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Twilight at twilight
© Twilight belongs to Hasbro, art is mine.

Twilight at twilight

My take on Princess Twilight. <3

The hair is my favorite part of this piece. It took me a while to figure out, since I wanted to do something fancy, but still on the simple side. And I didnt want to go the route of flowy superalicorn! hair. The streaks in her hair created the perfect oppotunity to do something funky. Merge the colors together and make it look like one continous ribbon moving within her hair. If I knew Flash, you could bet this ribbon would be animated. (That would be the only nod to superalicorn!hair)

I also love shiny things. I like any excuse to add shiny swag and jewelery to anything and I deemed it neccessary that Twilight would have some awesome new gear. C: And by the way, I have a thing for dragging, oversized wings. To me, it speaks an air of elegance and dignity.

The background I came up with once Twilight was done. A plain o' white background was boring, so I just whipped up a simple outdoor scene with the night and the day coming together. Twilight at twilight. :3


© Twilight belongs to Hasbro, art is mine.
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