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The Rocinante
© flutterscotch


Green Flash's pirate ship. Clearly he can't spell very well. The figurehead is that mythical being known as a "Seapony". Shoo-be-doo.

It's held aloft with a huge balloon...and, well, mostly magic provided by one of the 3-member crew.


© flutterscotch
From the album:

Flutterscotch's Fabulous Frisking Fillies

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I kind of feel like there should be a windmill on the back to propel it. But that might just be due to the name :) I hadn't ever thought about the ability to tack against clouds though, but with the way clouds work in FiM it makes sense to have a keel.

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He's lazy, he really just manipulates the clouds, and usually that's what keeps it aloft/moving, with some added crewmember unicorn magic, more than anything physical on the vessel itself. The boat came with the keel, and eventually does need to operate like a boat because he fills it up in gas vents, and his crows-nest blower and balloon & pony power, whether it be weather or magic, will only get him so far.

Technically it was supposed to have a pedal-driven propeller, but, alas, lack of layers. But since the whole thing's king of just slapped together and barely sea or air worthy we can just assume anything I ever take off or add to this either broke, or was hastily added.

And windmills, yes, but it's more of a reference to Rush's Cygnus X-1 than a direct reference/correlation to Don Quixote, even as much of a fool as Green Flash is. It also may or may not have been inspired by everyone's favorite completely racially insensitive animated pile of junk, Rickety Rocket! *whistles innocently* :D

There is so much nerd packed into this I can't stand myself sometimes. LOL.

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