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WhiteTail Woods


A scene from WhiteTail Wood, featuring Inkbrand leading a couple of the youngings to their camp houses. Wish the RP hadn't died out, I was really looking forward to Inkbrand bossing around a bunch of foals.

Still taking on the challenge for me that is backgrounds, so this picture came out kind of wispy looking. Might try something similar another time.

Glimmer © ShadowWalking18

Watermelon Gush © Scootalux

Momo © CaptainMcDerp

From the album:

OC Art

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Awwww! I didn't expect to see Momo in the gallery. I just adore how she's standing on her hind hooves. She was super excited to be talking to who she assumed was a pirate so that's the perfect pose. XD. Everyone else looks awesome too and I particularly like Inkbrand's expression for some reason. The sun rays are a great touch for the background and I really like the perspective. Somehow you drew the scene almost exactly how I pictured it in my head.

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Love the way you draw Watermelon Gush! Yeah, it was a shame the thread died, but hopefully another one can be started. 

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