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  2. For a while, Sky Sailing just sat with his fiancee, letting her sleep, guarding her nap against the occasional fan that stopped by. Almost all passers by remarked on how cute the scene was, and he had to agree! All things must end eventually, however, as the baby within would finish their nap. Therefore, Windy had to finish hers, as the activity spurred her awake. "I think you've got a future dancer in there." Sky chuckled. "Certainly has the energy for it. How much do you have, dear? Because I was thinking I would like to take you out to a show if you feel up to it."
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  4. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ More times than not, when you were in the company of a pony that you loved, words were almost never needed. That was the case right now with Wind Dancer. She curled herself under his wing, and listened to the song that he was humming, occasionally echoing and harmonizing the rhythm a bit. She felt herself relax even more and with the warmth of the sun, and the coziness that was the wing of the pony that she would commit crimes of atrocity for if needed, she felt the safest she'd ever been and she couldn't help but push in a bit more and rest her head on his hooves, falling asleep for a short nap.
  5. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe became a bit hesitant when the kelpie asked what Rose meant about maintaining her shape and not being assimilated by the rest of the water and fluids around her. It would make sense that he wouldn't need that, but at the same time, this was their first interaction with a creature like this. Neither her nor Rose knew what to expect. "That is of course, if something like that is even needed at all. I apologize if the question was out of place or hit something that was sensative. Not only have we never worked with Kelpie before, you're also the very first one I've ever seen, so if we say something wrong, please let us know. We do not mean to create offense or discomfort in any way, and know that if we do say anything off-putting it is not with ill intent," Aloe said, covering the business end of the interaction. "That being said, what would you like to do for your first treatment?"
  6. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer smiled a bit when she saw the reaction that Cloudy had as they left the gift shop. She had to slow down a few times though as they started making their way to the jousting matches so that she didn't lose her new friend in the crowd. Here in Las Pegasus, getting lost in a crowd of ponies that you didn't know was very much a possibility for anypony, including herself. There had been several times where she and Sky had been separated by the crowds when once of them would get distracted by something, usually her, and usually looking for a way to help somepony else with something. Usually they would just shrug their shoulders and meet back at a designated point. She had several of those for such situations. However, she did not have anything set up for Cloudy, and she didn't want Cloudy's vacation to get ruined because she promised her something, only for her to get lost in the crowd and not be able to find her again. Thankfully Cloudy was able to catch up with her pretty easily and Windy was able to get the tickets paid for. She made sure to get them as close to the action as she could, and the seats that they got were right next to the ring. She had just sat down when the trumpets started blaring, and she could see the excitement building in Cloudy as they started to introduce the competitors for the first round of the event. With a wave of then flag they were off, and with a loud clank, the lances that they were wielding parried off one another as they looped around for a second go. Once they had the line on each other they charged in again, "Let'em have it Pike! Show them why you were part of the guard! Wooooo!!!" Windy yelled starting to get into it. Marcus was the crowd favorite by far, as he had a reputation here, but Pike was starting to make a name for himself as well. While she didn't follow the jousting circuts too heavily herself, it's still Las Pegasus. Ponies hear things down the grape vine all the time. She looked back over to Cloudy and gave her a cheerful smile. She can definitely say that this was the kind of day that she was planning on having, but this was way more fun than going to get lunch with Icy and the going back home. True her and Sky probably would have went out later, probably to a different show, since theirs was a matinee act today, but it would have been nothing like this. Plus today she got a new friend. One that she would hope would stay friends for a while and maybe they could do something like this when she hopefully comes back to Las Pegasus. Of course now that she's been back home and gotten over everything that happened in Cloudsdale, going to visit her on occasion wouldn't be out of the cards either. "So, what do you think? Pretty fun huh?" she asked with a smile.
