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New album, 'cause he didn't really fit into the other two!

Haven't actually watched any of the new season yet, but I watched the 'Bronies React' video to the season 5 opening episodes, and fell in love with this guy's design. Wish I could say the same for his voice…but as pictures don't talk, Double Diamond it is!

Drawn entirely in Photoshop, about an hour and a half of time.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I used a vector of his cutie mark from somewhere, don't remember where. Didn't draw it myself.

From the album:

MLP Characters

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Why is his name Double Diamond when there is no relation or any proof of him having or owning any diamonds?

He's from the MLP show, so that's not really explained. I wish I knew, too. But there are other types of diamonds, like baseball diamonds or diamond shapes, so maybe it has something to do with that. In the show, he skis.


EDIT: Oh, here we go. I found this off the internet. "He's called Double Diamond likely in reference to ski slopes for experts that bear a double diamond symbol."

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I didn't know that he was in the show. You can tell how far behind I am.

Oh, well maybe you should catch up! It's pretty awesome.

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I'm not the only one who adored his character design! I agree about his voice, though. Threw me off. But there's still plenty of fan-art to enjoy. Good job!

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