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Cressie Ressie On A Cloud
© © Copyright Original Artwork by EccentricMoonshine/MissAsia. March 08, 2012. All rights reserved.

Cressie Ressie On A Cloud

My first ever attempt to draw a pony using a laptop mouse pad, and my finger. It wasn't frustrating to be honest, because this drawing is INCREDIBLY simple. This is also my OC Cressie Ressie. I honestly didn't know what else to do with her, since I don't draw. I usually right, yep. Anyway, if you guys want to give me any tips and such, I'll gladly accept it. I just wanted to show my art to other people that isn't, you know, myself.


© © Copyright Original Artwork by EccentricMoonshine/MissAsia. March 08, 2012. All rights reserved.
From the album:

Just Some Ponies

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Bahaha. I guess I forgot about her other ear. And yes, it's rough because I lack. . . editing skills. I lack drawing skills on a digital format in general. This came out surprisingly well to me, though. And thanks for the review. C:

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For a trackpad this is great! :D I thought it was Derpy from the thumbnail on the homepage and the colors. :P

The only thing that bugs me a bit is how far the wing is down, I can't really see much besides that. It IS rough, but it's with a trackpad, so who cares? :P

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their is a pad and pen which lets you connect to the laptop by USB (ive forgotten want its called DX) its good because its like using paper and pen. the pen also operates as a mouse (of course it does otherwise blah blah blah) so when you draw you can click on the colours instead of going back and forth with the mouse and pen blah blah blah

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Well, you'll probably be able to at least improve the line quality if you use a program other than paint. There's a few good free programs out there. Even paint.net will likely be an improvement (and won't be as complex as programs like GIMP.) Still, this is nice, we know what your OC looks like and it doesn't have the generic pony generator look to it. :)

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