some nice mixed puch will do.” She says taking one of the bigger cups and filling it with drink, all done with muzzle and hoof. She wished more unicorns had to live like this, it may teach them something about how hard basic day too day things can be without magic. With her cup in the muzzle she looked down at Glitters with a pleading look for them to leave the heart of this gathering. But as she did an odd face passed her by. Bluebelle. Or just better known as blue. This was as far as she can think, the first time she saw him… Her? Them as a female. She heard of this, they switched back and forth. She even told her troops to be on the lookout for both when they took the city. Yet they got away with the help of some rather skilled and strong guards. She had respect for that but they were never her prize. “Muffmth.” She mumbles with a tiny nod of her head as Blue spoke to her. Seems they wanted to talk later. She can’t think of why, but she’d not say no to such a thing. May be fun. With a shrug she looked back at her haybale as the music changed. Seems the ceremony was getting in to gear. With one last puppy eyed look at Glitter she broke off and rushed away from the heart of the ceremony to reach her safe, far away, spot to watch things. With one hop she was back on the haybale, holding the cup between her legs. Siping on it she watched the events unfold, time to time looking over at glitters. One day maybe she’d have something like this. A pony with that level of loyalty and love. Yet it seems so far fetched. What pony can look at her and ever dream of such a thing? Want too be with her? Love her? Even in ehr own dreams such a thing seems redundantly ridiculous. But she felt heart in one thing. She had a friend and that was all she can ever ask for. And so as the two mares kissed, she just leaned on Glitters and smiled. AJ was a lusky mare. A good one at that. She earned this happy ending.
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  12. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ The excitement that was on Wind Dancer's face was slowly fading as she listened to Sky talk and reminded her of one very crucial point that she didn't think of when she first thought of the idea. Ice was a very slippery surface, and even if Miss Storm could freeze the entire lake, the chances of her being able to do so with an icce that was strong enough to support weight would be quite a challenge and could actually endanger ponies. AS much as she loved the idea, "Yeah... I can see your point now that I stopped to think about it, it wouldn't work for a dance floor. However, if she were to make a thin layer of ice across the top of it on that down beat... it would still add the visual effect! And maybe in the following downburst... she could turn it into snow! Plus, that snow would get carried by the wind and we could do so much visually with it!" She was rather set on the idea on something accenting that giant burst of sound on the lake. That part of the routine was just screaming for that to be a major accent point and transition into the next part of the routine. Using ice because it's water was the first thing she thought of, but she began trying to think of other ideas that they could use. "Although, we should probably think of an alternative in case the stories I've heard of Miss Storm's power is a bit... embellished and she can't actually do that. What other options to we have that would work on the surface of the lake? I'm open to suggestions," she said with a smile.
  13. Norton nodded crisply at Gerrard's assurance of thoroughness. "Commendable, commendable! I'll leave the technical details to you; I trust my delegates, Sir Gerrard, and I hope to have my trust rewarded by results!" Less than two hours after they met and already the Emperor had knighted him in his head? Well, better to be thought of positively than negatively, though it would perhaps not be a good idea to disappoint the griff, after all was said and done. Emperor Breakbeak seemed to bear the burden well enough himself, remarking that, "Not as heavy as the rucksacks in basic!" But Clawson and the others had no similar military experience. And water was by no means light for air travel, so the route took closer to an hour than half. One or two of the groundbound locals looked up at the strange party overhead, more with resignation than curiosity, though one of the younger residents waved, cautiously. Norton returned a mid-air salute, and flew on.
