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Fly with Shy in the sky
© Sean Mirrsen

Fly with Shy in the sky


Looked back at my drawthread to see if I posted the finished version of this here. Turns out I haven't!

Picture made for the owner of the alicat character - the winged cat on the right.


© Sean Mirrsen
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Nicely done on the pencil works, love how you gave FlutterShy and Alicat a nice firm line while having the background behind them in a more softer tone. It really helps give them a sense of depth from the rest of the scene pinkieismindfckedplz.jpg?1

What pencil are ya using? I'd like to say 2B, but then again that's my standard

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I'm using digital pencils nowadays. Physical ones are great, but lack a good (i.e. non-smudgy) Ctrl+Z equivalent. ^_^

This was all drawn in MyPaint, with a "4H" pencil tool for most of the finer lines and shading, and a "2B" pencil tool for denser shadows and outlines. I find MyPaint, with its infinite canvas and a selection of realistic-looking tools, an unmatched program for any kind of creative sketching. The lack of digital editing is a pain sometimes, but the other benefits outweigh that.

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Ah I see, thanks for the info! I may give MyPaint a try 'cause I've been sticking with SAI for a while now. It's nice, but I have yet to learn how to actually paint with it. It's like.... trying to pull teeth since there isn't a lot of helpful tuts out there, at least that I've found raindropsmehplz.png?1

Have ya tried painting with MyPaint btw? If so, how does it hold up?

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I'm not much into painting, truth be told. I get lost without an outline to hold onto. ^_^ But there is a great selection of brushes, and on the whole the program does a good job of simulating a painting environment. Not to the level of, say, Corel Painter, but still.

Its primary advantage is the infinite canvas (and being free), so in my eyes it is most suited to sketching. The lack of even the most basic digital editing (bar the absolutely necessary things like undo, layers, and some basic blend modes) would probably make anyone except experienced real-life painters feel rather uncomfortable painting large pieces in it.

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