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Fort Pancake
© art by me, character by hasbro


I'm pretty sure the title has seen more edits than a celebrity photo at this point. :I

There was a lot of pancake in the last episode. It almost felt like I was watching an adorable Ihop commercial.


© art by me, character by hasbro
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Haven't seen any of the new season yet, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy this. I may have said this before, but I seriously love your new shading style with no lineart and soft CG shading. Everything about the pancakes looks so soft and fluffy, and the wings are shaded beautifully.

Also, I had no idea a ponys eyes could get so amazingly large. Learn something new every day!

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This looks creepy to me.


After I drew it, I kinda felt like she was going to jump out and attack me. Her expression looks like a cat right before they pounce. XD

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The adorkableness has reached a new level with this art. I agree though she looks like she'll attack anypony who tries to eat her pancake fort. 

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