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  2. The icy unicorn laughed. “I live in the Frozen North out of choice. A self exhale into magical research and power testing. I am an ice mage after all. You can’t exactly practice winter spells without Cloudsdale and Canterlot getting after your case.” A small smirk would appear on his face. “I don’t know if your old enough to remember this, but that freak summer snowstorm over the school and surrounding area 15 years ago...that was me..on finals day...” When she asked about his travels, he shrugged. “I traveled that way for a few reasons. The most important of which, staying out of the hot sun. I also didn’t want anypony to know I still was around.” ”I don’t know if you’ve heard the name Blizzard Blitz before?”
  3. Dawn was delighted! This visitor was stranger than she could have ever imagined! He was from the Frozen North?? Why did he "sneak through Equestria at night"? He had been a student at the School for Gifted Unicorns, too? So many more questions were swirling through her mind! Then he threw an insult. "Who would have thought Astronomy would have been a useful class in magic school." What did he mean by that?? Study of astronomy was important in magic school regardless of your primary discipline! Of course it was a useful class in magic school! Nevertheless, she put aside her clear differences in interest, and focused on the matter at hand. He had requested a horoscope, and even given his sign. That was certainly helpful. But she also found it helpful to find out as much as possible about her clients before doing readings, and she certainly wanted to find out as much as possible about this pony! "Oh but of course! The stars can tell me everything I could want to know! Well, perhaps not everything." She had flashbacks to her dismissal as royal astrologer, but brushed them off without missing a beat. "For instance, the stars cannot tell me why you live in the Frozen North, or why you have to travel at night. I'm not endangering myself legally by talking to you, am I? Normal ponies don't live in a harsh area such as that... That's the land of shadow ponies and yaks." She gave a look that conveyed playful suspicion. She was sure he wasn't a criminal, and even if he was, who was she to judge him? Perhaps he was misunderstood, in which case the least she could do was provide him with a hot cup of tea and some information about his future. Perhaps she could even work towards clearing his name. If it was so that he was a victimized criminal, then when she took power, she would be certain that he was pardoned for whatever imagined crime he had committed. The stars had told her he would be strange, not dangerous. And she intended to treat him as such.
  4. Blizzard backed away from the mare whom had teleported mere feet from him. He wasn't used to this sort of attention. What in particular did this mare want with him, and why was he expected? It took a few moments before he recognized the symbol of her cutie mark. She was an astrologer. Everything was beginning to make sense in his head now as he watched her prepare the room for company. "So I was expected?" as he'd look up to the roof for a slight moment. What was going on, he hadn't the slightest idea, but strangely he felt like he was where he needed to be. As she lit the fire, he would remove his cloak and levitate it near the door with his gray aura before taking a seat on the nearby stool. "Who am I to say no to free tea. Perhaps I may even interest you enough to do a horoscope," he's say with a dry laugh. "Define what you mean by everything," he'd say in a half joking tone. "To begin, I am in Canterlot on a rather personal errand. Normally I would make this trips from the Frozen North with a combination of magic and hoof, however this time I decided to take the train for once on the recommendation of a friend. The journey is a day shorter this way, not having to sneak through Equestria at night, though the days of waiting between trains is enough to drive one mad in this city." "I spent a few days of my foal hood here. Field trips from the School for Gifted Unicorns and all that fun. Passing this old building sparked my memories. I guess seeing Capricornus tonight in the sky is what drove me to come in. It is my sign after all, though I'm sure somepony as talented as you could probably pick that up as soon as I walked in." Blizzard chuckled a moment. "Who would have thought Astronomy would have been a useful class in magic school."
