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Training the New Hero
© © Bramble Rose

Training the New Hero

This is a commission by Bramble Rose - he wanted a picture of his superhero being trained in the sword by another superhero. Based on a thread of his and some of his friends on FFA (although non-anthro). He also requested that it be specifically cell shaded as such rather than my usual shading techniques. Not a real fan of cell shading, but I should practice it more.

The alicorn is Bramble's character "Morning Glory" - which is supposed to be a popular superhero comic in Equestria set immediately following the fall of Luna into Nightmare Moon. She has only recently been given the powers of an alicorn, along with a mythic sword, but doesn't really know how to use the powers or the sword yet.

The pegasus is Azal's character "Captain Nightguard" - an unpowered superhero who was one of Luna's Nightguard before she became Nightmare Moon, and had been part of the group that helped her defend the night from monsters. He now wears a steampunk jetpack and a metal wing that allows him to fly again.


© © Bramble Rose
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Thank you so much for this piece, Brian!  It's really great!  I love the awkwardness of Morning Glory, and the surprised expression on her face.  And Captain Nightguard there definitely looks like the grizzled veteran who's been through the wringer.  You captured their looks *just* so.

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I have no words. Or too many words, I don't know. I know they're not MY characters, but instead just the world but... I dunno. Aside from the fact that I adore everything you've ever drawn, this is the first time I've ever... received fan art. To say that I'm honored isn't strong enough. So thank you. Thank you a thousand times over. This piece is amazing. And I don't know how to deal with its existence right now.

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All the strength in Equestria does you no good if you can't keep your footing.


I love this one! I almost get from Nightguard's expression that Morning Glory said something in a boast, and is learning from it. The little cuts in his good wing and ear were not something I had at first envisioned. I do now. You caught his look perfectly.


And I love the expression of surprise from Morning Glory as well. It's pretty much a given she didn't see this coming. This picture is amazing.

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