  14. "Understandable. We griffons have more important tasks than picture taking, like rebuilding our country," Gerrard adds with a grin, not taking the oddness of Norton as the most serious issue as he hopped off the area near his 'throne' and helped gather up some of the materials needed to get back to work. He pointed out the various 'clawtools' needed to work on the project, guiding Clawson through what all would be required. As the architect helped collect their supplies, a warm smile spread across his face as he realized the strange monarch intended to work alongside everyone else. The misguided griffon just assumed that pony rulers were too uppity to do any real work, and didn't understand ruler morale boosts. When asked if the monarch's presence would be a distraction, Gerrard shook his head, clearly not worried about it. "With the amount of wells we will be checking, every talon helps. Our process will be rather thorough. We will be digging down each well a few feet, remove any blockages, catalogue the water available, and note the type of rock presence and their rough permeability," he explained, most of his words being decently simple enough for his companions aside from his last one. As the monarch suggested Gerrard lead the way, he nodded, taking one last moment to search through his numerous supplies, finding everything in order as he stretched out his body and glanced at the map one last time. "Our first stop will be a mine about half an hour flight from our location. Assuming of course we fly at a modest pace with all of this equipment. And make sure we all have water, can't have anyone getting heatstroke," he explains calmly for everyone around him. The flight didn't seem very far at all, but the architect didn't seem keen on flying there at a particularly fast rate for reasons unknown.
  15. —Blizzard Blizzard’s reaction to his prob into the old spells was probably not what they where expecting. His face and voice showed disappointment. “I see...” The spells that he dreamt about since he was a foal...The way that Twilight said it seemed to imply that there where not all that special and seeming weak. Ice’s statement on the other hoof caused him to glare at her once more. Shaking his head, a blueish white flash would emit from his horn as he teleported himself out of the School of Magic was to the outskirts of Canterlot to begin his journey back to his frozen solitude.
  16. Hi and welcome!! Glad to have you here and hope you have a great time looking forward to seeing Cakepop around the rp boards! Please feel free to let myself or any other mod know if you have questions about the site!
  17. Ok everypony! I don't really know how to kick off an RP, so I'll just give a basic idea of what I had in mind. I was thinking the setting could be Fillydelphia, where Cakepop has set up a small bakery shop. I'm open to OCs (I actually prefer them!) and cast. I'm fine with any storyline, I'm not one for planning out a lot of details before I roleplay, so I would like to see where it just takes us! I would love a slice of life RP, but again, I'm open to mostly anything. To give you more of an idea of what we could do here, you can take a look at my character sheets! Excited to hear from somepony!
  18. Name: CakepopGender: MareAge: MareSpecies: Pegasus Eye colour: Light pinkCharacter colour: Light blueMane/Tail/Other: Large, curly, messy pink mane with a large stripe of purplePhysique: A rather small pony, skinny and short for her age. Her wings are also underdeveloped, which makes it very difficult for her to fly.Residence: Moves around a lot, is rarely in one place for over a yearOccupation: She's a bakerCutie Mark: A cakepop with hearts around itUnique Traits: Her small, slightly deformed wingsHistory: She was born in Manehattan to two ponies who worked on a bread factory, she has 3 older brothers who she rarely sees due to her moving around so much. She was kicked out of flight school and shunned due to her deformities, so she ran away while she was a filly to make a living where she hoped to find acceptance.Character Personality: She's nervous and paranoid, and slightly shy, but very outgoing if you spend time with her. When she finds something she likes, she is very passionate and almost obsessive.
  19. Name: Cakepop Gender: Mare Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light pink Character colour: Light blue Mane/Tail/Other: Large, curly, messy pink mane with a large stripe of purple Physique: A rather small pony, skinny and short for her age. Her wings are also underdeveloped, which makes it very difficult for her to fly. Residence: Moves around a lot, is rarely in one place for over a year Occupation: She's a baker Cutie Mark: A cakepop with hearts around it Unique Traits: Her small, slightly deformed wings History: She was born in Manehattan to two ponies who worked on a bread factory, she has 3 older brothers who she rarely sees due to her moving around so much. She was kicked out of flight school and shunned due to her deformities, so she ran away while she was a filly to make a living where she hoped to find acceptance. Character Personality: She's nervous and paranoid, and slightly shy, but very outgoing if you spend time with her. When she finds something she likes, she is very passionate and almost obsessive over it.
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    The baker pony!
