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Human Inkbrand


Large size is best size! Randomly decided to try drawing Inkbrand as a human today. Or I guess his Equestria Girls version? Sans fur-colored skin, because that just creeps me out.

I don't draw humans that often because they're crazy hard for me, but I like how this one turned out. I might try going back and shading this if I get a chance, but for now, lazy base coloring only. Huzzah!

From the album:

OC Art

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I love this! If humans are difficult for you it certainly doesn't show here. Human Inkbrand is such a freaking cutie! X3 The pose and expression is also fantastic!

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So far you got the anatomy near perfect. How dare you say you struggle! But... if you need a bit of advice, remove a bit of bulk from the bicep. It's rarely ever bigger than the deltoid unless you plan on making ridiculously bulky people. It can be the same width, but normally that portion is thin from the view you are taking for lithe or toned builds.

The arm with the raised hand is almost correct.... there will be a little bit more arm visible underneath that hand. Hip angle needs a minor touch up... when compared to... well I'd rather not say.

Funnily enough... I can't draw MLP style ponies... but when it comes to the human body, I am fine. :/

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