  5. Morning Glow froze again when Chipper Demise ratted her. She turned back and walked slowly towards the archchancelor, horn pointed down, tail all but between her legs like a puppy. She shot Chipper Demise a dirty look as she turned and entered the room. She took her seat, front and center, and waited for the rest of the stragglers to be seated and the orientation to begin. Her parents had filed her paperwork ahead of time, unlike the corn fillies, apparently. She sighed. Rural communities were the worst. Granted, this was the first rural community she'd ever been in, but if they were all like this one, then they were the worst. Then buckball trio entered. She hadn't met these fillies before. She just hoped to Celestia that they were nothing like the other foals she'd met. She wasn't sure how much more she could take. Spearmint, of course, was an exception. From the sounds of it, he even had a personal recommendation from Princess Twilight! Morning Glow didn't have high enough grades to work directly with her. Her grades were good, just apparently not good enough. Supposedly, that's why she was here instead of back in Canterlot focusing on real education. Magic education. She sighed again as orientation started. It was going to be a long semester...
  6. Spike was about to take the crystal when he heard the other pony's strange comment, he turned towards him, letting copper hold onto the crystal for the moment "You seem oddly resistant..." he said, hoping that nobody would notice his knees starting to shake and smoke starting to trail from his nostrils as he build up a belly full of flame "...maybe we already found the mysterious monster..." he looked lope right in the eye with a predatory draconic glare... something twilight (not to mention a certain other dragon that was a friend of his) insisted he learn... despite the fact in his mind he was screaming 'please don't eat me! please don't eat me! please don't eat me!' having no clue that of the three creatures here, he was possibly the most dangerous between his fire and his dimensional magic....
  7. Kettle Corn wasn't all too happy about her first lesson effectively being a (very light) scolding, but she understood well enough and affirmed her acquiescence with a cheerful chirp. "You got it, bark- er... ark? OH, OH, DOES THIS MEAN IT'S OKAY TO SHOW UP LATE IF I SPEND ALL MORNING MAKING KETTLE CORN FOR THE CLASS!?" Yush! An infinite time slot for her favorite and most productive pastime! This is going to be the best schoolyear ever! "Thanks, barkchancellor!" She was at least halfway certain that wasn't how it was said, but she couldn't remember the proper pro-noun-ciation, so she'd go with what's most fun to say ~ She'd wait for her sisters to take their seats, before claiming her own spot atop Candy Corn's mane.
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  9. The impact didn't really hurt Chipper, though his robe would probably be butter-stained from now on. Popcorn, especially extra-buttery popcorn, has a smell all its own, and now it would be one of the many elements of the faintly feral aura that would hang around the young necromancer. Similarly victimized were the Archancellor's academic robe and mortarboard cap. Blueblood himself was sputtering and coughing, a stray kernel having flown into his open mouth and halfway down his windpipe. Slapping his chest with his hoof, he was able to eject the offending morsel, clearing his throat and blinking the butter out of his eyes. "I don't suppose, *hack-ahem*, that you have a good explanation for why you were running in the halls?" "We sure do sir!" Chipper practically saluted the bearer of authority with what was a rather unexpected reply. "My new friend Morning Glow over there let us know it was ruder to show up late than to run in the halls." He waved a hoof over to where the unicorn was casually attempting to sidle past Blueblood, offering a kernel to Caramel as she helped pick him up. "Is that so? Get back here young mare." His tone would not brook disobedience. Once the three offenders were arrayed in front of him, he would give them what would be the first lesson they'd learn in this school, formally. "While it is important to be polite, no one should expect ponies or anyone else to risk hurting themselves or others to uphold a point of etiquette. I don't want to see you tardy, but I'd rather you showed up late to class than have to be sent to the nurse's office. Your welfare takes priority, both for me and your teachers, is that clear? Good, please take your seats." Once the three offenders were let aside into the room, he would greet the last stragglers. "As it happens, we don't get a lot of new students at once, so you all are most of what we have. In any case, it is good to meet you. You don't have anything else scheduled today, so it really isn't much of an issue, I just don't want to take up too much of your day." He smiled at Candy Corn, taking up her papers. "Thank you, I shall give these a read and put them in their proper place soon." One so young as an acting guardian? Ponyville was a peaceful enough- actually, hm. The townsponies were nice, but the location was possibly cursed. "Good luck." Was all he could say, letting the rest of the corn family enter. Spearmint he recognized from his dossier photo, and he gave the colt a somewhat warmer smile. "Ah, you made it, good. Twilight told me to look out for you, Spearmint. You're in good hooves here." And that just left the trio of buckballers. "Hello there, I think you're the last of our new students this term. Please come in." And with that, he would close the door and go up to the podium. It was a long enough walk for the newcomers to acquaint themselves with those students already present.