  21. Hi everypony! I'm Ha-Eun, I usually do roleplays with my oc Cakepop. I found this site when I was looking for some roleplays and my friend pointed me here. My favorite characters are Pinkie Pie (because I'm basic), Fluttershy, and Big Mac. I became a fan of FIM because of 4chan back in 2014, I started watching it ironically (because I was an edgy 14 year old) but then I got addicted! Anyways, heres some more stuff about me. My favorite color of all time is pink, pastel pink to be exact. I'm an aspiring artist with a bad camera (ignore the terrible camera quality) in art school. I'm 18, but you probably already did the math. I was born and raised in South Korea (so that explains some bad English). I also have a tendency to ramble on a bit, which you probably already guessed. Anyways, thats it from me for now! Love, Ha-Eun~
  22. There was a lot of starting and stopping, as such or more as when Sky had to actually write the music. It made sense, he supposed, with creativity sometimes happening in fits and starts, other times presenting a clear beginning and ending, but leaving the middle to be filled in later. He didn't mind, setting his playing and record back as many times as was needed for Windy to set down the swirling thoughts in her mind to fixed figures upon the page. "I did kind of notice. Though, if you look at ponies a lot of the time, they don't really stay still. There's a lot of little movements, hoofing at the ground, and the like. Actually standing still is a skill as much as anything else." He shrugged. "I had a lot of time to practice that myself all the nights I couldn't sleep. Closest thing to rest I could make myself get sometimes." It was a good thing he knew his own songs backwards and forwards, since it allowed him to watch Windy and play at the same time. The next break that came around also had an idea within it, carried up by the dancer for consideration. "Oh! That would be something, though I wouldn't think ice is a good dancing surface. Even if you're a pegasi, it's still a big slipping hazard. Once had a coworker slide on a patch while carrying a whole palette of ice cream, and... well, it wasn't pretty. Actually, if it's a big crowd... gonna be a lot of sliding and bumping into each other." The more he talked through the idea, the less he liked the sound of it. "Yeah... I don't think so. It's a pretty idea in theory, but there's a reason they have an occupancy limit at ice skating rinks. And don't turn them into mosh pits."
  23. "Of course, that phot must wait. I still have not secured a Royal Photographer." In what was becoming apparent as a patter, Emperor Norton was taking entirely seriously remarks that Gerrard had perhaps meant in jest. This could cause problems if not adequately accounted for at the outset of any conversation. "That pose, though... it might work, though honestly something with the tools of the trade. Speaking of which- Clawson!" He barked out to a young griff stationed by the imaginary doorway. "Digging tools, as many sets as you can find. We are commencing a water-hunt!" It quickly became apparent that the Emperor was going to be bearing a shovel as well as the few workers he could spare at this task. He hadn't the population yet to delegate all such work, but more important than that, being willing to undergo hard labor himself no doubt cemented loyalty among his followers. It was an old military officer's tactic to boost esprit de corps, sharing the hardships of the enlisted. "I hope My presence will not throw you off your task, but it is important, as Emperor, that I am one of the groundbreakers for our future. Samo, my assistant, shall hold things down while I am out. I trust my delegates, and that now includes you. Lead the way!"
  24. "What one or many believe is not always true, Your Highness." The fox said with a surprising solemn expression, "I have never extorted peasants, stolen anypony's heart, or caused any infighting. To help with your impressions, I've only gotten gifts of food from peasants in exchange for protecting rice fields, I've enchanted noone to fall in love with me, and I asked that your brother not tell you. So don't bear the prince any ill will." While Yanhua was keeping her calm, inside she was rather annoyed. She'd heard that legend many times around the palace and told to fillies and colts around the capital. It was absolutely maddening to hear her history so butchered and so obviously re-written to suit the crown. "There are many falsehoods in that story. Do you wish to know the truth about the story of my imprisonment, Your Highness? It may not matter as most witnesses have passed away, but I'm sure an enlightened mare like yourself would be at the least bit curious about the other half of the story."
