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Messy sketch time!

My take on what I imagine human!Zelda looks like. Note that this is just my own artistic interpretation. I feel like she would have a very elegant look to her, with a defined jawline, high cheekbones, and a long neck. But also with an edgy sort of haircut, the sort that only a select few people can manage to pull off without looking ridiculous.

Zelda © Tacobob

From the album:

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Wow! Very nice...Never thought of human versions of my characters before...


And for those not in the know...It's Zelda my griffon character, not the video game character...


Thanks Zeig.

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I freaking love the way you draw humans! I also love the hairstyle (probably cause it's one of my favorites) You definitely pulled off the elegant yet edgy look, which is one of the most interesting combinations in a character. I adore the eyes too, as always. Human versions of characters are always super fun, especially when they're drawn this well.


Ermahgersh, I'd love to see a human version of Nocturne. <3

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