  7. "Well, maybe for a guard, but I do not see our good friend here marching around Downtown Canterlot like my brother Walk. He likes patrol. Like a very high amount of like.", she chuckled. "I could see our good Mister Blitz being sent out on missions that would require a pony with his special skills and even a few that would help teach him some new skills. For example, I was never much of a tap dancer until that little mission with Applejack and the pigs. That's not a crucial skill, but one should always be growing and expanding on their abilities." Fire Walker nodded her head as the purple mare spoke. Not only would the robes be useful for holding a travel spell-book, ingredients for potion-making, and be something to hold a few good enchantments, it would also make the rather skinny stallion appear to look like a little more regal. The red mare's ears perked up when the stallion asked about books. "My mother actually writes training books for the R.E.A, along with editing them. I have a few suggestions. Mind you, there are no books about the Twilight Guard, at least not yet, but these should help...Lemme see..", she glanced around the shelves before she pulled out two books. "Introduction And History Of The R.E.A. By Write Stuff...My mother. Wow, she looks so young on the back cover.", the officer sighed. "And the R.E.A. Entrance Exam Guide. Not by my mother...And..", she pulled the last book out with her right wing. "R.E.A. Specialty Missions Guidebook...By my mother and Silver Quill. Er....No..That's that odd Hippogryph....Golden Quill, I mean." She placed the books near the unicorn. "These should be more than useful. And yes, I should be going as well. Lots of stuff to do...", she added.
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  9. Tempest took her eyes off the window to look down at Bloom. As ever her face betrayed almost nothing of her feelings, yet something was going on in her eyes. A look of worry as she studied the young mare. She trusted Bloom, yes. But this request was far more than just working on some engines or pulling sails. Dive work on wrecks was very risky and at times deadly. All it takes is one mistake to be trapped without air. It was too risky to send Bloom in on such a thing… How much swim time did this mare even have? Whatever it was it was far short of the trained divers she was sending in. Hell, they even had a hippogriff leading that team. He can stay down as long as needed without the need of air tanks. But Bloom? “No.” It was flat, unwavering. “You will not join the salvage teams. But I will let you dive and look at the wreck but only from the outside. If you so much as poke a head inside one hole I will ban you for life from ever even getting a hoof wet. Do you understand?” She added as she leaned down to get more eye level with the young mare. Grown as Bloom was, she still looked like a filly next to Tempest. And in Tempest's eyes she’d see no room for argument or pleading. They were standfast and unwavering. Even AJ may have a hard time laying down a glare this unfluching in its totality.
  10. "Ahah, that it does!" He leaned in for a quick nuzzle in response to the nudge, before stopping on the street corner to hail a taxi. The place he had in mind was a little off the main strip, and he wasn't inclined to make his date walk in the heat for that long. Plus, of course, he himself didn't appreciate the reminder of his 'badland days.' A cab is never long to come in Los Pegasus, fortunately, so he was soon opening the door for Yu. "It's just a short jaunt, but the heat's pretty terrible till the sun goes down." The ride was taken in comfort to a nice little place that had a fairly impressive set of Torii gates at the entrance, possibly a little sacrilegious, but nopony ever accused this city of being overly respectful. Whatever the local's attitude to shrines may be, though, sushi they took seriously, and Kahz knew this to be one of the better places in town. "Ever been here before? I have once or twice. Good stuff, and from what I could tell from the emotional landscape, rather better than many here are used to. Pleasant surprise is never absent from the air."
  11. that could work, im just garbage at naming ocs, half of my non mlp ocs are just my name, but that doesnt really work in mlp
  12. Hmm... most changeling names I've run into either tend to be insect-related, or else vaguely strange (my own Changeling OC is named Kahz). For you.... hm, pink and blonde... Amizz? That's what came up off the top of my head. Though, Ladybird (regional UK name for Ladybug) might also work.
  13. im hoping to get ideas from other fans like you all, just comment any suggestions you might have ill get the image asap, but my current device doesnt have it. she is a pink reformed changeling, a blonde mane (the artists idea that i liked), holes in legs (like unreformed changelings), other info tbd
  14. "Well, that sounds lovely indeed, Sugar. Travelling around has taken me to a coast a few times, living on one seems nice." Moonage smiled at the earth pony before things seemed to start up again with Pipp. The pegasus seemed to start off strong enough following Sunny's prompt, though it was pretty clear she was having trouble as she tried to avoid certain topics. By the end, after Pipp returned from a phone call, she was getting kind of tired about the whole avoiding the past thing, though apparently not as tired as Sugar had gotten. Moonage hummed a bit at Sugar's words, nodding in response before she added her own response. "I agree with Sugar, ignoring the past does nothing to help us move towards a future that learns from it. Unfortunately, I cannot shed much light on what the unicorns believed, as I was raised on the road. We never went that close to earth pony or pegasus cities, of course, but we would travel close enough to attract the more adventurous ponies to our shows. Nowadays I travel alone, working as a medium for all your ghost-contacting needs." She explained, looking over at Allegro next. "I for one would love to hear you sing, Allegro." She smiled at him encouragingly.