  25. Gerrard took his job in Equestria to explicitly avoid doing military service, but had enough general knowledge to understand the analogy. He nodded in agreement with the emperor and pointed a black talon at the map, circling one of the wells with chalk. "Yes, you are correct. Think of the survey as a search for enemy supplies to pillage to add to our war chest. We will leave no stone unturned," he explained excitedly, his long black tail swaying as he spoke. The architect wasn't one one to gloat to other griffons, but the idea of getting a statue of himself was appealing, even if it came from a crazy griffon. He put on as much a smile as any beaked predator could and nodded for the emperor. He looked over to one of the nearby griffons and puffed his chest and spread his wings wide as he struck a fantastic pose! "You can take a picture now if you need a reference, but as a humble griffon, I can wait," he explained with a grin, patting Norton back. "I'll just collect the paperwork and get the ball rolling. The griffon folk have endured thirst for long enough. By my honor as a griffon, I will save your people emperor," he loudly declares, snatching the paperwork and pointing a talon up in the air to seem even more dramatic. After holding the pose for a dramatic five seconds, he lowered his talon back to the ground. "Lets get some drills and shovels, and find some water," the architect cheers, looking around to see who his assistants were in this noble quest!
  26. Norton peered with a keen eye at Gerrard's markups on his makeshift maps, nodding along. "Rather like how empty supply depots limits where you can put an regiment, I see." The tone was... different, than any he'd used before, as if a mask of madness had slipped off, or a guise of lucidity slipped on. A brief moment of sanity and understanding, that sadly was over by the time the irrigation expert would meet the Emperor's eyes, which once again shone with their mad light. "Well, my good lad, I'll tell you this much; if you pull this off, you'll get a statue in Our glorious new capital!" He clapped his counterpart on the back, in a most un-Imperial gesture, though he seemed not to notice. Perhaps he was going for a Griff-of-the-people vibe. "Civil engineers rarely get those, you know, less often than they deserve, frankly. And as for We Emperors, well, we get them whether we deserve them or not! But, if you help me deserve mine, I'll help you attain yours. Have to do my duties as sovereign to my people, after all!"
  27. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm had everything figured out and she knew that she had everypony organized in the best way that they would be able to protect each other on this journey. She knew Raven's fighting ability first hoof, and while she might be slowed down a little bit, she knew that fire to protect others, that fire that she showed in the Crystal Empire that day when they sparred. She knew that Harle's weapon would be able to pick off anything at a decent distance. At least of any distance that they could see in this weather. The only unknown that was in the group was Harle's crewmate Magnus. But she had faith in him. After all, if he was part of a pirate crew, he must be able to at least hold his own in a fight and extreme weather. After all, she knew first hoof just how much weather could wreak havoc on a ship from her couple EPIC assignments protecting the Royal Equestrian Navy from a Whitescar invasion during their civil war. As it stood, she gave the destroyer a salute and it flew off. The last thing that she needed was an enemy organization finding out that they were here and using an insurgent to try to find out what they were actually doing. "Alright, let's move out. There are things in this place that we don't want to face once it gets dark," she said despite the north already being considerably dark already from the cloud cover and the snow. "Trust me, it gets even worse than this. The mountains to the north are among the safest place in this desolate wasteland of ice. The sooner we get there, they sooner we are safer. Keep an eye out for what you can, and protect your fellow creature," she said as she started moving forward towards the north.
