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Felt like doodling tonight, which turned into this - Date Night for Inkbrand and Radiant Star! RS always dreamt of walking on stardust, and Inkbrand was raring to make that happen before her RPer and I dropped out of contact with one another. Let it not be said Inkbrand doesn't go all out when he sets his mind to something!

Funnily enough, I probably spent more time on the background and special effects than I did on the actual ponies. Like I said, I started out just doodling, so I kind of rushed through the pony part.

Radiant Star © Off-site RPer.

From the album:

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Backgrounds just take a bit man. :/

Curious question however, is this why Ink doesn't settle? Or is because his devil may cry personality?

Well bully for you, backgrounds take a lot of work for me.

And if by "this", you mean Radiant Star? No, he and RS didn't get far enough to turn Inkbrand away from any other mare. There simply hasn't been a mare yet that has made Inkbrand want to settle down.

In marriage, anyways. Inkbrand dates just fine, but thoughts of marriage and a happy little family are way out of his range of vision.

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