  15. "A wise thought." Yù would say with an understanding nod of her head. "Sometimes immersing yourself in a situation can afford you a better understanding of someone's plight. But so too can it lead to a biased miscolouring of how it affects them." Despite the qilin's at time unscrupulous nature to certain things, she was still a therapist and did her best to understand and help her patients. She'd be out of a job otherwise and that was no good! Nodding once more as Kahz concluded about Canterlot, hummed softly. "Mmm, well for what it's worth, I love to hear you talk." she'd answer with a wink and a playful nudge to the changeling's side. "Besides that, a open smile can pry more secrets than a hidden scowl, no?"
  16. ~~~Sugar Moonlight~~~ Sugar watched and waited for the response on the lighthouse. She didn't want to say anything on it herself, and at first Sunny seemed to be focusing on the phone that Pipp had mentioned. If she was being honest herself, she was also interesting in this phone thing. They had something similar here in Maretime bay, but they weren't exactly portable and had lots of wires. She was shocked at how much more advanced Pegasi were and it made her wonder about the validity of the products at Canterlogic. IF the Pegasi were this advanced, then they could have things that would have dwarfed their own creations. However, if they pony kinds were friends again, maybe the ponies of Zephyr Heights would help share their technology. If that happened, then Canterlogic would be able to create so many new products, and hopefully ones that would help ponies get along rather than divide them like they did before. They should probably also start working on removing all of the negative propaganda off of the city streets. Having posters of unicorns and pegasi being evil, killing, and abducting ponies probably wasn't going to set well with most. It's possible that many would see them and find it hilarious that they thought that they could do those things, but still. It would be good to clean that up at some point. She also had to admit that she was a bit bummed out that Sunny didn't accept her offer to stay at her place, but when she told her that the hotels were literally competing to try to help her, she understood and couldn't help but giggle. "Let me guess, they are trying to pay you to stay there. Honestly they should be. We all should be. What happened isn't acceptable, and everypony in Maretime Bay should be doing everything they can to help you," Sugar said. She was a little bit worried that Sunny didn't say much to help her fears, but what she said was right. There were going to be good and bad ponies everywhere. It was like she said, they would just have to hope that the good ponies outweighed the bad. They couldn't defend themselves like the unicorn or pegasi could. A pegasus could fly toescape the danger, and a unicorn could fight back with their magic. She just didn't try to think about it too much. She was snapped out of her thoughts when the unicorn that was with them levitated an apple over to her and asked if she was hungry. Sugar smiled and she accepted the apple. "Thank you... Moonage did you say it was? My name is Sugar Moonlight, if you didn't catch it when I got aboard the boat. AS far as living here in MAretime Bay, it has it's perks. It's usually a quiet place, and fairly simple. We have a theater, we have our markets, but the focal point of the city is the Canterlogic factory. I won't go into what they made, because it's irrelevent now with the changing times. Otherwise, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Being right next to the shore is amazing and it creates for some wonderful views. Every once in a while though, the skies above the sea grow angry and we can get some really violent storms rolling through. We've had to rebuild a few buildings more than once because of it," she said taking a bit of her apple. She listened a bit more as the other earth pony started talking once again. The pony that had brought up the lighthouse to begin with. She was still shocked as to how well Sunny handled the mention of it. In fact, she was fairly certain her own reaction to it was more intense than Sunny's was. She wasn't entirely sure how to react to the first part when she heard him talking about his mum and how she said the only reason she didn't live in the sea was because of the love of her family, which she could understan, basking on rocks. Well, sitting in the sun did feelgood, and he was also right that baked goods didn't handle wet well. She was just interested more in his word choice than anything. The lack of ability to breath underwater would be a major deciding factor in not living in the ocean as far as she was concerned.She was kind of interested in hearing his singing voice when he mentioned that. Her attention was shifted though when Pipp came back above deck, and Sunny had asked her to explain her life a bit and to explain the city of Zephyr Heights. She watched anxiously before noticing a familiar look in Pipp's face. Fear. This also showed itself when she started talking. When she first started talking she sounded stammery, and very nervous. She could tell that she was trying almost too hard to avoid what could be touchy subjects. She could understand that to an extent, but they were never going to get past anything if they were just going to try to pretend that nothing happened. She watched Pipp disappear for a few moments back below deck before coming back up and apologizing. She said that after the upheaval that there was a lit of difficulty in speaking