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Pegasus Foal


I know I said five characters is a lot, but…yeah, pretty sure I'm going to be apping this little guy soon. Because everyone needs a foal/child on their character roster, right?

Currently unnamed, though I've made a few overtures towards his personality. If there's anyone who's looking to have a colt in their pony family, let me know. More fun to add him to an existing family than app his entire family from scratch, methinks.

From the album:

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Not sure why, but the color scheme makes me think of the name Almond Joy.

...I'm totally not eating candy at the moment....

Cute colt though :)

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Awww, I love his design. Especially the fluffy hair. The scarf is a nice touch too. And yeah, it's always nice to have a kid character when those super interesting foals only threads pop up. :P Can't wait to see his app. You're seriously the best at making wonderfully written super-easy-to-get-attached-to characters so I'm sure I'll love him. And if someone hasn't inquired already, maybe he could be related to Momo somehow?

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The somewhat scruffy hear and tail, scarf, and expression tells me he's an adventurous pegasus.

Maybe he should be Daring Do's Short Round! What do you think? =P

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