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What Do You Even Do


With a thread filled with small ponies and griffons, a few cute ones are to be expected. But both Inkbrand and myself think the most adorable foal in Foals at Heart, by far, is an age-reduced Applejack. I mean, what are you even suppose to do with a filly that goes charging into a group of complete strangers to show off her collection of frogs?


Applejack © Hasbro

From the album:

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Every time I see your awesome style in the gallery, I'm all like "Omg new Zeig picture!" and attack it with clicks. This is so cute! Looks like Applejack is best filly too. Not surprising. XD

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This might be the greatest thing you've ever drawn.  And I'm not being biased.  Not in the apples, I mean slightest.

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apples apples apples

Clearly unbiased. Which is a-okay by me, because yes, Applejack is the best filly, ever. Of all time.

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