  10. Sea F. Salt found herself sitting in a small river that barely entered the Everfree forest. The morning of, she got off the train from her beach home in Horseshoe Bay, located east on Equestria's map. The train ride was long and boring, and she found herself dozing off for a lot of it. The reason she was coming to Ponyville was because she either heard (or got invited, she didn't really remember) about an expedition. Something about dealing with a Hydra.. eh- it sounded intriguing to her. Her specialty was water, as she owned her own water arena. She was an amazing swimmer, and knew how to calm down big monsters with her air-headed ways. The blue pegasus was very wise in her own way. So, fast forward, she was sitting in a river, watching all the little fish swim by her. Finnie didn't remember how she got there, as the sweet smell of fresh water caught her nose on her way over to the forest. Luckily, the river exited into the haunted trees. She was never scared of the idea of forests, just curious in what cool creatures could inhabit there. She knew there were a plethora of different water animals that she wanted to research, which pushed her to come out. She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard ponies talking from above ground. She briefly got up, following the river into the forest, which quite literally ended where the airship was. The hippie glanced at it for a second, seeing as it was almost going to leave her. She was generally always late to important things like this, getting side tracked by nature. She thought for a second, trying to figure out a way up there. She listened to what all the other individuals in the ship were saying. The only thing the pegasus took note of was them asking questions to another pony. Finnie knew she was probably the last one to get on it, so she was ready for a scolding. But, she still couldn't figure out how to get up there. Sure, she was a pegasus. She could just fly up there, right? That was a possibility, only a little though, as her wings were underdeveloped. She could hover, but she didn't know if she could reach it. Thinking quickly to not waste anymore time, the pegasus started to flap her little wings, using the waterfall from the river to push off on. She got some height, but the push off from the waterfall created a huge splash, as Finnie's bags, tail, and wings collected a ton of water. As she heaved herself up, water flew all over the place, absolutely drenching her. She barely nicked the deck, flipping over and landing somewhat safely on the ship. Finnie gave a smile as she lifted her heavy, wet self off the ground. "Whew! Sorry for that landin'. That was crazier than a watchin' a jellyfish walk around on land!" She let out a laugh, shaking off the majority of water on her body, generally not caring where the excess water lands. "I'm Sea Fin Salt, but you dudes can call me Finnie," she continued, using her wing to pick water out of her ear.
  11. Lope was relieved when the crystal arrested, but again worried when Spike brought out another. And even more so when Strong Copper agreed with him! "I'm still not so sure," he said, trying to at least stall the dragon a little. It was imperative he kept S.T.A.R. out of this. His trainer was a hard flank already. She was a nightmare when in a jurisdiction battle. "Maybe we should do a little investigating before we decide to call in the royal guard. After all, if it's nothing, I think Twilight's ponies would be rather annoyed to be troubled in the middle of the night over a false alarm, don't you?" Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes, was all that was going through his mind now...
  12. I could probably add her into the expedition. She's an airhead so she probably got lost somehow and finally found her footing lol Whatever you wanna do though!
  13. Cool. The shop thread is open- Blaze just never posted a departing post. And the Expedition hasn't started in earnest yet. I kinda forgot for awhile that it was my turn, but with order restored, we could get the ball rolling properly again. Or start something entirely new, I'd you don't wanna do that anyway.
  14. Of course!! I'll definitely hop into one of those!! I can write in my little hippie Pegasus Sea F. Salt, since I haven't used her for any particular thing yet!