about things and hoped that they could forgive her and said that if they had any questions about her life, she would be happy to answer them. Sugar took a deep breath, and then sighed. "Okay, I can sense the elephant in the room here, and one of the things that I've learned, more so over the last couple of days than anything, but also from a friend. The first step of healing is being honest with yourself and being honest with those around you. Right now with everypony walking on eggshells," she said pointing to Pipp. "It doesn't take much to make ponies feel uncomfortable, myself included. So I say that we clear the air here and now, and just approach the topics of what we were taught about each tribe so that we can heal. The more uncomfortable everypony is, the more tense they will be, which is going to have the opposite effect that we want here. I have worked for Canterlogic for a while now, and I'm not sure where or how the rumors started, but we were always taught that unicorns were vicious beings of magic that would fry a pony to a crisp, and that pegasi would snatch ponies away, never to be heard from again. I know now that's not true, and I would venture that most earth ponies would believe the same at this point. Still though, if can approach those subjects, and I don't know, maybe find out how ridiculous some of the old rumors and speculations were... it's something that could help the races grow back together," Sugar started. "That being said, I would love to hear how you grew up and the things that you like to do. Something tells me it's not too terribly different than how we were raised," Sugar said with a hopeful, yet sheepish smile.
  17. "Say..." Chipper slowed his pace to trot alongside Valence. "Didn't I see you at orientation? There were a bunch of us there, all with grape expectations, nyahaha!" If Valence had been there, he would have noticed that the unicorn had left his crows at home this time. Probably had been told by the Archancellor that they were distractions in the classroom.
  18. Kahz had to restrain himself from ruining his appetite by gorging on Yù Xīn's happiness, but he allowed himself an appetizer as they strolled down the blue-ice tiled rooms, out to the lobby doors that perpetually sent out an inviting breeze into the Las Pegasus heat. "Understandable, I wouldn't say it was necessary myself; I mean, it's not as if you're trying to impersonate them. It's probably better to let them try and explain what compels them, rather than having something in your head already that fills in the gaps. If you're looking for a shortcut to having to listen to other ponies, you're probably not really increasing your empathy." As to Canterlot... his last words on the subject were, "The Queen wasn't in the habit of listening. A strategic error, for an infiltrator. The more you listen, the less you need to talk, so that eliminates the possibility of mistakes both ways." He laughed. "Of course, I always talked a little too much to make for a really good infiltrator."
  19. "What I was looking for..." Rose, for perhaps the first time since Aloe had met her, sounded truly lost in that moment. Her eyes glazed over as she thought on it, and in the haze of corrupted memories she couldn't really give a straight answer. There was only one thing that could suffice, though. "Immortality." She spoke the word without passion. "Before I met you, before I came to this world free from the malignant force that gripped the mind of my former self, I fell in love with a colt. His name was John Dough, and he was a simple pony. The son of a baker. I met him soon after my adoptive father passed, and in his kindness, I grew to enjoy his company. His laugh, his eyes... " She trailed off. "... I couldn't lose him. I couldn't lose another pony in my life. And it wasn't just a matter of increasing his lifespan- a long lived pony is nothing compared to the relative eternity that is the life of a queen. No, I had to make him truly immortal. We would be together... Forever." The way she said 'forever' would send chills down the spine of even the most hardcore guards. It was a word tainted by ill-deeds and manic need... She sighed, letting that invisible tension go slack before she continued. "My intentions were noble enough in the beginning. During my crusade I would share my findings with the world. No creature deserves to suffer through the pain of loss just because of something as trivial as time or the inefficieny of nature. Creatures deserved to live long, happy lives. As long as they wanted. That was the goal." "But... Something went wrong. I can't say where, or when, or how. I commandeered the ship I had been raised on- when I first left [port], and used it to gather resources for trade. Maybe I could use them to find the answer? To create the cure for mortality. It quickly became apparent, however, that I would need to explore less... Legal options to aquire the regeants I needed. It started small, and then... I don't know. A mania gripped my mind. It was no longer about curing everyone- I needed him to live. I needed him by my side. With every passing day, my fear grew and grew- the fear that, at any moment, I may lose him. I may be too late." "That's when I became the the Scourge of The West. Scylla, The Pirate Queen. I killed and plundered, stole and lied. I would dominate the seas if It meant safer waters for me and my beloved. Nothing would stand in my way..." She was quiet for a moment as she let this all sink in, looking back over her shoulder to make sure Aloe was listening and not gaping at her in mute horror.
