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Today is Pi Day!
© Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry


Today is the fourteenth of March, the third month of the year. What does that mean? 3.14, that's what, thus Pie day! Pinkie of course loves the idea but Twilight believes another mathematical symbol is superior when it comes being a math constant when measuring the circumference of circles. In short, this is a math joke.


© Characters © Hasbro Artowrk © Brianblackberry
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Silly Kirby, they are both circle irrationals. It is just that some mathematicians believe Tau to be superior due to the fact that it Pi is only half a circle and Tau is the full circle, thus it doesn't need to be multiplied to gain the equations, thus taking out a calculation. What is silly is that so many equations depend on pi as is, so we'd need to divide or multiply tau eventually anyway so the argument is a wash. Pi is integrated enough so that most people, mathematicians included, don't even think about it.

Brilliant work as always BBB <3 (and my nerding is temporarily done :))

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