  15. Sundown Trail glanced at the sky. Celestia’s sun had just risen above the horizon. Of course, for somepony nocturnal like him, it was late. Very late. He stifled back a yawn as he strolled through the streets of Hollow Shades. He had wanted to visit some of the shops while they were open and since the owners weren’t nocturnal he had to stay up late into the morning. Work had brought him to Hollow Shades. Apparently, there was some kind of issue in the area and the local law enforcement asked for assistance from the Royal Guard. So, Sundown was sent down from Canterlot to lend a hoof. The Guard had paid for him to stay in one of the nicer stables on the outskirts of town, and they allowed him a couple days to get settled before he was supposed to report to the local police. It was his second day in town, and he had to wonder what the issue was. There weren't a lot of things that would warrant sending down an investigator. Sundown shrugged to himself. Whatever it was, he’d certainly learn why he was sent down when he reports in. One store sign caught his eye in particular. He stopped and read it. Curios… Exotic items… Rarities… This might be interesting. If anything, he could get himself a souvenir for when he returned back home. He headed towards the front door and stepped into the shop.
  16. Rose took a moment to appraise the new arrival, her true feelings on the matter hidden behind a neutral expression. "That is correct, Ms. Heart. We were actually just about to set off, so your timing is most fortuitous." Sighing internally, she very briefly summarized the plan she had concocted, then turned to address the entire crew once more. "Mares, and griffon, it would seem we got ourselves an extra set of hooves. Let's give her a proper welcome." "So, tell me Venture Heart, what kinds of skills do you possess that may assist us on our mission?" She asked, summoning a projection of a hydra on deck. Its many heads writhed and snapped at the air, that is, until a comically oversized syringe poked it and it fell like a sack of potatoes. Almost as an afterthought, she floated one of the needles over to Venture as well.
  17. A worry free environment? That came as quite the surprise to the mare, considering her usual method involved putting the child through a series of tests to thicken their proverbial skin. Still, everything else she said made sense, even the part about being uncertain. She paused in her harvesting when she was done to swim over and give her a nuzzle-hug, speaking softly. "It brings me untold joy to hear you say that. For me, this will be a new beginning as well, a chance to be a real mother." Giving her a brief kiss, she smiled. "I admit, may need some guidance myself on how to properly raise a foal in a 'worry free' environment. In another life, they'd be raised to fend for themselves in an inhospitable world. I still beleive they should learn life-skills, but perhaps not with such intensity as my prior regimen entailed."
  18. Strong Copper's expression slowly morphed into that of awkward embarrassment as Spike not only proved to have more crystals to call upon, but also listened to the full explanation that no, it would not be as big a deal as Copper believed it would be if word got back to Princess Twilight Sparkle. Silently offering the crystal he was holding in his magic back to the little dragon because some random stallion having the ability to teleport into the Princess' presence without her permission or knowledge would be a terrible idea, he rather humbly and politely said "Sorry... You're right. I just... didn't want to waste her time if it turned out to be nothing is all." His pride as a professional aside, he didn't really have any objections for other experts in the field to come in to have a look around. After all, Ponyville was kind of big and there was a lot of ground to cover where any sort of being could hide and the fact was since he didn't exactly have a trail to start with, Copper was just walking around, hoping he got lucky and came across the thing. So Spike would get no more objections from him... the other stallion through...
  19. Spike gave copper a look of 'really?' as he held out his claw and let loose a small green flame, which condensed into another crystal identical to the one that copper was holding, falling into spike's open claw "I have like a dozen of these" he said dryly "Twilight never checks if I use one, and always gives me a new one, so I've saved them up." clearly right now he was more annoyed than angry at the action... but he was still annoyed "Knowing Twilight, she's probably reading something... whether that's some important legal document or a book she got from the royal library is up for debate... and its not like she's be coming here personally - the guards watch her too closely for that, and don't think Princess Celestia is above giving Twilight a good scolding for running off on a whim" spike had never actually see celestia scold twilight for such things, but he assumed it happened... and even if not, it made for a good explanation "Besides, I know for a fact she has both mobile agents who could be nearby as well as one group of agents who actually live part-time here, so its not like it would be interfering with her night, and besides, she'd get her assistant back a lot faster this way" he added, a bit of an awkward look on his face, making it very clear that he didn't want to be here with dangerous monsters roaming about... or even just possibly roaming about!
