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Itty Bitty Lil' Fluttershy (Linoprint draft)



In art class today, we were told to make drafts for linoprints (rubber stamps), in which black Sharpie was the part of the rubber block we'd keep, and the white, we'd gouge out in the final copy. Now, I haven't told any of my friends I'm a brony yet (eep!), but I'm trying to hint at it for a bit until they confront me about it. So anyways, I wanted to do something mildly pony. Originally, I considered Twilight's or Lyra's Cutie Mark, but they were either too simple or just too plain difficult for someone of my artistic ability to draw. Then, out of the blue, inspiration struck.

Earlier that day, I was doodling on some paper. Of course, it started drifting towards my Equestrian wonderland of imagination, but I realized that the teacher or a classmate may see it, and my age group doesn't take kindly to boys drawing ponies. Instead, I decided to settle for Cutie Marks and eyes, until I realized that my Fluttershy eye (Fluttersheye?) was pretty decent. I practiced it some more until I was happy with it.

At first, I simply drew the open eye. It was very simple, but I refined it a bit and I was pleased. I always forgot to add eyelashes later, so I did it right then and there. Next, the mane. I had originally intended for it to sweep out, but halfway through I realized it would be cuter to have her eye obfuscated by it. As such, I simply closed it to avoid the issues of half-drawn, badly-connected shapes. Sorry there's a bit of a tear (of paper!!!) under her eye - the lower eyelashes I had drawn made it look like stitches covering her eyelids, and I used stale white-out by accident. I simply rounded out the shape into a pleasing oval (while letting the mane bulge a bit) and it looked really chibi. I added the tiny smile and blush on a whim, and it came out really well. The other error under her eye was just a little marker stain that I intended to clean, with the same stale whiteout. The ears probably weren't the best idea (because then it wouldn't necessarily have to be a mammal, and wouldn't have been as easy to deduce as an MLP), but meh.

The wings caused me surprisingly small amounts of grief - I just stacked feathers between each other until they looked like suitable pegasus wings.

Ain't she the cutest?

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