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Light Up My World


Felt like doodling today, turned into this sloppy sketch and color.

Inkbrand is a big dissenter of Unicorn magic, doesn't like it much at all. Buuuut, it can have its uses, maybe?

From the album:

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Ohh, I didn't know he felt that way about unicorn magic! That's awesome! I know a couple of my ponies who would agree with him. XD


Lovely art, too. I love the style and the background and dramatic lighting!

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The magic swirl came from a brush set, though I can't remember which. I have so many free ones downloaded.


I guess I should clarify that he doesn't hate unicorn magic in and of itself - he knows its uses. He just hates when unicorn magic is turned on him, especially when a unicorn forces his body to do something he doesn't want it to do (levitate him, hold him in place, etc). He feels its a huge invasion of his privacy, yet unicorns use their magic as easy as you please on other ponies.

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