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Momo's new look
© art and character belongs to me


A lot of things happened to Momo during the event thread. Among getting her cutie mark (which I haven't designed yet) she acquired some interesting accessories. Among them was a scarf from Silver Belle and a crown from princess Cadence. (Plus a flower crown form Hugo that she re-gifted to Silver Belle) I imagine Momo doesn't really wear the crown everywhere like she does the scarf though. Since the crown symbolizes a lot to her, she usually has it stored in a safe place.


© art and character belongs to me
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Hello bronies. Look at your OC, now back at her, now back at your OC and back at her. Sadly your OC isn't Momo, but if your stopped to make your OC seem cool and awesome, and switch to adorableness, it could be as cute as her. Look up, now down. Where are you? In Crystal Empire, with vikings attacking! What's in your hand, back at her. It's a mouse, two clicks to make your Application better. Now your's character an alicorn, kicking butt. Anything possible when you cute,and closer to the spirit of the show.

She has a crown.

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