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Free Fall concept 1


Meet my new OC Free Fall!

Ruxen and Greg (mostly Rux) have been bothering me to make an OC for Role Play since I refuse to RP on Pharm. I won’t be making a blog for Free, but I might draw him occasionally and he may pop up as a background character in much much later posts.

A little about Free:

Free Fall is a delivery pony who lives in Manehattan. Due to an incident in his youth his wings are permanently crippled, so he can only glide short distances or get a little more lift in his jumps. He uses Parkour to move between rooftops where strong wind currents between the congested skyscrapers would make normal flight very dangerous.

Rux gave me the idea for the Cutie Mark.

If I find myself with a surplus of time and nothing to draw, or if he ends up really popping out as a character, I'll probably make an application for Free here on Canterlot. For now though he's going to just be for casual roleplay with friends.

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