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Up to No Good


Was looking through some old pictures, and came across an outfit design for Inkbrand that I've yet to use IC. I decided to redraw it with a few tweaks, but it's mostly the same. Just Inkbrand hanging out in a tree, in broad daylight.

In full gear.

Closely watching something.


From the album:

OC Art

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Wow, that's cool lookin. I really like the background, and how you put detail in all the leaves. The outfit is cool too. Now I gotta go stalk....er, browse more of your gallery. :)

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That is a super awesome outfit. It'd be great to see it in a thread! The mask makes it especially intimidating. My favorite part is the little tail coat thingies hanging from he back and the front. Gives it a really cool flowy look without being a cape. You know what they say about capes. :P


I can't help but wonder who/what he's watching/stalking/about to assassinate. XD

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