  20. Having moved onto a subject that he was more comfortable with talking about since... well, he actually knew what he was talking about. Plus Sunny had said that she liked his name, which made Allegro fight down a strange but highly pleasant warmth running across his face. Still, he shook his head at her guess "My dad... was..." The slight pause in the sentence combined with the slight flash of disgust that briefly flared across his face suggested that Allegro wasn't sure he was using the right terminology and the world would be a better place if he was wrong. However, the brief pang of darkness was quickly brushed aside as the stallion continued "... And mum has told us both many times that the three primary reasons she didn't outright just live in the sea herself was her love for her family, basking in the sunlight on a warm patch of sand or a flat rock... and that sugary baked goods don't handle getting wet well. If I didn't pick up anything about the ocean or sailing from them I think they would have tried to work out what they did wrong." The good cheer of having successfully managed to be completely truthful about his mother was quickly replaced by shock as Allegro's eyes grew wide at the news that Sunny and her family lived in the Lighthouse. It wasn't an unpleasant surprise by any means. In fact it further elevated Sunny in his eyes since the Lighthouse had not only been very important to his father's well being and work, but also more then once he had spent time at night just watching it do its job, captivated by the light it produced and pieced the darkness with. He wanted to talk to her about it more... and even offer her a chance to talk about her actual feelings about what happened with someone who actually understood the pain of losing a home to a bunch of idiotic earth ponies from the city proper but... this was a party and she was clearly putting on a smile in order to not drag down the mood. Even as socially isolated and naive as he was, Allegro wasn't going to ruin the party by talking about destruction and pain. It was around this point that the pony with wings was called upon out of the blue in order to speak about herself and her people. Considering that she seemed to be actively trying to evolve a dislocatable jaw for the purposes of consuming a cupcake (a feat that actually reminded him of his mother actually) she had been caught off guard by the attention being put on her as anyone. The following speech, panic and flight from the room and up towards the upper deck proved it. In the awkward moment that followed where Allegro glanced at the other ponies to see if they should go after her or not, he elected to gulp as he glanced towards the rest of the party nervously in order to try and distract them from... he believed Sunny said her name was Pipp? While shy due to the gathering being made up of a pony with a horn sticking out of their head and an earth pony mare who was actually really beautiful to gaze upon... through she seemed to lack the warmth that radiated from Sunny that had bewitched him to come and join the party in the first place, he managed to start "My... My parents say that I'm a really good singer. I took after mum in that regard actually, even if I'm nowhere near as good a singer as she is." Bashfully glancing down at the ground and scuffing a hoof against the floor, he pushed on despite his discomfort as he said "I've... never sung for anyone who wasn't family before but... maybe I can try here? I just... don't really know what kind of song to sing..." While Pipp would return, privately Allegro hoped that by offering to sing a song he wouldn't have to talk about Maretime Bay or what living there entailed for him personally.
  21. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ "Honestly, yes I did wonder about that. Quite often actually, but every time I've heard you speak of such things in the past they were always in a negative painful light, like something back then had hurt you, and hurt you badly. I never wanted to bring it up because I didn't want you to have to relive that pain any more than what you already have to. I'm sure you still have nightmares and stuff about it. I know I would if I had something lime that happen to me," Aloe said in response to Rose. "Though I am curious as to what it was you were looking for. Maybe now I can help you find whatever it was. I'n not perfect with water by any means, but that doesn't mean I can't try," she added with a smile. She definitely would notice the change in directions and would shoot a glare back at Rose when she would turn the winds into a head wind, as if to say Rally? but she would deal with it the best that she could. With the sails down, she did note that a headwind was impossible to go against, mush as Rose had told her and had brought the vessel to a stop. She would have to wait a bit before they could continue, and would do so once the winds changed direction once again.