  20. Moon Shadow sighed as she directed her shadow constructs to put some new displays out. They were the typical, cheap, looks much more valuable stuff that the few tourists that came through just ate up, nothing that was her real reason for her recent... 'Vacation'. That was reserved for the back rooms, and for those that she knew, or came recommended. She smirked as she thought of her recent acquisitions, but quickly had to return her thoughts to focusing on the constructs. Soon, everything was set up, and she dismissed them, letting them slink back into the corners to join the other shadows there. She made a quick loop around her store front, the displays and counters looking fine. Stopping at the door, she unlocked it, and flipped her sign, the simple chain crossing over itself as closed became open. She then headed back to her register, sitting on the stool, and a cheap paperback gothic romance, nearby just to pass the time. She didn't particularity like them, thinking they were drivel, but she had appearances to keep up. She took up the book, opened it, removed her bookmark, and waited for somepony to come in...
  21. Caramel chuckled a bit at Candy’s comment, leading her big sister through the halls until they came upon the scene of the crash. Of course it was the two that had been charging down the hall, though she wasn’t entirely sure who the stallion covered in popcorn was. At least not until Candy started talking to him. Was he in charge around here? Probably, he looked like the pictures. In any case, as Candy talked to Blueblood, Caramel walked over to Chipper and Kettle, helping them both back onto their hooves and looking over when she heard her name.
  22. A little late to the punch here, but may I interest you in an interaction with my nice little medicine mare? Well, she's not a medicine mare, per say, she's an alchemist, but her primary goal is to preserve life to the best of her ability. Her social circle hasn't expanded much, and I'd like to see how she interacts with other ponies and creatures. You can find an expedition she started here And the potion shop she runs is also open, if any of your characters feel like color shifting coats or potions that make you speak backwards :)-
  23. I mean~ She's pretty good for her standards! All about pushing yourself!
  24. As long as she's an elite flyer! We're looking for the best of the best here! ; )
  25. ~~~Aloe Blossom~~~ Aloe nodded in response when she heard Rose asked her to help find some conetail instead. She wasn't entirely sure what she was looking for, but that would easily be fixed when Rose found some of it. Them aloe would know what she's looking for and wouldn't have to ask about it. She herself began thinking about how fast hey life was changing. Just a couple months ago she was just continuing to run the spa without so much of a rest. Then Rose came into the spa, and everything changed. She was about to become a mother, the two had become quite close and we're doing almost everything together. Her thoughts were pulled back though as she heard Rose ask a very peculiar question, especially given her situation. Did she want to be a mother? She heard Rose explain the intrinsic nature of what it was like for her, being a changling queen an and if she didn't tend to her needs as such she'd get quiet irate and basically become a different pony, but also added that she know ponies often had a choice in those things. She thought hard about her answer, and then started speaking. "Motherhood for a pony is complicated. At the very core of every mare, yes. We want to be mothers. The gift of life and the bond that forms with that life before it even steps hoof into the world is irreplaceable. Most of the more mares my age put become a mother of because we often feel that we aren't ready. Most of the time we can barely handle taking care of ourselves, and we want to make sure our little ones have the most perfect worry free environment they can. Having the right stallion or the right book or potion for the mare on mare couples helps to," she said with a giggle. "As for myself, with this being my first o one... So I think I'm ready to be a mother? Honestly, no, but I'm going to make sure that I can do what I can for them and make sure that I and always here for them when they need me, and I can make myself be ready." "As for why I want to be a mom... Well... It's the same reason ponies seek others out to begin with. Love, compassion, companionship, and the knowing that you created the life that is running around you. That the glorious filly or colt running around came from inside you. I've been told that there's no feeling like it. I still don't know o if I'm ready for it or not, but I'm ready for us to find out together. Besides, were kinda past the point where we could go back. Not that I would even if we could. This is the path we walk now, so this is the road we will take. I know I for one... Couldn't be happier," Aloe replied.
  26. *slides my stupid cocky bat pone over to you* Thiisss is Nebulous Moon. She's actually a royal guard butttt literally hates her job because she's lazy and instead runs a fight club underneath the streets. I bet she could somehow figure out how to sneak away from her post and join this group! She's an amazing athlete and loves to work out and fly (since she's a boxer, she's really acrobatic). She can use this opportunity to better her skills! Also, the name "Shooting Stars" is literally so cute!
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