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Another character, what am I even doing with my life.

Fabled Archives, scion of House Ea'thr of Kastrot. This Unicorn is the stallion whom Heartless likes to impersonate the most, though his disguise lacks the tattoos that the real Arc has in the present - he got the tattoos in Unyasi, which is after Heartless saw and was able to mimic him.

Still, as Arc is far away in Unyasi and didn't really travel outside of his family's island before leaving, Heartless is pretty much in the clear to roam about Equestria as he pleases, kidnapping young maidens and stealing their souls erm. Frolicking through the flowers.

…Yeah. Yeah, that's it.

From the album:

OC Art

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That tattoo...I have no words. That really might be the most detailed thing I've ever seen on a pony. Yet it's not overwhelming his design. Good job man. He looks awesome. 

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Eep! I love his hair so much! And those tattoos! HOW do you do that!? There's no way I'd be able to pull off that kind of precision. My lines are always wonky as frick. I don't know if my tablet is to blame or my hand, but either way, holy moly those details are cray cray! I also like his facial hair. It's subtle but effective. Maybe Inkbrand should consider growing a little fuzz himself. XD

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