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Buy a muffin, become a princess!
© art by me, character by hasbro

Buy a muffin, become a princess!

Buy a muffin, get a custom princess costume for free! (made of paper and party hats) I drew this for my upcoming Derpy thread. It started out as a doodle but I got carried away. I'm getting a lot more comfortable with the shading technique I've been working on. It's still needs work but I'm pretty surprised by how quickly I'm improving. :D


© art by me, character by hasbro
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MLP FiM Characters

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Man, I wish this is what happened when I get carried away with a doodle. Mostly the doodle just turns into more incomprehensible scribbles.

I really love how you paint the background objects and scenery in these types of pictures. I can see the paintbrush spots of color where the lighting goes from darker to lighter for the light source, and the spots/bubbles create a really neat effect effect, almost ethereal in nature.

*slowly creeps in line after Dio*

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