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My Little Pony: Nostalgia is Magic.
© Flutterscotch, Polaroid, Hasbro


The original "Mane Six" in that they were, at one time, the ONLY 6. The original My Little Ponies in a photo taken with the ultimate of 80s cameras... The pink and grey Polaroid "Cool Cam".

The hairstyles are all actually based on people or characters from that time period, mostly from the Facts of Life. Butterscotch's hair is Cyndi Lauper's from the "She's so Unusual" cover, toned down a bit.


© Flutterscotch, Polaroid, Hasbro
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I admit it, I'm nostalgia~ing. I knew it was only a matter of time since digital cameras were invented, but when they stopped producing polaroid film, it made me sad. (Is that minty in the corner?)

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@Parker_Izing I was going for the more "expired" film, which is what causes the yellowing in Polaroids. Plus, ponies can't reach that exposure toggle, and none of these girls were unicorns.

@helix <3 I drew you something I will show you later.


Yeah, it is, G1 Minty, though, what with the COMPLETELY NONSENSICAL AND ARBITRARY NAME, since she has clovers as a cutie mark.. I decided she was the "punk" one.

I took some liberties with colors because Snuzzle/Cotton Candy and Bluebelle/Blossom have the same exact hair color (you can't tell in this photo, and it might just be the ones I have... manufacturing varied and haircolors fade). Minty's colors were based on the Mexican variant of her because I like those colors better. No background because I simply just ran out of layers and hadn't planned on having a limit of 10.


And here's a close-up with the yellowish "expired film" filter turned off:


So, we've got Minty, the "Punk Rocker" who was based of the fictional character Dana Larson from Sweet Valley High, with the waved bangs that terminates in a short mohawk, Blossom, the society girl with the perfectly coiffed mane. Think Blair from the facts of life. Blossom's a Breck Girl, not a hairsprayed out Dynasty girl. Snuzzle the Aerobics instructor who has Whitney Houston hair, but short. Bluebelle: The sensitive artistic one who is in love with her crimping iron who is slightly based on Jennifer Beals, if she crimped her hair. Butterscotch with her aforementioned Cyndi Lauper hair, and Cotton Candy, the sweets expert who is based on Mindy Cohn from the Facts of life.

But lemme tell you, I will be SO happy when I upgrade to Adoble CS 5 this winter when I can join lines and actually apply gradients and flood fill instead of having only 10 layers and a relatively imprecise pen tool that doesn't do sharp corners. This isn't to say I don't love working on the ipad because it makes me actually draw again, but I'd love to be able to finish these drawings up, which I can't do because it's not compatible with my versions of the program.

Re:Polaroids. I too have had both the pink/grey and red/black version of these cameras, but I finally decided I only needed 1 600 camera once the film got scarce, and kept the newest one that folded down the smallest. I might have a bit of a camera problem in my house because I also have a Spectra and SX-70 cameras on top of the 10 or so analogue film cameras.

Also, Someone still makes film for Polaroid 600 cameras, it's just a PITA to work with (I have like 4-5 packs sitting in my fridge right now just waiting for a bright, 75 degree. slightly overcast day): http://www.the-impossible-project.com/

AND, Polaroid's back in the business of making instant cameras. They recently unveiled one that basically just has a built in printer, and brought back standard instant film in the Polaroid 300, which may or may not just be a Fuji Instax with the Polaroid brand slapped on it.

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