  22. The white unicorn would notice his cup had run dry as the princess and her guard captain had been discussing the upcoming wedding. As the conversation turned to him however, he looked up. Apparently Captain Fire was already planning his uniform. "Who can say no to a robes," he'd add as he listened to her continue. The job did seem to have some wonderful perks. He had not been to Whinny World in ages. There was one perk that he did have to ask. "And I assume access to the guard's immense library as well?," he said with a beaming smile. As the talk turned to tests and approvals, his eyes would go to the ceiling momentarily as he tried to hide a sigh. He was relieved that the red pegasus was confident in his skills. "I think I would need about a month to pack and prepare. I don't suppose you have any suggestions on books to prepare for the tests. Tests..." he'd chuckle looking to the purple alicorn with a smirk. "You must really like tests princess with how you emphasized that word. If there is one thing the School for Gifted Unicorn's taught us, it's how to ace any exam." "I think I have outstayed my time," as he looked to the empty tea pot. "Or at least the tea. I'll just check out the recommended books and..." he'd pause before levitating a few of the remaining briskets into the empty side of his saddle bag, and a few butter packets. "...And a few of these, and be on my way...but before I forget, what is the planned date for the wedding? I'd hate to come for my test and you be away on your honeymoon Captain or worse, interfering with the planning. It almost sounds like weddings are more work then the tests I will face," he'd say standing up, flipping his ragged old cloak over himself. "I look forward to our next visit...and meeting the other members of your unique guard.
  23. Rose perked up as she sensed the spatial disturbance, turning an interested gaze upon the emerging pony. She had to admit, seeing her all geared up was enough to make her arch a brow, but she suspected that she was treating this as an 'emergency', so it made sense. Rose never really had a need for equipment, not to mention she wasn't very knowledgeable on runes or enchantments that don't sustain something. "Well hello, Hou, or should I call you Jade?" She shook her head, putting down her teacup (Filled with rum), and rising to her hooves to greet her guest. "You're just in time! I was about to reveal a new alchemical formula to my acquaintance here, Mr. Shooting Star." She gestured towards the unicorn... If that's what he wanted to go by. Honestly, she wasn't sure what to make of him, but decided not to comment. "Oh! What is that?" Curiously, the mare brazenly approached the mare to study the archaic purple weapon, horn already flickering with her favorite analytical spell. "Hmm... Unique forging methods, probably not extraplanar... Oh, also you may be using your soul magic a little inefficiently. It'd be better to poke a hole and teleport through it. Conserves mass and energy." Mentally, she shrugged. That's just how she'd go about it, but Hou probably knew what she was doing.
  24. "Yes...Yeeees! YES!" certain sorceress proclaimed with joy after her latest work made it way through labyrinth of flask and tubes, and was now dripping steadily from the condenser into designated container. "Yes! She simply wouldn't be able to resist!" Hou said with wide grin. "The Perfect. Red. Pigment!" she proclaimed as she picked up the piece of silk that was until then soaking in the fruit of her experiment. "It's the colour of most noble scarlet but it shines with flame of most valuable of opals! And it smells like best Pinot Noir, with a hint of roses *sniff* Berry will love a dress made using these." sorceress said dreamily as she hugged the small piece of fabric. However the unicorn mare wasn't allowed to indulge in her fantasies, due to a crystalline hum coming from the other room. Hou gave an annoyed sight, put down the silk she was levitating, and turned off the alchemical aperture, before heading to the room from which noise was coming from. "Always at your private time..." she grumbled under the breath, but followed the alert regardless. The hum was coming from a crystal detector that she had in her workshop for ages. This detector particular was attuned to a special kind of magical lantern....and in recent years Shuren gave only one of those away..... ".......That soon?" Hou mused before reaching towards the lever on the pedestal the detector was resting on. A surge of magic flown from it, to the floor - which in reality was intricate and detailed arcane map of the world: made of amber, lapis lazuli, jasper and other gemstones. White mare gaze followed the green dot of light that travelled from where Wūyún currently was, to where the magic lantern was now. It finally stopped in the region squeezed between Badlands, Aquelia and Crystal Empire territory. "Technotitlan...." sorceress said aloud. What would