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Kinda like Twi


A drawing I made over a few hours. Heavily influenced by Twilight Sparkle. It was a ton of fun learning the program I used and drawing this. Hope you like it! :)

From the album:

Frosty's Ponies

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Hmm, how do u make those? I dunno how to do digital art. This is embarassing :/

I used Inkscape! I relied heavily on the circle and curved line making tools. A few tweaks here and there with layers and a shape cut or two did the trick. I bet you could do awesome if you gave it a try Shock!

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Dus it require a download. I dunno how to download things. I think I am so behind in these stuff. I wanna make myself as my profile.

Gee, I am not sure if the cutie mark should be lasers, gun, or a laser blade. I am Shockblast, the assassin of Equestria that keeps ponyville safe as possible.

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Thanks, frosty! I appreciate your predictions. Wanna be buds?

Sure? Lol. I'm usually in the chatroom here if you ever feel like popping in and saying hey.

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