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An OC Dump
© The-Jaded-Bug


Decided to throw in a bunch doodles/drawing of some of my characters/OC concepts together, mostly to save up space and, well, why the heck not? If you've ever lurked on my art thread, then you'd know who they are. For those who don't? A quick review, starting with the cranberry red pegasus on the top left corner/going clockwise from there:

1. Swift Kite. Plucky toy maker and apprentice at Joy's Tory Shop, located near the middle of nowhere a path connecting Ponyville to Fillydelphia, mostly surrounded by grass and randomly scattered farms 'n homes, within Saddleveil Plains. Keywords: Plucky, hard working, and and occasionally oblovious.

2. A....random blue earth pony of which I haven't a name, Cutie Mark, or story behind. I just liked the character design, I guess. If an idea occurs to me, of is someone wants the desin as a ref, then give me a PM/locate me in the Canterlot IRC.

3. Gale. A cute little a- erm, donkey! Abeit stereotypically stubborn/can be a braypoleon when pushed too far, and rather nature inclined. Also moved to Appleloosa with her brother. Also, she socks are natural. Maybe I should draw her wearing actual socks, just for laughs...

4. Splatter Tinge. Not the greatest sketch, and I'm aware of some its weak points, but ah well. She's a dye maker. Her mum's part of a rather large dye-making family in the Gallopacus, while her dad is the owner of a textile company in Trottingham, thus meaning she had to do quite a bit of traveling whilst growing up (and still does now, but to a lesser extent). Her special talent comes mainly from her mother's side, though she specializes with plants that produces natural dyes around the Nimbusgait Lakes area and Whitetail Woods, and happens to be a botanist while supporting both her parents' professions. Also? the splatters (cutie mark aside) are dye stains, hence the name.

Aaaaaanyways, carry on with your daily business.


© The-Jaded-Bug
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Oooh, I remember seeing some of these before. :D I don't remember seeing Gale though, but that doesn't mean I just didn't forget in the meantime. I would like to think I'd remember such a neat character design if I'd seen it.

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