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She's just there being adorable
© Freesia is owned by me.

She's just there being adorable


Seria: I did not think you were this photogenic, Freesia!

Freesia: What's photo-gee-nick?

Been a little while since my last drawing... But I felt like doing a new profile pic now that christmas is over. (Last pic was Freesia with a santa hat) Then a friend told me it looked like she was being taking in photo at some studio, y'know those were parents get pictures of their kids?


© Freesia is owned by me.
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Ah well her adorableness may save her from trouble! ... That or it's because it's the holidays and Seria is forgiving...

And so cute it's scary? Well... if you speak of the few people who were sent to the hospital after they saw some of my stuff, then maybe it is... otherwise I don't see how it's scary! :D

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As I look at her from across the table, I find myself overwhelmed by how adorable she looks. Wanting to squeal like a little girl and dance in excitement, but another thought crosses my mind. It could have been the joyful feelings getting the better of me, because without really thinking about it I causally ask, "Can I kiss you?"

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