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The Canterlot Winter Moon Celebration

Tis the season to- stay up late! Canterlot's Winter Moon Celebration is in full swing! This is garunteed to be the biggest celebration Equestria has seen in a thousand years!


  1. Hearth Warming Eve

    Amongst the winter festivities, the Hearth Warming Eve is one of the most anticipated and widely spread Equestrian traditions. Its warming glow can be felt in every town all across Equestria as ponies far and wide celebrate their history- and the rich friendship that has brought them harmony for over a thousand years!

  2. Winter Moon Celebration Inner-City Festival

    Come see the attractions of the inner-city festival!

  3. Winter Moon Celebration Festival Fields

    Out in the fields there is plenty of snow and trees, all waiting to be decked out with the festivities of the season! Hang lights, build snow-ponies, throw snowballs, or go ice-skating!

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