  28. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "I've seen that here a few times here as well. My own Cutie mark isn't really all that telling in of itself. Honestly it's just a few gusts of wind," she said with a smile as she showed it off a bit. "But who would have thought a few gusts of wind would have lead to something so amazing as all of this!" she smiled as she gestured over the reservoir. "I know that when I first got it, I sure didn't. And then less than a week of getting it... I almost never got off the ground at all..." she said looking a bit down at the thoughts before shaking her head a bit before looking back as Sky continued. "I guess one could say it was the opposite for me than most. I was forced to a very harsh growing up moment, so I didn't have a choice in the matter to look at the world a bit differently than most. And you know what, as much hurt and heartache it caused in the past. I wouldn't trade any of it," she said leaning in to give Sky another kiss. "Cause if I did, I wouldn't have the one thing I care about the most with me," she said with a warm smile. When Sky said that he wanted to start with the remix, Wind Dancer nodded and started getting out more paper to focus on the scripting. Of course, that was if she didn't lose herself in the music... like she was prone to doing in her practice sessions... Sometimes she'd just start getting so relaxed and happy that she'd actually forget that she was supposed to be practicing and just start moving naturally. Of course, that was when she sometimes came up with her best stuff. She listened as Sky started playing once again, and she heard the smooth and soft tempo of the melodic intro. Almost instantly she found herself getting lost in it before shaking her head and smiling as she listened on. She knew that she wanted her dance to be in time with the primary melody. She was struggling to translate what she wanted to do on paper though. Visualizing it was one thing, putting it to paper. That was always the hard part for her. If she couldn't put anything to paper she could forget about being able to teach this stuff at some point. Still, most of the intro was a lot of gentle sweeps to accent the chords and the melody. She wasn't much of an artist, so most of her pony figures were stick ponies, but she soon got to work and if Sky were to look over, he would see and assortment of stick ponies with arrows and directions, as well as different hoofstep diagrams that she'd been using. Although it looked like she was focused on the intro, but she didn't the whole intro scripted as she moved over to there the rave section was and began to draw as fast as she could. Although she had to pause briefly to shake a cramp out of her hoof. She looked over to him and gave a smile, she had to start moving. She couldn't listen to music and stay in one place very long. It was like telling Rainbow Dash there was a race and she had to sit still. It just didn't happen. "Do you think we can start from the top again? I wanna put some of those figures into movements. That and I was getting a bit antsy sitting still... it's a bit of a problem that I have when it comes to music... if you couldn't tell, I kinda have a problem of always having to move with music..." she giggled a bit rubbing the back of her head with her wing. Still, she was ready to go when Sky was and once he would start playing again, she moved into those slow almost ballet-esk type movements, flowing gently from one set of the melody to the other, letting the winds wrap around her as she did. Then the sounds of the strings started to give way, and that similar three stomp progression from the first song came back, but with a few change ups in the routine. After all, she couldn't do the same thing twice... She started off with just some of her wing feathers moving before stomping on the water with the beat, almost like she was trying to get ponies to clap along with her. As more of the electric instrumentation started coming she began to do a bit more in the three beat rhythm. Instead of standing on the water, she let her hooves sink just a bit into the water, using it to accent the movements, every stomp and movement generating a small splash to get caught by her winds and wings. Once again lighting here was going to be crucial. As she could feel the build up to the rave section, she started herself building up the winds for the downburst that would accompany the first bass drop after the first Hello Seaddle. From there, she went airborne, and the downburst with her being so close to the water when she did it, sent quite a bit of mist into the air., and she started doing something that Sky probably hadn't seen her do a lot of to this point. She was using her wings as primary pivot and beat points, rotating in the sky and almost using her wings to seeming bounce on an invisible surface that was a flattened bit of water vapor, using the effect as she would a cloud. Althought she paused for a moment, The music continued but she got a brilliant idea for some of the special effects. and this would definitely let the crowd get much more involved and give them a much larger dance floor for this song. She wanted everypony dancing to this one just as much as she wanted them to be dancing at Fireflies at the end. She wanted everypony to remember this festival and let everypony know that the Las Pegasus Music festival was going forward, never to be missed. Everypony would have so much fun at it, that they would just keep coming, and coming... just the prospect of all of those ponies smiling and having fun made her teary eyed. This was something that could really happen, and they could make it so. But... she shouldn't get too far ahead of herself. She waited for the music to stop, and then she landed next to sky panting a bit. "Hah.... hah... hah... While I was out there on the lake, I got an amazing idea. One that would only work if the board in LP approved the festival, but I was wondering... Ice Storm is an ice mage and from what I've heard from her some of my pony friends around Canterlot, and some of them around here that know her better than I do, a rather potent one at that. I was wondering, if at that third drop of 'Hello Seaddle' We could have her freeze the entire surface in a starburst out from where I hit the surface of the lake with that down burst. Not only would that be an amazing special effect, but that would also make a huge dancing surface for other ponies to get on and be able to dance along with us! Oh wouldn't that be just spectacular!?" she asked excitedly.
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