healer like Rose do in that land of ruins, ghosts and half-feral natives? The basin was far, far away from southern Unyasi seas where her domain now floated....and yet, why not? It was some time since her little adventure in Arabia, and it will take more of it to study and analyse all spoils she got from it. And Rose motivation was mystery worthy enough of her attention. "Don't disappoint me , Andalusian." Hou muttered to herself as she started to gear up: her favourite Hydrargyrum, meteor hammer, a light scale armour underneath her trench coat, and a pouch belt that contained many, many nasty alchemical surprises and other useful tools. Finally she took enchanted sanyanqiang as her main arm for this trip. The weapon had faint lustre of strange deep purple alloy made only on the island, while it's zhuànshū inscriptions glowed pale green in dark of the workshop. Without the word, Shuren raised the weapon and stabbed the air. The strike actually left a 'wound' in the space, one through which sorceress was now sending her soul energy, to lengthen and widen the gap. Once this gash was big enough, Hou wrapped herself in her own magic and walked through it....
  25. Pipp rather suddenly found herself at the center of attention. Now normally that is where she loved to be! How can she not? But at the moment she was rather on the back hoof. No plans, no script and a rather messy past couple of days she was still pulling together in her head. It didn't help that she had half a cupcake shoved down her muzzle. She really was not ready for this. But well, here it was. Firing off a glare at Sunny she swallowed the cupcake down and wiped her muzzle clean with a napkin. “I'll be more than happy too!” She says with a warm smile. It was a lie, she was not happy at all but such was life. This was far from the first time she had to take stage in such a short order. Trotting away from the food table she took her place in the heart of the room. “Oh how wonderful, majestic and powerful Zephyr Heights.” She began, holding a golden hoof to her chest to add impact to the phrase. “I hardly know where to begin on such a thing. Never in my life did I think I'd be put in a spot to speak about my home to outsiders. Something you all must feel about your own homes I’d think. But I shall try my best.” She did wonder where to even start. Maybe some history? They knew nothing of her home, only one here that saw it was Sunny after all. “Long ago a champion led us after the skyfall. A hero of ages past he was brave, just and fearless and blessed with fl-” She stopped herself and blinked. She knew the story she was about to tell. It was the founding of the kingdom and with it how her family alone can fly. Thing is… that was a lie. A pointless lie now. She felt a rush of fear creeping down her spine as she was faced with the growing worry that came with such a fact. “Ah…” Her mind was racing to piece together something. A story. An act. She wished her mother was here. She’d know what to do. What to say. “His name was Zephyr. He was a beacon of hope in a time when none was to be found. We were in a sorry state after the skyfall. The sky was ripped away from our wings from the treachery of the uni…” Once again she found herself slamming head first in to a stone wall of context. Oh this was bad. She was making a huge mess of this. She felt… Terrified. Never has she felt fear about being in the spotlight until a few days ago… And she was feeling the same fear welling up inside of her. “I'llberightbacksorry!” She darted away from the onlookers and up the stairs to reach the ship's top deck. She was tempted to take wing and fly away. Run even more. This was a disaster and it's her fault. She needed help. Pulling her phone out she looked at the screen for a moment and the one tiny bar of reception. She didn't know if the call would even contect out here. But what more can she do? She felt far too alone. All it took was a few swipes of her hoof too have the speed dial underway. “Please pick up…” She whispered to herself, glancing back at the door leading down. She hoped none of them followed her. Ring… Ring… And blessed be it, mom did pick up. Pipp did her best to explain what was happening as fast as she could, it took a few moments for Haven to have a moment's break too speak up in Pipps rant. H- "Stay away from history. They're not interested in that, they're interested in you, your life. What is a typical day like?" P- “Busy? I'm busy I guess? Sorry. I just feel off my game. Everything is going so fast I still haven't had time to come to terms with things. Slept horrible and now my head is… Just lost in this fog. I wish you were here. I feel like every step I take is walking me into another wall. What if it happens again? What if they drag me away…” H- "Oh, Honey, they won't. Believe me, I know how to spot loyalty, it's an essential skill for royals. Your new friends will be loyal to you." P- “But only Sunny is here! She… She’s