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Frost Flake, Taking a nap.
© Frost Flake is Copyrighted to Frosty.

Frost Flake, Taking a nap.



This is Frosty, Sleeping on a cloud.. When he should be working....

I'm back everypony, I took a short vacation to get everything in order and I had some spare time to myself. Sooo... this picture is the end result of my free time. I used a picture of Rainbow Dash as a base to help me get all the lines in order, I know I messed up on the mane and the hat.. I really need to learn how to draw manes and hats correctly. lol

I feel like I rushed this and made too many mistakes with this picture... I also decided to try and add alittle more detail to the scarf by adding little bits at the end, Any thoughts on how that looks? Should I keep it or leave it?

Well enjoy!!!


© Frost Flake is Copyrighted to Frosty.
From the album:

Frosty's Finished Works

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