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Twilight Is reading
© art by me, character by Hasbro

Twilight Is reading


We see the Twilight in it's natural habitat, reading one of the many books she's stored within her dwelling. Watch as she levitates the book into the air using her unicorn magic. This is truly one of the more fascinating creatures of Equestria.

This is a birthday gift to my niece, who wanted me to draw Twilight reading a book about her character, Kayli the unicorn. :3 The letters on the book could have been a lot better, but by the time I noticed, I already flattened the image. :/ Oh well. I still like how it turned out for the most part.


© art by me, character by Hasbro
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That is really adorable..Like your other pics..But what's the curve/line under her wing?

That's her belly. But the angle is a little off so the image would probably benefit from removing it if I wasn't lazy :razz: Good eye though. And thanks for pointing it out. I really appreciate stuff like that :D

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