a good mare, that much is easy to tell. Foolish to a fault but… no, you're right. She’d toss herself in to danger for me without thinking about it. She has that air about her. I’m not worried about her, I'm worried about the rest. I’m their first contact with our kingdom and I feel like I'm making a mess of that. How can I trot back down and act like nothing happened? Just pick up talking about myself and brush off that mess I ran from?” H- "... I hate to say it, but a simple apology, that you don't quite know how things work now in this new world, will have to be made. I don't think anypony else knows either, so they will understand. I hope." P- “An apology? That’s… Not much more we can do is it? I feel so powerless. I wish you were here. I… I need a hug. All of this is so new and scary. I’m scared of being in the spotlight! Me of all ponies! That… I hate all of this. I just wish it can all go back but it can’t.” H- “I know honey, if I were there, I would. You can ask Sunny for one." P- “I’d make a joke about such a thing but I honestly think she’d do it if I asked… Thanks mom. I better get going before they come up looking for me… Oh! Can we have the evening together? I think… I think Ice-cream and TV with mom is in order.” H- "Sure thing Honey, love you.” P- “Love you to mom. Byebye.” ((A thanks to Blue! All of Havens lines were of his makeing, thanks again for makeing Canterlot history with me for the first ever phone call in a rp post.)) With that she ended the call with a tap of her hoof and a sigh. She did feel better from that. Still nervous as all get out but she has a game plan. A basic one but it was better than nothing. Looking back at the door she shakes her head. “Well, here we go. Round two.” With that she made her way over to the door and pushed it open and made her way down the steps. She can do this. “Sorry everypony! Just had to take that call. I hope it was not too much of a bother?” She says, speaking up so all of them can hear her return. “I’d like to apologize about that dead start. Like I told you I never have been put in the post to talk to others outside the city and given the recent… Upheaval I hope you can all understand the difficulty I’m faced with. But if all of you are interested I’d be very happy to talk about my life. Trust me, plenty to cover on that topic. A lot happens in the life of a princess.” She offered the apology and followed it with a new topic if they so wished. If there is one thing she can ramble on about endlessly, it's herself… Was that egotistical? Probably. But she didn't really care.
  26. Applejack followed Coluratura through the hallway to see what current venture or musing the pop pony was flowing to. The farm gal was now in stardom's possession, and she was along for the ride. She couldn't tell exactly how much of a difference her agreement to do a few shows would make, but she felt confident through the affirmation of her friend that she wouldn't be led astray. "So what's next, Rara?" Applejack tried not to sound too eager. After all, she was thinking a sandwich or a treat in the kitchen would do her fine. She had been pulled away from simple pleasures before, when Rarity would have an idea for a dress, or when Rainbow Dash would find yet another activity to challenge Applejack to a feat. For now, she would continue to see where the purple striped tail in front of her was bouncing to.
  27. "Ahh, sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective I suppose!" Yù said with a little titter after Kahz had scribbled his going out message. "Let us shall!" with a playful bow, the mare would follow her date along back into the casino proper. Words couldn't well express how Yù Xīn felt right now, she practically felt like a new mare. So long as no one pinched her, she'd be fine. Because if it was a dream she didn't want it to end. Especially since it was only beginning! As the two made their way through the gaming lounge, Yù allowed herself a few moments to more properly take in the surroundings. It really was a fitting theme given the owner and she had to give credit where credit was due, it can be hard to theme something and not make it heavy hoofed, but it seemed like Ice Storm and whoever helped get the place built had a knack for that delicate balance. "Hm? Ah, no I can't say I have." the qilin replied. "Not for fear of getting addicted, mind. But some of my clients in the past have come in trying to break their own. I worry that if I took up gambling it may make it difficult to help with that. Though, I suppose on the other hoof it could also give perspective into what makes it addictive in the first place." she pondered on this for a moment. Perhaps sometime she'd give it a bit of a shot. "I can't actually say I'm terribly familiar with the incident though. I moved to Canterlot sometime after all of that, so I've only heard bits and pieces in passing."
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