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Spitfire Civilian Relaxing
© Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry

Spitfire Civilian Relaxing

Did some images of Spitfire doing REA recruitment, being involved in shipping, even racing, so what now? Well maybe just posing for a pinup for all her fans? Why not, she does come of as one of those stunning types and she is famous, so that is a good excuse as any.

Went for the simpler more in show style here versus the detailed style for the Luna pic. Just done for fun.


© Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry
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I'm almost afraid to ask, but shouldn't there be a cutie mark?

(sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry >_<)

lol Thanks to Tales, I fixed that little omission pretty quickly. :}

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It isn't... *that* big of a deal, really.

It is a very awesome picture with an awesome pony!

And of course I view right before you fix it XD

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