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Human!Inkbrand, Take 2


A redraw of my previous human!Inkbrand picture, with Inkbrand looking a bit older and more mature. (And a lot less pale, good gracious what was I thinking in his previous picture I don't even)

Didn't feel like spending way too much time on it, so the coloring is really awful. The sketch and lineart came out pretty good, though. Also included a neck tattoo that was part of Inkbrand's original design, but scrapped in favor of his necklaces. Thought there would be too much going on in the neck area. Looks pretty good on a human neck, though.

From the album:

OC Art

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Well hello there *eyebrow waggle* XD

But seriously, your human drawings are fantastic. I love the hair, the expression, and especially dem eyes. Really great job on the details too. Iove this. <3

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